If you are looking for a Cleaning Professional, then Maid Sailors is the perfect company for you. We specialize in house cleaning and maid services. Our Cleaning Professionals have many years of vital experience to perfectly service your home while conforming to all of your requirements and needs. Through many years of experience, we’ve managed to satisfy each and every one of our customers needs. Whether you are not sure who is the best maid to choose, or which is the best way to handle your housekeeper in certain situations, don’t worry. We have the knowledge and experience needed to give you appropriate solutions. We also counsel our Cleaning Professionals in case any issues arise. We’re so confident in our services because all of our Cleaning Professionals are personally selected and interviewed by us. This is what makes us quite different and unique from all other maid service companies. To be the very best, we have taken into account all the cleanliness and other capabilities of our Cleaning Professionals in order to meet your standards and expectations. We invite you to contact us, and you will be greeted warmly while receiving sincere and quality assistance. Any one of our Cleaning Professionals will bring bright shiny smiles to your children and family.


Why You Should Hire Us

We have personally selected well-trained and qualified Cleaning Professionals, we put the needs and wants of our customers first, and we are a licensed maid service company.


Why You Should Choose Our Maid Company

Our maid agency will provide you with professional and quality services in terms of maid recruitment. We will save you a lot of effort in regards to maid training, work permit application, insurance, security bond, travel arrangement, medical screening, immigration clearance, and much more.


Our Services Include:

  1. The placement of new maids, transfer maids, and direct hire-maids.
  2. The application, the renewal, the collection, and the cancelation of work permits and passports.
  3. Full-Documentation with the Embassy.
  4. Processing of a home leave.
  5. Re-contracting of existing maids.
  6. Purchase of insurance, banker’s-Guarantee and security bond waiver.
  7. Free counseling and consultation.
  8. Orientation (which includes simple English) on arrival in the country by in-house staff.
  9. General family household simulation in training centers located in the local offices.
  10. Baby and elderly-care training
  11. Video presentations, which convey the general expectations of our employers oriented on critical safety measures that, are essential in carrying out duties.
  12. Move out cleaning


About Maid Sailors Cleaning Service

We will provide you with quality Cleaning Professionals at very affordable prices. When it comes to service transparency, we believe in providing clear and transparent services to you, our most valued customer. In regards to service transparency, we:

  • Adopt ethical sale practices and quality marketing communication.
  • We make sure that our pricing policy as well as our service charges are clear to you, the customer.
  • We indicate the payment methods available.
  • We seek and highly value our customer’s feedback any time of day. If the feedback is less-than-positive, we strive to resolve the issue quickly if not immediately within 7-working days; depending on the problem’s complexity.


Service Guarantee

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We strive to provide a service guarantee for two free replacements of your maid within 12 months from commencement of employment. If you want to transfer your maid to another employer, we are here to assist you. The terms & conditions of these transfers will be clearly and well explained to you.