Do it Yourself Home Office Updates

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to give your office the update it deserves? Look no further. From office accessories, organization, and even furniture hacks we’ve got the list for you. We rounded up a list of do it yourself home office updates that anyone can do.

DIY Block Calendar

You know those wooden blocks your kids use to play with? They can be turned into a decorative calendar for your home office. And it can be reused 365 days a year. Just paint the blocks any color of your choosing and pop on some number stickers like a dice. Turn the blocks over each day to change the date.

DIY Faux Fur Chair

If you’re going for a glamorous office look you can easily cover your office chair with faux fur giving it the ultimate makeover. This is a good project for anyone looking to restore an old chair by covering up and wear and tear. And the plush fur will give you an extra level of comfort.

DIY Folders

Since you’re going to need a place to organize documents you might as well make them look appealing! DIY fun folders are easy to make. You can design them any way you’d like and even color code them by clients, projects, dates, documents, and more.

DIY Memo Boards

Check out our post on how to make your own memo board here.

DIY Paper Holder

Looking for a way to keep the paper pile on your desk to a minimum? Make a DIY wooden paper holder to hold important stuff on your desk and throw the other things in the shred pile. This office hack keeps your desk neat and organized. And helps to keep important documents from going into the wrong pile, A.K.A the shred pile.

DIY Pencil Cup

Using empty food canisters you can easily make desk organizers to hold your pens and pencils. You can paint them as is or you can wrap some fabric around them. And just like that, you have your own pencil cup!

DIY Storage Boxes

For this project, you can do one of two things. You can take a plastic storage box and spruce it up with some paint, fabric, and stickers. Or you can make wooden storage boxes (they look sharper) and paint them your favorite color. 

Cleaning with a Newborn in the House (Tips for Stay at Home Moms)

How to make your life easier cleaning with a newborn in the house

It’s easy to blame the lack of tidiness in your home on the fact that you have a newborn to take care of. Newborns need a lot of time and attention. So much that they might actually be the reason the house is a mess (of course, we won’t’ tell them that!)

As a mom to a newborn, you have to learn to prioritize your daily schedule. That includes cleaning the house. It’s important that you try and commit to a cleaning routine as early as you can. This way you won’t get stuck in the habit of taking care of the baby and nothing else.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you tackle the mess:

Use Plastic Serveware

The first few weeks with a newborn are quite the adjustment. You’re learning how to care for someone else and yourself all over again. No one expects you to have everything all figured out right now. Take some of the pressure off of yourself. Consider using plastic products to help cut dishwashing time in half. 

Take Advantage of Nap Time

You might be tempted to nap with your newborn but you’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish in just a short amount of time. While the baby is napping, instead of joining them, try completing a few of those chores that have been piling up. Throw a load of laundry in the wash, wipe down the bathroom, and do some light dusting.

One Thing at a Time

As a mom, it’s easy to pile everything on your plate at once. But don’t feel compelled to finish everything at once. Take each day as it comes, tackling one thing at a time. The more you do this, the easier it becomes. If you’re a new mom, one thing you’ll learn is that you know have to work around someone else’s schedule. And that’s ok. Just take a deep breath and understand that you will accomplish what you need to accomplish when the time is right.

Use Cleaning Caddies

Cleaning caddies or cleaning baskets are the best things to have in the house if you have a newborn. They make it easy for you to find the cleaning product you need and wipe down any surface quickly. If you don’t have a cleaning basket, you can easily make one, fill it with all of your favorite green cleaning products and stick it under the sink.

Utilize the Baby Sling

In the event that you’re newborn is not napping and they want to be held, a baby sling makes anything easy. It’s a great way to get some cuddle time in while completing all your household chores at the same time. Just strap the baby to your chest and go on with your business. 

