Leaves are Falling, Jackets are Calling: Cuffing Season is Here

3 Ways to Guarantee a Successful Cuffing Season Experience

The sun leaves the party a bit earlier around 7pm. Your denim jacket is getting some playing time again. Red and orange leaves litter your driveways. October is here and that can only mean one thing: it’s cuffing season.

Also known as “The Season”, Cuffing Season begins in mid-Fall and lasts until you can switch the Thermostat toggle from “Heat” to “Cool” (or Fan, depending on where you reside). Now is when you decide the girl or guy (“partner” hereafter) you’ve been casually seeing during the 1 – 4 AM timeframe all summer is actually “let’s watch Netflix and cuddle afterwards” material.

Back in July, you would’ve greeted him/her in the morning with a glass of water (using last night’s Merlot-stained glass) and a charming, “Ahmed, your Uber, is like 2 minutes away.” But now it’s barely 60 Fahrenheit on a global warmingly good day and “meeting on a rooftop for happy hour” is a worthless proposition.

But before you trade away the gallivanting free spirit that defined your summer, remember this: your partner will basically become your roommate. And when that happens, he or she will care about last night’s outfit sprawled wallpapered all over your floor and the recycling bin that she’s never seen the bottom of. Keep this up, and you’ll be forced to venture out to the corner pub the same way Leonardo DiCaprio trudged through the frozen American wilderness in The Revenant. While Leo got an Oscar, you’ll end up watching football with a bunch of bros who were “too busy slaying to keep a clean, civil apartment.”

Here are three tips you can use to make ensure a successful Cuffing Season:

1) Establish set times in your Google calendar for, you guessed it, cleaning.

You establish reminders for you work meetings, don’t you? The trash gets collected at fixed times every week, right? Spin class doesn’t move according to your schedule, does it? Cleaning works the same way. This is an appointment you should set with yourself and honor it – it’ll take 5% as much time this way. Plus, your partner will marvel at your maturity and superior “adulting.”

Minutes add up. Spending 5-10 minutes as part of your nightly ritual filling your dishwasher, managing your hamper and depositing those obese bags of garbage outdoors will eliminate any possibility of a post-tornado vibes sneaking up on you. This may even take 3 minutes once your partner contributes some free labor.

2) Give your partner designated shelf and closet space

You are still telling your friends “it’s still casual.” You’ve been known to say, “omg, ew, we’re not DATING. We’re just, um, friends.” It’s fine, we believe you, you’re not dating. You’re just spending 100% of your free time together, toggling through Netflix for 27 minutes before finally agreeing to fall asleep together to that documentary about that one tribe in the Amazon who never quite figured out it isn’t 1200 A.D. anymore.

We’re not forcing you to “define the relationship” but we would suggest, for the time being, getting organized about your toothbrushes, nightwear and make-up (if applicable). Designate areas in the bathroom for toothbrushes (his/her and his/her’s mason jars are a super cute and trendy option), and stock the closet with extra hangers. Buy another hamper, and while you’re at it, hit up Amazon Basics (no relation to the documentary mentioned earlier) to buy some dirt cheap power cords and charging cables to keep your devices organized as well while they charge together (and hold hands via WiFi).

3) Throw things out, together

It’s easier to make sure all of your things are in order if you have less things. As minutes turn to weeks, things pile up. Souvenirs from that one time you both went to Dave and Busters (or a carnival) and won a stuffed, smiling T-Rex the size of a toddler don’t need to stay with you two until you’re as extinct as the T-Rex. Same goes for old outfits you’d never wear again (no one wears Abercrombie anymore), leftover disposable party supplies (unless of course, you’re planning an engagement party) and other dust collectors you two have amassed while you were (or weren’t) dating. It’s hard to throw things out by yourself because you become attached (isn’t this ironic) and convince yourself that it’s essential to your being. With a partner, this because much easier. Often times, a good partner will throw things out before you even have the chance to scream, “BUT WAIT, THOSE PANTS ARE GOING TO FIT ME AGAIN! I’VE BEEN EATING LESS PIZZA!” This is also good practice as cuffing season comes to a close 4 months down the road and you’re hit with the ultimate ultimatum – keep him/her around or “new phone, who dis?”

