What Are The Best Home Security Systems For Every Budget?

Affordable home security means different things to different people. What is cheap and affordable to one person might be too expensive for another. That is why we have rounded up five affordable home security systems to help you as you make your choice.

Let’s look at them right away.

Fortress Security Store Alarm System Kit

Even this alarm system is rather cheap for just around $100, it still gives you the added security and convenience that a mobile app offers.  Whenever the system detects unusual activity, you receive an alert through your phone.

The only downside to fortress security alarm system kit is the lack of professional monitoring. While professional monitoring is the surest way of keeping your home safe, it comes with a monthly subscription. So for a budget of under $100 you will have to make that sacrifice.

Wink Lookout

If your pockets run a little deeper, you can start out with the wink control hub. This affordable smart hub runs a network of connected devices that manage home automation devices such as thermostats and lights, as well as home security.  It goes for under $200.

This affordable home security system also gives you a great foundation you can build upon later on.

On the downside, wink lookout lacks security cameras. You will have to dig deeper into your pockets. If you want to have cameras around.

Scout small pack scout preselected small pack has all the basics you will need to begin protecting your home. It also helps you to add professional monitoring to your home security package.

One of the most exciting features of this pack is the ability to add monitoring. With just $9.99 per month, you can add professional monitoring. This is quite an affordable monitoring option for anyone looking for an affordable home security system.

It’s disappointing to know that scouts small pack only has one monitor sensor. This sensor can detect motion for not more than 25 feet. It, therefore, won’t be enough if you have a larger home.

Simplisafe Hearth Package

No one will know you are working on a budget when they see this security system in your home. Simplisafe offers other more affordable home security packages, but if you have a little more to splurge, you will love the extras in the hearth package. With $375 you will get fire protection and a 105 dB siren, the two must-haves for a home safety plan.

Smoke detectors are lifesavers. They are even better when they are part of your home. when they detect smoke, the fire alarm activates your security alarm system. This ensures that even when someone is sleeping through the alarm, they can still get notified.

Although simply safe hearth package is a great and affordable home security system, it lacks smart home integration. Simplisafe products can be easily integrated with nest thermostats and August smart locks, but they are still not compatible with smart hubs such as Amazon echo.

Nest Secure Alarm System Starter Pack

Net is one of the big players in the home automation and security industry. They began by selling smart thermostats. They offer full-brown home security. Nest has a reputation for being expensive, so it is great that they have a $500 security starter pack.

All nest secure components are smart. That includes the nest guard system hub which has a keypad, alarm and motion sensor all together.  Nest also comes with smart window sensors that are linked up with all the other components of the system.

Compared to most do it yourself home security systems the nest secure starter pack is rather sparse. It lacks all the extra sensors and features you would be getting in another starter pack.


Front point is well known for its exceptional customer service. They are also among the best companies you can buy from.  Since it was started in 2007, the company has made its employees and customers their top priority.

Front point offers security systems configured to fit your needs.  They can deliver a highly customized system as soon as tomorrow. Their security system gives you awareness, protection, and control.

These security systems are easy to set up, so you can easily do it yourself. And you can count on their superb customer care to come to your rescue anytime you run into problems.

Another impressive feature of Frontpoint security systems is that they are wireless. They are therefore a great choice even if you live in a rented space since you can always pack it up when you need to move. The system also lays a good foundation for adding more devices in the future.

Forefront also offers crash and smash protection that keeps your security system working even when your control panel is destroyed.

Final word

You don’t need to own a fortune to have a quality security system. Irrespective of whether you are trying to save by investing in affordable equipment or by self-monitoring. These five affordable home security systems will provide you with the needed security at a cheap price without compromising on the quality.

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