Consider Using a Diffuser

There are many benefits to diffusing essential oils in your home. But one of the main benefits of it is that it provides clean, mold-free air to your home. Certain essential oils like lemon and sweet orange, kill and prevent mold growth while providing you with wonderful mood-boosting smells. (Essential oils are also great for new moms with postpartum depression.)

Cleaning Schedule Breakdown: Back to the Basics

Orchestrating a cleaning schedule can at times be a confusing job – Especially if you have a house full. You have to think how long each task will take, who will be performing it and when it needs to be done. But when it comes to cleaning schedules just like fingerprints no two are the same. And no two schedules will work for the same household. So you’re left trying to create your own.

Maybe your home has small children and you understand that some weekly tasks need to be performed daily in order to prevent getting behind. Or maybe you live alone and you notice that some daily tasks may only need to be done on a weekly basis. Whatever the case may be, creating a scheduled routine to stick to will help keep you on the right track.

I’ve created the following guidelines as a starting point to help you develop your cleaning schedule for your daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal chores.

Daily Chores 

These are the chores that need to be done every day in order to maintain basic structure in your household. Daily chores are the bare minimum of your cleaning schedule as a whole. Now just like we discussed above every household is different. Some of your daily chores might need to be done multiple times per day (like dishwashing), while others can be put into the weekly chore category. 

When it comes to 
daily chores it’s important to understand that things happen. Just because you have a schedule doesn’t mean life is going to adhere to it. If circumstances prevent you from completing your daily household tasks, it’s ok. It happens. As long as you’re not allowing mold to grow in the sink everything’s going to be fine.

Weekly Chores

Most household chores won’t fall into the daily category but they will fall into the weekly category. Scheduling these chores in addition to your daily chores will help you prioritize better so that you can complete the task in a timely manner. Nine times out of ten weekly chores can be done within a day or two. They’re not something you need to do all week long. 

If you have a big family or children, consider diving the weekly chores up among everyone. Provide them with 1-2 things to be responsible for and a deadline for when those things need to be done by. This helps eliminate stress and increases the overall function of the household.

Monthly Chores

Ah monthly chores, things you only need to worry about once a month. It’s easy to forget or neglect these chores since they’re done less often. Adding them to a cleaning chart allows you to easily and confidently remember these tasks. Considering the same delegation method we talked about with weekly schedules, dividing up monthly tasks can also be beneficial. 

Seasonal Chores

Seasonal chores or even yearly chores are the most forgotten chore which is why they’re the most important to put on your schedule. Even though our attention is only drawn to these areas a couple of times throughout the year they’re crucial to maintaining your household.

Consider scheduling a weekend each season to tackle all your seasonal chores. This could be the time to put away decorations, do yard work, or even some spring cleaning. Get your family together, split chores evenly, and finish them in a timely manner. 

A Guide to Maintaining a Yard Drain

Otherwise known as landscape drains, yard drains are pretty common. Depending on the type of landscaping you do or if you have an ingrown pool in your yard, you might have a yard drain. It’s just like having a drain in your basement floor or the bathtub. In this case it’s used to prevent your yard from flooding. But just like other drains, a yard drain can get backed up.

But the real question is what do you do when your yard drain gets backed up? That’s what you’re here for right? Let’s start by looking at the basics of a yard drain.

The Basics

As we discussed a yard drain is pretty simple: It’s a collection of water that’s carried to a termination point to prevent yard flooding. Though they often deliver collected water to a nearby street or a storm drain, they can also terminate into a dry well or a surface-drainage field. 

The Maintenance 

If you have a yard drain the best time to service it is in the fall. The fall is the time when the leaves start to fall clogging up your gutters and your drains. If your gutters happen to connect to your yard drain be sure to clear that first before working on the drain. If you don’t do that you’ll just be making more work for yourself. No need to backtrack.

When servicing your yard drain the first thing you want to do is remove the cover and remove any leaves or guck that you can by hand (a shop vac works too). You want to remove anything that shouldn’t be in there. Next, you want to check the termination area (the ending) just like you did the top of the drain and make sure there isn’t anything clogging it. Once that’s done you can take your garden hose and flush it out to ensure that it’s working properly.  You’ll want to repeat this servicing once a month during the fall.