You can always hire a Maid Sailors to show up, step inside and revamp your pig-pen in the time it takes you two to watch (and maybe re-watch) the season finale of Big Little Lies. But then again, where’s the romance in that?

8 Must-Have Products for a Clean Laundry Room!

Someday, when you own a house in the country, you’ll have a running river to wash your clothes in, and acres of land to fling your clotheslines for drying in air.

Until then, you’ve got to contend with the cramped, dusty quarters where your washer is shoved up against the dryer.

That’s right, we’re talking about the laundry room. You know, the overlooked area you avoid visiting for your most dreaded of weekly chores. It might not be a river, but it does work hard to keep your clothes clean. Shouldn’t you return the favor?

We know, we know. When it comes to laundry, you want to do it and get out. So we’ll make it easy for you: These eight products are easy to install, and will trick out even (some might say especially) the tiniest of spaces. One product actually goes so far as to prevent missing socks. 

1. A retractable clothesline for those of you who aren’t pro limbo players      

If you want the environmental benefits of air drying your clothes but don’t have room for a bulky rack, here’s some good news: You don’t have to toss your wet trousers over the closet door anymore. You can fling them on this pull-out clothesline instead.

The device fits virtually anywhere, and offers over eight retractable feet of sturdy, drying goodness. Plus, the device’s stainless steel body makes for a sleek, rust-free polish to your soon-to-be-snazzy space. None of which is as good as not being clotheslined in the face.

2. A drying rack for playing towel accordion

Another option for drying your delicates? This delicate multi-functional rack. Unlike its traditional, space-consuming counterpart, this puppy stays up on the wall – and out of the way. Pull it out on laundry day, and push it back once your undergarments are nice and dry.

Plus it’s got an additional shelf above, just for laundry goodies. Talk about top shelf.

3. A smart sorter for freshening clothes before you even wash them

You put the white clothes in, you take the white clothes out, you put the white clothes in and … you’ve stained them all around.

Avoid the laundry hokey pokey with the Neatfreak Sorter. True to its name, the built-in sorting system allows your dirty garments to rest in a glorious trifecta of compartments – perfect for separating whites, darks, and colors.

It gets better: The sorter is outfitted with probiotic microbes, which freshen it from odors that might transfer off dirty clothes.

Even better, the top part is a built-in ironing surface! So once your pre-sorted and -freshened pieces are ready to get de-wrinkled, there’s no need to pull out a giant board. Now that’s what it’s all about.

4. A lint brush for detoxing your dryer 

Lint: not only is it annoying, but it’s also the leading cause of dryer fires. This innocuous-looking brush goes to battle with the lurking lint deep inside your vent in ways that your normal pull-out filter simply can’t. Adios, tiny specks of wardrobe nuisance. Available online only.

5. A laundry guard for corralling all your wild garments

This slim and strong fence is perfect for those of us who have lost one sock too many to the dark, scary place behind the dryer. RIP, left pink-and-green-polka-dotted sock. :*(

Genius in its simplicity, the Laundry Guard uses magnets to convert the top of front-loading units into a haven for towels, clothes, and more. It’s easily adjustable for one or two units, so you can fold your clothes in peace knowing any missing socks are either the machine monster or your own misperception.

6. A roll-up ironing pad for the space deficient

 So you’ve got clothes that need ironing, but no space for a bulky board. Or maybe you need some advice on how to handle knits, or even on which direction to move the hot plate (never in a circular motion). Don’t worry, it’s real simple – literally, this Real Simple iron pad can help you out.

It fits right on top of your washer or dryer, and has “how to iron” instructions for common ironing situations printed on its pad! When you’re finished, the whole thing rolls up, making it ideal for storage (maybe above your new, wall-mounted rack?) or traveling. Available online and in select BB&B stores.

7. A pull-out cart for the tiny space between your washer and dryer 

No space in your laundry “room” for a shelf? Look down, not up, to solve your space-saving sorrows. This slim cart has sprung from the eternal fount of storage genius that is The Container Store, and slides easily in and out of most nooks between the washer and dryer.

It has four sturdy tiers, which means you can load each shelf up with detergent, dryer sheets, towels, all-purpose spray, your brand new lint brush, and anything else that’s been mindlessly eating the space on top of your washing machine. (Which, thanks to #5, has now been converted to your folding sanctuary.)

