Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Good

There’s just something about walking into your home after a long day at work and having it smell fantastic. Am I right? A clean smelling home is a happy home. But how do you keep your home smelling good? If you’re having trouble keeping your home odor-free try some of these tips!

Make Scent-Filled Jars

Are you into canning? A fun DIY project that you can do to keep your home smelling good is to make your own scent-filled mason jars. Fill them with your favorite scents with items like cinnamon sticks, driedfruit, or even essential oils and add simmering water and you’re good to go!

Keep The Garbage Disposal Empty

Have you noticed a stench lingering in your kitchen but have no idea what it is? It could be the garbage disposal. You always want to make sure that any food that goes down there gets rinsed out. You can squirt some soap down there and some hot water and let it run through after the food has been eaten up. That should help the smell go away.

Pro Tip: If the smell persists, take a small lemon wedge along with some baking soda and run it through the disposal.

Use Candles

This one is a no-brainer. Candles have been around for centuries and they’re the best way to keep your home smelling good. Try placing them strategically in places that are likely to absorb the fragrance for a longer lasting smell. 

Indoor Plants

A great way to keep your home smelling good is to bring the outdoors indoors. You can do this by getting an indoor plant, or two. Indoor plants help clean the air in your home. Many of them offering a wonderful aroma to leave your home smelling beautiful.

Dryer Sheets

Did you know you can use dryer sheetsoutside of the laundry room? We even wrote a post about it. Check it out. You can use dryer sheets all around your house to keep it smelling wonderful. Try leaving them in your dresser drawers to help keep your clothes smelling fresh. Or Place one under your garbage bag in the bottom of your garbage can to help mask the smell of old food.


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