The Back-Up

If you’ve serviced your drain and it still isn’t working properly chances are it’s backed up. In this case, there are a few things you can do.

Consider a drain bladder
A drain bladder is a rubber bag that you can attach to a garden hose. After you put it on the hose and put the hose in the drain turn the water on. The bag will then become pressurized and seal the pipe. It will then shoot water out at pressure to remove the clog.

Try a motorized drain auger
If you’re familiar with a roto-rooter (used to clear sewer drains ), this is pretty much the same thing. Motorized drain augers use a rotating cutter cable with a head that cuts roots and debris from inside the drain’s pipe.

Pro Tip: Whichever method you use to unclog your drain, be sure to check both the entrance and exit of the drain. You may need to do the same thing at both ends to ensure both ends are working properly. 

The Best Essential Oils to Use for Green Cleaning

Essential oils are great for cleaning. They can be used as an additive along with non-scented green cleaning products or they can be used to create your own green cleaning products

Not only do these oils help you clean, their aromatherapy properties help you in other ways. From elevating your mood to enhancing your breathing. Take this from someone who uses them on a regular basis, essential oils are wondrous.

Below are some of my favorite oils to clean with. You can grab an empty spray bottle, fill it with water, and add about five drops of the oil you want to use to create your own cleaner. Or you can add two to three drops of oil to an existing green cleaner. 

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is one of the most powerful essential oils on the market. Scientific studies have shown the oils antibacterial actions and its ability to inhibiting certain bacteria including flu viruses, combating Staph infections, and even treating the herpes simplex virus. It’s also known to help treat respiratory conditions, such as asthma, coughing, and sinusitis.

When it comes to cleaning, tea tree is often combined with lemon, orange, or lavender oil to create the ultimate green cleaner. You can use it on any household tasks. But be advised that since this is one of the strongest essential oils you’ll want to use with caution.

Sweet Orange

Studies show that sweet orange oil inhibits the growth of E. Coli and Salmonella from refrigerated beef. So aside from it being uplifting and mood elevating, orange essential oil makes a great kitchen cleaner. Use it to clean out the fridge, wipe down countertops, clean cutting boards, and wash pots and pans.


Cleaning with lavender helps to relieve a stressful day. Aside from its relaxing qualities, it’s also an antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, and a fungicidal oil. These properties not only make it an effective cleaner, they make it effective for evening cleaning.

Using this oil to clean the house after a get-together, a birthday party, or a shower will help relax everyone in your home. A study done in 2005 revealed that lavender essential oil does indeed have a relaxing effect on the nervous system allowing you and your family a more restful nights sleep.


Similar to orange oil, lemon essential oil has been proven to elevate your mood. But that’s not all it’s good for. Lemon oil is also great for cutting through grease, killing odor and bacteria, and prohibiting the growth of mold.

This oil is great to use in the kitchen and bathrooms where there is potential for various odors and smells. Use it on countertops, in the kitchen sink, and when cleaning the toilet.

Pro Tip: Adding a drop of lemon oil to your hand soap will help eliminate strong smells such as onions.


Due to its antiseptic properties, peppermint oil is another powerful essential oil to use as a homemade green cleaner. When combined with tea tree, lemon, or lavender oil peppermint oil makes a wonderful multi-surface cleaner. Use it around the house for a great clean and to increase alertness or enhance your performance.


Grapefruit oil is similar to tea tree oil in the sense that it is very strong and should be used with precaution. When combined with tea tree, grapefruit oil has been known to balance out the strong smell while enhancing the antibacterial properties for a better clean.

Airbnb – Hire a Cleaner or DIY?

Should you hire a cleaner or DIY?