Don’t worry about assembly – the pieces click together, making it a literal snap.   

8. The Bonus:

If you live in an apartment with a shared laundry space, forced to lug your clothes up and down in an endless cycle, then your life is about to get a teeny bit better.

Meet the Must Be Neat: a cotton-twill bag with built-in dividers that are perfect for separating big pieces from smaller ones. Kind of like a toddler’s plate, but for laundry.

Toss the roomy vessel over your shoulders when you’re on the go, or strap it onto a laundry basket to separate and secure different types of clothing.

These eight brilliant products won’t clean your laundry room for you, but they will get you going in the right direction. With or without a matching pair of socks.

We collaborated with MakeSpace, a full-service storage company that picks up, stores, and delivers your stuff so you never have to visit a self-storage unit, to create this post.


The internets are littered with “top tips” and “hacks” on cleaning, tidiness and efficiency. Many claim (and we’ve posted a few that definitely DO NOT fit in this category) to be cheap miracles, when in reality, they are myths. If you’re not getting ALL of your cleaning advice from Maid Sailors (we can’t imagine why you’d do such a blasphemous thing, but alas, people can be foolish), make sure to ignore any rogue advice if it shows up on this list.

1. Using car wax to protect the homes of your kitchen oils.

This one is a doozy. A real sadistic, maniacal and likely five-times-divorced Judas must’ve conjured this one. Don’t do this (unless Car Wax compliments your taste buds) The car wax is quite toxic and flammable in some cases. Plus, apparently there’s been evolution in the realm of Car Wax – newer products have a potent, dangerous chemical that allows for removal of stains more easily (which is great for your car, but not your esophagus).

2. Place a lemon slice in the dishwasher in order to have shiny dishes.

No. When life gives you lemons, do not put them in the dishwasher. Matter-of-fact, even a whole lemon won’t do diddly squat for your non-shiny dishes. Do you know what happens inside a dishwasher when you tap that soft rubber button and move on to your laundry? It’s basically a watery earthquake; there’s a mini hurricane in there and all your dishes, spoons and beer mugs are basically white water rafting without a raft or paddle. The lemon is no match for this imprisoned monsoon. If you want shiny dishes, you’ll have to shine them yourself. Save the lemons for, uh, lemonade?

3. Use lemon and salt to clean the cutting board.

Unless you desperately need your food to taste like someone was trying to season your lemonade, please keep these two unnecessary (as far as cleaning cutting boards goes) far away (unless you’re cutting lemons, of course). To remove stubborn stains, use your hands, your dishwasher or a toothpick. Then afterwards, when your friends arrive, whip out the lemon and salt before serving Tequila shots.

4. Use corn flour and iron to remove stains from clothes.

I was saddened when I read this but downright heartbroken when I realized people have actually tried this. You also have to wonder if this was the go-to strategy or a last-ditch-effort, because if someone has tried EVERYTHING to remove stains, how could they possibly believe this would work? Whatever. Long story short, save the flour for your birthday and use the iron after you’ve WASHED your clothes. If you have stains that are lingering like high school memories, try using a stronger detergent. If nothing works, accept the fact that your shirt is now “hip” and “vintage”.

5. Use the hairspray hair to remove stains from clothes.

If hairspray was potent enough to destroy things (like stains), what in the world do you think would happen to your hair? Does the hairspray magically recognize that it’s dealing with a stain sometimes and morph, incredible hulk style, into an all powerful stain remover? Not on this planet. Leave the hairspray in the bathroom (same goes for hair gel, pomade, wax, or any other overrated hair product you use).

6. Use vinegar and baking soda to clean everything.

Vinegar and baking soda are very effecting cleaning agents WHEN USED SEPARATELY. Do NOT combine them. The baking soda is alkaline, while the vinegar is acidic. Mixing will neutralize both agents. It’s like bringing your homework on vacation or having a garden salad with your Big Mac. Choose one or the other and get on with your cleaning.

7. Put mouthwash in the washing machine to clean.

Jesus please take the wheel. Just because mouthwash has the same artificial coloring as your dishwashing liquid, does not mean it does the same thing. If you do want your clothes to look alien blue and smell like peppermint however, go for it!

