Which Biometric Verification Is Beneficial And Cost Effective For Identity Verification

Criminals are becoming more smarter and technical. Now they are applying techniques for their fraudulent activities that are extremely intelligent and not straightforward to track. Thefts are not limited and nobody can say, he is fully secure. But one can try to as much safe as he could. Even after the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning identity theft is still rising. Why is it? Do you believe AI can only be used for a good purpose? Fraudulent uses artificial intelligence to enhance their way of bypassing security checks. As AI can subdue identity theft it can also strengthen identity theft it depends on who is using AI or why AI is being used? Demand for biometric verification is rising because it is considerably better than traditional verification processes. Many commercial applications are using biometrics to reduce fraud, provide access to logical assets and through which it is easy to control access to their premises. Mechanism of authentication via the biometric device is very strong as it is opposed to something you have. Every human body parts consist of many physiological features that are different from every other human.

Importance of Biometric Verification

Biometric Verification is capturing huge market due to many reasons, One is the separate physiological feature of every human being. Usernames and passwords are not enough for confidential data or any profoundly secured product. Usernames and passwords are vulnerable to be stolen. The primary reason for security and data breach is weak or compromised passwords and sophisticated hacker attacks can even steal strong passwords. Approach for securing data or restricting access through usernames and passwords is very vulnerable and costly. Resetting passwords require IT support, takes time and reduce the productivity of the employee.

Best Biometric Verification

Physiological and behavioral are two main types of biometrics include the face, fingerprint, hand, iris, DNA, ear, retina, gait and many more. But which is most prominent and why? The answer is facial verification is best than all others. There are many reasons facial verification is superior to others. Fingerprint verification was capturing the market swiftly when facial verification took place. Probability of failure in facial verification is very low than fingerprint verification. Facial verification work with the digital image of a person it captures the image of an individual break its features and matches it with the pre-existing database. On the human face, Present facial verification system can recognize 80 nodal points which include length and shape of cheekbones, the shape of face and size of the nose.

Advantages of Facial Recognition Technology

There are many advantages of Facial recognition service. One and top is that every business should be KYC and AML Compliance and identity verification is one of the basic KYC verification requirement.

Increased Security

By using facial recognition it increases the security of an organization and chances of error are very low. It enhances security for all even for small firms and government agencies and with the help of security camera, facial recognition surveillance systems are automatic. Any organization even if your business is online can easily track a person and flag customers and there is nothing of customers that can be stolen. Facial recognition is also very helpful for finding terrorists.

Fast and Accurate

Facial verification is very fast and accurate there is no need for visitors to come and wait for the door to open. Or if any employee wants to gain access into a system it will give access or decline user in seconds.

No Contact

It is preferred over fingerprint verification because it is hectic for employees and customers to put their thumb on a fingerprint scanner and wait to verify. There is no physical contact between user and device for verification.


Facial verification is very cost effective as it doesn’t require any scanning devices to give access to a system. A company can use mobile, laptop or security cameras for verification.

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