The ultimate question for Airbnb rental host around the globe. Should you hire a cleaning service or clean your Airbnb yourself? Forget about managing bookings, connecting with guests, and marketing caring for an Airbnb rental is a full-time job all on its own.

When it comes to caring for your rental, you have one of two options. You can clean the vacation rental yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you. Of course, there are some obvious differences so today we are going to talk about them.

Do the cleaning yourself

Cleaning your Airbnb by yourself is a way for you to ensure that everything is done perfectly to your liking. As perfect as perfect can get anyways. It’s a way for you to take control over the situation which also helps you take control over your overall guest experience.

It also helps you save money. By cleaning your rental by yourself you don’t have to dip into your earrings in order to provide a good customer experience. The more you clean, the more you save. Now, that’s a motto to live by. But just because you clean your rental doesn’t mean you should skip out on occasional deep cleanings from a cleaning company.

So although you may clean on a regular basis it’s crucial that you allow a cleaning service to come in monthly or bi-monthly to do a deep cleaning on your rental space.  

Hire a cleaning service

Hiring a cleaning service allows you to devote more time to focus on your rental business. With this option you are able to automate your cleanings weekly, daily, monthly, or after each guest departs. Automated cleaning services provide you with an easy to use online platform so that you can schedule cleanings, read and leave notes for your cleaner, check inventory, and more.

Aside from automated services, hiring a cleaning company provides you with the freedom to focus on other priorities. While they’re taking care of your rental, you can be running errands, paying bills, or enjoying that free time you never get. This option is best for people looking to delegate some of their daily and weekly chores. It’s also super convenient for those who simply don’t have the time.

You can also save money by hiring a cleaning service. Now you’re probably thinking, you said I could save money by not hiring a cleaning service. And you would be right, I did say that. You can save money both ways. If you run a busy rental service on Airbnb hiring a company that has all the cleaning supplies and inventory will save you from having to stock up on those things a la carte.


So as you can see caring for your rental has options. The question is, what’s the best option for you? Would you prefer to clean it yourself or hire a professional?

Innovative Ways to Recycle Unused Washers, Dryers, and Ironing Boards

Recycle Unused Washers, Dryers, and Ironing boards

Landfills everywhere are completely overflown with more than just trash. They are filled with our used things that could easily be restored into something else. Like your laundry equipment for example. If we could help it, why not take those things and instead of throwing them in the garbage or the scrap yard, put them to good use?

Although you can do this with many household items today we are going to talk about the ones in your laundry room. Washers, dryers, and ironing boards specifically. There is no need to discard these items when you’re finished with them you can simply reuse them for your benefit. 


Broken dryers can be taken apart and recycled into something that may be more useful to you. This could be a vintage decorative piece of decor or a place for storage. And once you’re done with the pieces you need you can take the rest to the scrap yard for a little play money!

  • Make the kids a toy chest: If your dryer has a plastic drum it’s the perfect piece for a toy chest. After removing the drum you can paint it any color. Then place it outside for any outdoor toys. Rinse it with a hose and the water to drain away dirt keeping outside toys neat and clean.

Iron and Ironing Board

Have an old ironing board in your laundry room that’s just gathering up the dust mites? Put it to good use elsewhere in your home by crafting it into something useful. You can use ironing boards for many different things around the home including:

  • A memo board: If you haven’t yet read our piece on how to make a memo board, head over there now. Using an old or unused ironing board you can make a cool memo board for your home office.

  • A folding table: This one may seem pretty obvious, but you probably haven’t thought about it.  Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for! If you need a little extra space for a party just pop out the ironing board and cover it with a tablecloth. You can use it to place food, napkins, and silverware.

  • Decor: By spray painting an old metal ironing board you can make a fantastic statement piece. Use it in your office, in the living room, or in a guest room. With this DIY project, you can do anything you want. The sky’s the limit!