8. Take Coca-Cola in your toilet to clean.

Jesus, continue to take the wheel. I understand if you’re a Pepsi person and you’re looking for ways to use any mistakenly acquired bottles of Coke, but really? Leave the toilet out of this. There are plenty of appropriate toilet cleaning liquids that can be purchased at Duane Reade, CVS, or wherever else you shop for Coca Cola. Use the coke to water down your rum.

9. Use a white sponge to clean the walls of your toilet.

Personally, I would never actually clean my toilet. Would much rather hit flush until the problem goes away or hire Maid Sailors, but let’s just say for giggles that I actually was going to clean the “walls of my toilet”, using a plain white sponge is likely the LAST thing I would do. You need a proper cleaning product that can obliterate bacteria the way 10-ton truck would obliterate a bike. Keep the sponge (and your hands in general) away from your toilet.

10. Use a solution of salt to keep the color of your clothes.

Sorry. Many of the tips floating around online assume salt is some magic dust that can revive a lackluster dinner, relinquish embarrassing stains and, of course, rejuvenate the yellows and reds in your wardrobe. If you bought salt specifically for this purpose, I hope you kept the receipt. Unfortunately, if your colors are fading, your options are limited to none. Maybe it’s time to donate the shirt and travel to Bloomingdales. Either way, don’t let a couple of shabby colors get you salty.

This article includes contributions from House cleaning in Naples

Welcome to Kolkata: A Day in the Life

Maid Sailors often shares curated content profiling cultural experiences. Here’s a piece about an American-born, first generation American visiting his motherland.

I spent ten days in Kolkata — my supposed ancestral city.

My mother still has the luxury of identifying as a living woman’s biological daughter. This means, from time to time, I am obligated to join my mother on a trip to the motherland to visit her 75 year-old mother. That’s the age where Death starts tagging you on Instagram. I’m surprised she said “ugh, hi” to 75 to begin with — she’s battling diabetes, boasting a history of heart trouble (the physical kind) and breathing in a village with no Bengali word for “pollution”.

My mother’s family is the metaphorical line that creates my circle — the only side I’ve ever known. The flight from New York to Kolkata is twenty hours long (or four X-Men movies and three Bloody Mary’s). I’ve made this trip every two Presidential terms from diapers to diplomas. The frequency allows me to describe the experience with the cavalier attitude I normally reserve for Uber.

The Boeing I board is enormous, yet elegant (not to be confused with enormously elegant, like The Taj Mahal). The planet-of-a-plane resembles an ornament you’d find closely cradled by an adolescent Incredible Hulk.

I enter the spaceship and accept that English has been demoted to a “nice to have”. Have you ever witnessed a Sari trapped in an economy seat with a fountain of silky, jet-black hair jutting out the top? Indians discovered Yoga but have yet to embrace Yoga pants (or maybe they use them solely for their intended purpose). Miniature coffee-colored, fleshy crying machines seem to have been placed in my section as if I overpaid for them online. Landing there will be a simple formality — I’m already in Kolkata.

The twenty minute journey to my grandmother’s dwelling was more exhilarating than the twenty hour flight. This doesn’t feel like my fifth time here. It’s more like my fifth time seeing this for the first time. I’m surprised Google knows I’m in “Baranagar” — the remote village whose name could’ve been inspired by pushing a bowling ball down a spiral staircase and meticulously transcribing the aftermath.

My mother was born here and, unlike mine, her birth came packaged with an assortment of siblings, aunts and uncles. In this parallel universe, it’s commonplace to see a building with entire extended families growing together — like a forest. While I prefer my urban, flower-in-its-pot way of life, I’m glad this custom exists — I don’t have to travel much.

This structure is technically a home in the same way a penguin is technically a bird. A baby drive way. A closet with a stove (they called it a kitchen). “Go check the bathroom! We installed a Western toilet!,” my grandma cried as she channeled Christmas morning (a concept as foreign to her as the soil that supported my Nikes).

I approached the bathroom like Indiana Jones and laid my eyes on an ivory-white toilet that was clearly slumming in a hostel. Despite the fact it belonged there, it looked tragically out of place.

In that instance, no Indian could claim they had more in common with me than that toilet.

This piece was done in collaboration with Anish K. Mitra, a comedian, writer and entertainer based in New York City. Visit him, here

5 Great Hacks For People Who Hate Doing Chores

Not many of us love cleaning, in fact most of us kinda hate it to a certain degree. It always takes quite a bit time, it gets boring really fast, and more often than not we’d rather be doing literally anything else. Just the thought of how much time we spend on getting that pesky water ring out of the table or making sure the coffee pot is cleaned out; it can drive some people insane.

It’s time to shout out no more! With these incredible house cleaning hacks. You will discover a world where taken care of your home takes up almost no time. A nice combination of knowledge and cleverness are what fuels this list to provide you the best tips possible, therefore you can keep everything real nice and clean while having tons of extra time you otherwise wouldn’t. Here are 5 great hacks for people who hate cleaning.

1. The Microwave Conundrum

The microwave is a very useful tool for quick cooking and heating. However, if we do not know how to properly cover some foods while heating, they can make quite a mess splattering and, scrubbing everything off can prove to be tedious.

Say goodbye to hours of hard work. All you have to do, in these situations, is to grab a nice microwave-proof bowl and fill it with some water. Then drop in some lemon wedges or lemon halves; have it run until the water starts boiling. Plug the microwave off but don’t take out the bowl yet, let it sit in for about 1 to 2 minutes. After this is done just take out the bowl, grab a cleaning cloth, and remove all the dirt with a nice and easy stroke; quickly giving your microwave oven an almost never-used feel to it.

2.Those Dreaded Rings on Your Table

Whenever someone fails to use a coaster on your precious tables, it always shows. You find yourself, yet again, in that horrid situation of removing the marks of your friend’s lack of care for your furniture. You have to act fast, but it has to be easy; luckily it is. First, grab an absorbing towel, give it a good swipe to eliminate quickly any excess moisture; then bust out the hair dryer and blow those hellish rings into the depth of oblivion for ever!

3. Goodbye Blender Scraping

The blender is one of those everyday appliances that we are usually more afraid to use than embrace; all thanks to how much of a chore can be cleaning it afterwards – the thought of it is just sometimes straight up terrifying-  However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel; for there is a very simple way to clean a blender.

Getting your hands dirty by trying to remove everything by hand is a waste of time and effort. Instead, fill your blender with hot water, to about half way through, and a good splash of liquid soap. Give it a really good spin for a couple of minutes. Empty it and remove the excess soap with clean water. Done! You have yourself a pretty clean blender in no time.

4. Clog Drains

Sometimes your hand or dishwasher can get clogged up, and you won’t have any earthly idea as to why how it got like that in the first place. Cleaning your clogged drains can be a very frustrating and infuriating situation should you not know how to deal with it swiftly. Regardless of how it happened, there is a very quick solution. Grab a cup of vinegar and some Alka Seltzer pucks; drop them and leave them to act for 10 minutes or so. Simply finish the cleaning process by washing down with boiling water to ensure a complete and thorough clean.

5. Magic Carpet

Having a carpet floor is a bold decision, but it does not have to mean complete and utter commitment to it every hour of the day. We are all aware of those mysterious and inconceivable stains, that appear out of nowhere, in our carpets and how much of a hassle it can be to get rid of them. Fret not for there is a quick and easy solution.

When you spot one of those dreadful carpet stains, act quickly and squirt it good with a combination of one part vinegar and two parts water. Then, place a lightly damp cloth over it and grab a hot iron and press it for just about half a minute, and voilà! Should that stain prove to be a tough opponent, just press the iron on it a couple more times and it should disappear.

No More Hate for Cleaning

Cleaning our house or personal space doesn’t have to be the most tedious and tenuous of task. Use this simple hacks to turn your those chores into simple and enjoyable solutions to make your life easier. What are some of the home cleaning task you find the hardest to do? What other tricks do you know to improve home cleaning? Share your experience by leaving a comment below!.

So You Had a Party. Do This Next…

Summertime is party-time. Parties are messy – especially those that involve barbecue sauce, charcoal, bottles of wine, empty cans of Bud Light, full cans of Bud Light, etc. People are generally free during the summer (or at least they care about work a little bit less), so use this opportunity to throw a get-together. Don’t let the mess discourage you – Maid Sailors has put together a few key, easy tips to manage the aftermath.

Here’s a three-step process that works everytime. Before you begin, go ahead and clear the kitchen stands and it would be great to have an unoccupied dishwasher too. Most of the casualties will be glasses and dishes, so it’s better to have room for them in the kitchen!