Washing Machine

Top loading washing machines are a thing of the past. But before you have it hauled off to the dump try taking a different approach. Old top loaders have metal, a stainless steel drum, assorted switches and solenoid valves, a motor, a water pump, wires, nuts, bolts, screws, brackets and more. If you put your craft hat on you can turn your trash into treasure. When you’re finished you can take the leftover parts to the scrap yard to make some extra money.

Here are some innovative ways to use parts from your old washer:

  • Build a fire pit: Use the metal drum from your washer to create a small patio fire pit. The metal drum can be placed on fire bricks or stones to lift it off the ground. The fire will stay contained and hold enough wood to create a very warming fire. The holes in the drum help create great airflow so the fire will ignite quickly and burn brightly. The drum is also light enough to move around. It’s easy to empty ashes from this fire pit. And it’s easy to rinse out for a smooth transport.

  • Make a pot: If you don’t want or need to make a fire pit that same metal drum is perfect for a container garden. You can spray paint the drum to create the look that you want. Fill the bottom with vermiculite or mulch to keep it light and then add potting soil. The drum has drainage hole already built-in so you can plant right away. Consider adding a decorative trellis if you want to grow vines or plants that need some added support.

  • Have a seat: Create a very study ottoman for your living room by padding the plywood with polyester batting and cover with upholstery fabric or leather. You can spray paint the drum to fit your own personal style. And then cover the entire drum with fabric. It’s the ultimate vintage living room decor.


What did you use your old laundry equipment for? Let me know by dropping a comment below!

Note: Before using the drum, check to make sure it’s metal. Some drums are plastic. And you shouldn’t use a plastic drum to make a fire pit or an ottoman.

Consider Cleaning Services to Give Yourself a Break

You probably pay quite a bit of money for your posh New York City pad. And who has time for all that cleaning when you are busy pursuing your career and paying the bills? Deposits are steep in NYC, and whether you are looking at cleaning to get your deposit back or routine apartment cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, there is an easier way to get the job done. NYC apartment cleaning services can handle requests from private renters or owners. They can also handle commercial cleaning requests for large-scale projects.

We know that allowing someone into your apartment or a cleaning crew into several apartments requires a certain level of trust. When you hire a cleaning service, who knows what people are going to be coming out to do the cleaning. This is something you need to be thinking about when interviewing apartment cleaning services to decide which one to use.

Screening Process

What is the screening process they use? Do they perform background checks on all employees? Are you going to be able to meet with the cleaner prior? If this is a job that will be done on a regular basis, you are also going to want to know if it will be the same people doing the cleaning every time. These are all things to take into consideration when looking for a cleaning service.

With larger companies, you might not be guaranteed that the same people would be sent out for the job every time you need the cleaning done. Developing a schedule for the cleaning company would help make this possible. But it’s ultimately going to be up to how the NYC apartment cleaning services company operates as to whether or not you’ll get the same cleaning professionals every time. Make a request.

Choosing A Cleaning

After doing your research and finding the right company to hire then you can pick a cleaning that is suitable for you. Typically there are several options to choose from. Depending on the company you choose to work with, they should be able to customize a cleaning package to fit your needs.

Move-Out Cleaning

Move out cleaning requires a particular type of checklist that all professional apartment cleaners should be familiar with. Call it spring cleaning if you will because everything must be spotless in order to get the deposit back.  Each company will have their own approach. So it is up to you to communicate exactly what needs to be done.

Regular Cleaning

Every apartment is set up differently. And each individual has their own personal wants and needs. What do you use to clean the floors? Do you need all of your individual nicknacks dusted? Not only do you want to state your demands, but you also want to know which of the services you prefer are going to cost you extra. Some companies will charge extra for certain cleaning services while others will have them included in their price quotes.

Are you going to be responsible for keeping cleaning supplies on hand? While this may seem like a hassle and an extra expense you do not want, people often want things cleaned a particular way. The cleaning company is going to have all the cleaning supplies, but they can use cleaning supplies you provide.

Maybe you do not like the idea of any of your furniture being cleaned using any polish. Maybe you want your floors cleaned with a certain floor care solution. Consider the scope of the cleaning job they are going to provide. And consider what parts of your apartment you demand to be cleaned a certain way. If the cleaning company is not willing to comply, there is another out there that will.

As an apartment or condominium owner, you are going to want to keep certain cleaning products on you. For example a magic eraser around for walls, doors, and baseboards. Knowing what your house cleaner is using to clean with helps give you peace of mind when allowing them into your home. You know they’re there to do a job and with the right products you know they’ll do it right.

Pet Cleaning

Are there any pets in your apartment? Not only do you need to disclose this information for safety and security reasons, but also for your cleaners sake. Some people do not like pets, are scared of them, or they could even be allergic. Whether or not you have any types of pets needs to be fully disclosed when talking about an NYC apartment cleaning service about a contract. 

Things To Consider

Some people like to be home when a cleaning service is there and some people do not. When hiring a cleaning company it’s important to note that you will not always have a concrete time of arrival. There will be a window of time’ provided on most occasions. This can, of course, keep you in your apartment waiting. And that’s why it’s important to establish trust with the cleaning service you hire. If you have to step out for a little bit, you can do so with ease knowing that you’re coming home to a clean apartment. And that all of your belongings are still there.

When unfamiliar with the cleaning companies available in New York City start by asking around and googling reviews. People in your apartment complex might have used a cleaning service before, or perhaps your landlord has a good referral waiting for you. And yelp is always a good place to look for reviews for any company.

How to Make Memo Boards for the Home

Everyone needs a place that they can designate to jot down notes and post reminders from time to time. Especially if you’re a business owner. Or if you work from home. Welcome to the wonderful world of memo boards.

Christmas cards, invitations, mail, coupons, recipes, business cards, art projects, and menus can easily pile up on the kitchen table creating a mess. Some of these things could probably be filed or thrown away. But they’ve piled up on the table so high that you don’t want to take the time to go through it now. Do yourself a favor and get organized by creating a memo board.

There’s no need to go out and buy an overpriced memo board. You can simply make one by making use of thrifty items you have around the house already.

Here are some clever ways to make a memo board that are simple and inexpensive: 

Bike Wheel Memo Board

Old fashioned bike wheels make wonderful memo boards. If you don’t have one you can find them at flea markets or on eBay for cheap. This is a good board to hang postcards, pictures, and business cards on.

Chalkboard Memo Board

By taking magnetic chalkboard paint you can paint a wall or a door to use as your own personal chalkboard. This board is ideal for anyone that will proactively use it on a daily basis. On this board, you can write, erase, hang things, and even decorate. 

Cookie Sheet Memo Board

Thanks to Sadie Seasongoods we now know how to create a fun diy cookie sheet memo board. It’s simple. Start by taking any old metal (not aluminum) cookie sheet cleaning it and painting it your favorite color. After that, you can create a backdrop by using colored paper, duct tape, or even fabric. This is a fun and easy project that anyone can do. 

Paper Roll Memo Board

Calling all list lovers! If you’re one of those people who love your list, this is the memo board for you. Instead of writing all of your lists out on sticky notes or on the back of a napkin simply install a roll of paper to your wall for a spot to jot. 

Shutter Memo Board

Did you know you can take an old shutter and restore it to make an awesome memo board? You do now! Just paint it and put it up wherever you’d like. This memo board is perfect for hanging outgoing mail, Christmas cards, and even your car keys. You could even use this memo board as a cute vintage housewarming gift.

Wine Cork Memo Board

There’s plenty of reasons to save your wine corks when you’re done with them. And one of those reasons is because you can make a memo board out of them. This is a really fun project to make to place in your kitchen, living room, or dining room and hang pictures on. You might need a lot of wine corks for this particular project depending on how big you want your memo board to be. So if you’re a wine drinker you better get to drinking!