Step one: get the bags

Get a garbage and laundry bag and collect all the glasses, plates, bowls, mugs, cutlery and serving dishes and get them back to the kitchen.

Don’t mess up this next step: garbage goes into the garbage bag and everything else goes into the laundry basket. Make sure that you bring all the recyclables to the kitchen.

Step two: get the cleaners

You need some all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth – you might have an idea about where this is going.

Get back to the starting point and start cleaning all the areas which have been affected by the onslaught of the party. Places you must pay heed can be cup rings over the furniture, spills on tables, areas under plates and the bathroom. Tackle every stain as you see it – don’t give them time to evolve into permanent decorations!

Step three: do the floors

The third and the final step is the easiest one. Now, all you have to do is make sure the floor is in tip top shape. If you have carpets, get the vacuum and apply any steam settings. For hardwood and other floors, obtain a mop or a Swiffer and perform a few thorough coats. Make sure the floor dries appropriately – nobody wants a health hazard in their own home.

In essence, this isn’t difficult. Break the problem down into these three steps and attack ‘top-down’. The floor is the absolute last thing you should address. Afterwards, feel free to make a refreshing drink to reward yourself for your hard work (or tell the partygoers to return).

We hope you able to take care of all the after party mess. However, if you do not feel like cleaning you can always book our expert cleaning services at Maid Sailors. We are one of the most reliable cleaning companies in New York.

This article was written in conjunction with CleanMyPremises.

Your Garage Is Putting Your Home at Risk. Here’s Why…

When we think of summer, we’re immediately transported to a mental collage of vacations, weekend getaways and nights at the beach. Unfortunately, burglars also have a feeling you won’t be around (especially when your minivan isn’t in the driveway).

Although garage door openers today are already equipped with standard security features like the rolling code and sensors, it is a must to add an extra layer of security. Thankfully, this can be very easy. The key question is this: how smart is your phone? You can purchase extra security features on your smart phone like garage locking and access. In any scenario, fortify your garage by adding lighting and covering your garage windows.

Still not convinced? Maid Sailors has compiled a few key reasons to consider taking those super easy steps to ensure a safe summer.

  • It is your home’s main entrance. If you have a garage to begin with, chances are, chances are the garage door can act as a main entrance to your home. You might even use the garage door more frequently than the front door. If this is the case, it’s more than a valid reason to secure your garage. Go the extra mile and invest on additional garage door opener security features. You can get smart phone connectivity and automatic door locking system. These ensure that you never forget locking up your garage every time you leave for work. With smart phone connectivity, you can check the status of your garage anytime and get alerts if it is opened by someone (hopefully not while you’re fixing your farmer’s tan).
  • Your car is there. Your vehicle is a big investment. Losing it to burglars not only will be heartbreaking, but will also hurt your wallet unless you are insured. Since your car lives in your garage whenever you are home, it is mandatory to keep it safe especially at night or when you are away. Lock up your door and install security features. Start by frosting your clear garage door windows and adding motion detector lights. Making sure that burglars cannot see if your car’s inside and preventing them from going further.
  • It is easy to break into. If you only have the standard security features in your garage, someone might be slipping into it right as you read. To make a stronger defense against burglars, be smart in upping the security in your garage. Start by reinforcing the lock on your garage door with a metal reinforcer. This prevents the door from splitting. You might want to drill and slip a nail on the garage door windows from the inside to prevent burglars from propping it open. This is a cheap trick that can save you money (and potentially your life) in the long and short run.
  • The garage connects to the home. Your garage has a connecting door that links it to the main house. When someone breaks into your garage, they’ve essentially gained access to everything that is near and dear to you. If you have made your garage secure in the first place, it might be not be easy for burglars to get in. Improve the security on your connecting first. Make sure that you have a deadbolt lock in place and better quality door.
  • Other expensive items and tools are stored there. If you have valuable items, either get a safe, or take them out of your garage. Storing valuables in the garage is like leaving your kids unattended in a park bathroom. Just because they’re not outdoors doesn’t mean they’re safe. While you’re always better off protecting your valuables indoors, if you secure your garage, you won’t have to spend the extra effort bringing them inside.