Do you have a cool and innovative way to create a memo board? If so, share it with me below! I love to hear new ideas. And who knows your experience may end up in one of our blog posts!

Cleaning Supplies That Make Good Gifts

Have you ever thought about giving cleaning supplies as a gift? Maybe you’ve thought about making a cleaning basket with all your favorites. Or maybe you just had one thing in mind. Maybe you didn’t even think about it until you came across this post. Whatever the circumstances might be, we’re here to tell you that cleaning supplies make a great gift. And they do so for several reasons. 

Honest Company Gift Cards

Honest Company gift cards make a great personal or white elephant gift. These aren’t a baby shower or bridal shower prize type of gift. Because let’s face it, gift cards can add up fast. But if you’re looking for something new or different to get someone, maybe someone that just had a baby, this is it.

The Honest Company has a huge variety of products to help any new mom. Their products range from diapers, feeding, and cleaning, all the way to personal care and vitamins. Instead of picking the product out for them just get them a gift card! They’ll be super glad you did!

The Scrub Daisy & The Scrub Daddy

We’ve previously talked about the Scrub Daddy and the Scrub Daisy in this post. And with good reason. This product makes a great housewarming gift. It’s fun, colorful, and it’s worth every penny. 

The Scrub Daddy is the original product from the company. It’s a dish sponge shaped like a smiley face with a fresh lemon scent. Who doesn’t love a smiley face? Anyways, it’s one of the best sponges on the market. And it makes a great stocking stuffer!

Now the Scrub Daisy is a dish wand. It’s a dish wand that’s shaped to look like a daisy and equipped with a decorative stem handle which makes it perfect for any kitchen. The wand has three interchangeable heads for multi-purpose use. This is another great housewarming gift or it could even be a birthday present.

Microfiber Rags

The hottest thing in the cleaning category right now is microfiber cloths. Most people are making the switch from paper towel to cleaning rags. Why? Because they work better and don’t create as much paper waste. Which is a pretty good reason if you ask me.

But when should you give someone a pack of microfiber rags? When is an appropriate time to give this as a gift? Well anytime really. You could make them a white elephant gift, a birthday gift, or a Christmas gift. And if you really want them to like it, find out their favorite color. I promise you, they’ll love it! And it’s the thought that counts!

Mrs. Meyer’s Products

For those of you who know us here at Maid Sailors you know, we love Mrs. Meyer’s products. Their products are more than just cleaning supplies, they’re lifestyle supplies. And that’s why they make such a great gift.

With Mrs. Meyer’s products, you can make a gift basket, buy one of their gift baskets, or give a singular product as a gift. They’re products range from hand soap to multi-surface cleaner. And one of the best things about it is that they are all natural products. So you aren’t giving someone any harmful chemicals to ingest or clean with.

The company also makes candles. Their candles along with their hand soap make a wonderful baby or bridal shower prize. And their gift baskets make the perfect white elephant gift for under $15. With that price, you’re both winning.

Gifts For The Office

Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

Clorox disinfectant wipes make a great white elephant gift for your office party. Offices are a typical germ-filled place. It’s where people from all different backgrounds and homes come together.

You never know what kind of bacteria could be found on an office desk. That’s why nine times out of ten you’ll walk into an office and see several people with disinfectant wipes at their desk. Do them a favor, save them a trip to the store.

Microfiber Rags

Another gift everyone in the office can use is a pack of microfiber rags. Let’s face it, these days green cleaning is in and paper waste is out. Help your office save time and money by gifting them a pack of cleaning rags.

If you want to get really creative you can get a pack with a variety of colors and color code them. You can do this several ways. Either by room, task, or cubical. Whatever is easiest for you.

Pro Tip: If your office works with a cleaning company chances are they use these rags too. This means that you can ask them to pick up your dirty rags, wash them, and return them. If they are able to accommodate this for you consider making a separate bin for your rags. That way you will know when they get taken and when they return.