As always, if your garage is dirty (don’t kid yourself, of course it is!), Maid Sailors can tidy it up in an hour or less. We’ll never break into your garage and clean it on our own, so do yourself another favor and book a cleaning now!

This article was written with Kristy Jones of A Click Away Remotes

Learn How To Easily Clean Pillows

White pillows on a bed Comfortable soft pillows on the bed
White pillows on a bed Comfortable soft pillows on the bed

Do you want to learn how to clean pillows? Or do you want to know the importance of having clean pillows? If you have one of these questions, you have come to the right place. You are going to have a good night sleep if your pillows are clean. That is why it is important for you to make sure that your pillows are clean all the time.

However, so many people find it hard to clean their pillows. And some of these people usually don’t clean their pillows. You do not have to be among this group of people. Know that cleaning pillows is very easy and effective. You are going to learn all the steps you should take when you want to clean a pillow.

The Importance of Cleaning Pillows

The following are the top reasons why you should clean your pillows regularly. The most important thing that you should know is that cleaning pillows are very easy, and it won’t cost you a lot of money. You can even clean your pillows.

Clean pillows protect us from dust mites and make our bedrooms clean. You will feel relaxed when you are in a clean bedroom. If you are working all the time, you will rest in your bedroom. In fact, you won’t have to worry about how your day was.

Cleaning pillows also help to remove dead skin cells. Human body sheds about millions of skin cells daily. Some of these cells usually come off when you are sleeping, and they usually end up in your pillows. Dust mites eat these cells. That is why if you clean your pillows regularly. You will get rid of the dead skin cells. So, you won’t be bothered by dust mites.

The human body also secretes natural oil, especially when a person is sleeping. The oil usually ends up on the pillows. Cleaning pillows help to remove the oil and sweat. You might get hot when you are sleeping, so your body sweats to cool. The sweat usually ends up on the pillow.

Do you like bringing midnight snack to bed? If so, know that food crumbs and other food particles usually fall on your pillow. Some bugs might crawl onto your bed to eat the food particles. You can avoid this by cleaning your pillows.

How to Clean Pillows

Cleaning pillows are not hard. If you have never cleaned yours before, you might want to read the tips mentioned below. It is very easy, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning your pillows.

Continue reading this article to learn how to clean pillows.

Care Label

The first thing that you might want to check is the care label. There are some pillows that can be washed using a machine and they can also be washed with a laundry detergent. Do you know if your pillow is machine washable? If you are not sure, you should seek professional advice. You can get the advice from a dry cleaner.

Squeeze Out Air

Air is trapped inside a pillow. So squeeze out as much air as you can in your pillow. You can do this by hugging the pillow.


Remove the Case

Have you placed your pillow in a sham or a pillowcase? If so, you have to take it off now. There are some types of pillows that usually come with additional zip-on cases. Do not wash these cases with the body of the pillow. Wash the cases separately.

Washing Machine

If your pillow is machine washable, you can now put it in a washing machine. It is safe to wash machine washable pillows in a washing machine. Wash two pillows at the same time to balance the washer. The pillow won’t be thrown around so much if you are washing two at once.


It is now time to add detergent. If you are doing a regular wash job, you can add a scoop of the regular washing detergent. If you want to get the pillows clean and ultra-white, here are the other solutions that you can use with the detergent; one cup of bleach, half a cup of borax and one cup of powdered dishwater detergent.

Wash Cycle

After adding the detergents mentioned above, you can now start the wash cycle. It is important to adjust the settings on the washing machine so that it runs with hot water. Then leave the washing machine to clean the pillows for you.

Drying the Pillows

You can now put the pillows in a dryer. Place the pillows in a dryer. Then adjust the settings of the dryer. For pillows that are filled with feathers, put the dryer on the air setting. And for the synthetic pillows, you can switch the dryer to low heat.

You can dry the pillows by putting two balls of tennis in separate and clean white socks. Throw the balls in the dryer that has the pillows. This help to fluff the pillows and decrease the drying time of the pillows. After doing this, you can now start the dryer.

Check the Pillows

When the dryer has completed its cycle, you can now remove your pillows. Then feel them. Check for dampness. You can check the moisture by smelling the pillows. You might find that your pillows are not dry. Repeat the same drying process if the pillows are not dry and check the pillows again. If your pillows are dry, know that they are ready.

You now know the importance of cleaning pillows and how to clean them. You can use the tips mentioned in this article to clean your pillows. Don’t waste your time on methods that might never work. Clean your pillow regularly and don’t think that you need to hire someone to clean the pillows for you. Use the tips above and make sure that your pillows are clean all the time.

Don’t be discouraged when you are starting. If you clean your pillows regularly, then it won’t be hard for you to clean them.

10 Ways to Set Trends in New York City

Have you recently moved to New York City (or some other hip metropolis?) Here are 10 undoubtedly unique survival tips you need to embrace immediately. Either keep these to yourself and experience “trendsetter status” or share these and watch some of these downright revolutionary practices become commonplace.

  1. Who drinks Cold Brew? A sophisticated Manhattanite. Who drinks Iced Coffee? A neanderthal.
  2. If you could put any car in the world in your garage, would you choose a Honda? That’s what I thought. Don’t put anything but craft beer in your chalice.
  3. I understand if you read the New York Times. Everyone loves entertainment. For journalism, please consult Vox/Mic/Inc/EliteDaily.
  4. It’s not overpaying if there’s an Apple on it. An Apple upgrade a year keeps retirement away.
  5. I should not be able to readily identify whether you’re more passionate about Bernie Sanders or your SoulCycle instructor
  6. Iceberg Lettuce is 2000’s Khloe Kardashian. Kale is Kylie. A Kale/Spinach blend is 1999–2016 Angelina Jolie.
  7. Work is for coffee breaks vacation days. Coffee shops are for work and vacation planning.
  8. Schedule an appointment with your barber. Tell him you’re ready to level up. Hand him $100. Tip him another Franklin after he shaves the bottom half of your head and puts the top in a cute little bun.
  9. If you get a 1,000 points on OpenTable for reserving a table there, don’t reserve a table there.

3 Concepts to Spice Up Your Apartment

New York City is one of the most desirable places to live in the world—and for many a good reason—but it’s no secret that the living quarters here are often smaller than those of other cities. Many big-city residents find themselves frustrated with design limitations. Certain organizations, like Modernize, know how to make the most out of your living space and your budget.

Here are Maid Sailors’ favorite tips to maximize the efficiency of your cozy space and add some zeal into your decor for an easy home makeover.

Spruce 1

Cover Up

Tired of that stained sofa or an outdated floral-print chair? Unless you’re going for vintage chic, leave the past in the past and refresh your upholstery with exciting, modern fabrics.

Simply recovering a chair or sofa with a crisp, neutral color or a vibrant hue can add light and joy into your living room. Similarly, selecting bright and bold new bedding will spruce up your bedroom with little effort. To ensure a cohesive look, first select a main color. Then choose a few accent colors and weave them through your home in fun and creative ways.

For example, if you love teal, you can opt for teal fabric for the sofa and accent with fuscia and cream-colored pillows and throws. Small accessories like planters, picture frames, and book spines can also carry your accent color through the space. Textiles are an easy way to update your home, so have fun with curtains, table runners, and towels, too!

Space 2


Create Smart Space

If you’re limited to storage space, double up on functionality by incorporating storage into unexpected spaces. One of our favorite solutions is to frame doorways with a shelving system. You can store books, small items, and decor in this space, which would otherwise go unused.

Raise your bed a bit and slide storage bins beneath the frame for an easy storage solution. You can keep off-season clothes and shoes here, or even craft supplies, toys, books, and accessories. If you want to go for something more permanent, you can find bed frames with built-in storage units. Some even have steps that lead up to the mattress!

Windows can create a storage problem, too, since you don’t want to block the influx of natural light with a shelf or another piece of furniture. Walls with windows are the perfect opportunity to use half-size bookshelves and cabinets to create extra storage space.

Spruce 3

New To You

If you’re not digging your current decor, you don’t have to spend a ton of money giving your home a makeover. The cost of living is high enough, so save some cash by heading out to flea markets, artisan fairs, thrift stores, and donation centers. You may find an old lamp base that you can paint and refresh. Picture frames are easy to upcycle, too. Just because it isn’t new doesn’t mean it won’t be new to you! Upcycling is great for the environment, too.

New York is a beautiful place to live, so don’t let tight living spaces bring down your sense of style. Small changes can go along way to refresh your home, so have fun and get creative!