Things You Can Use Vinegar For

We’re worried that you’re not tired of all the chemical-ridden, toxic cleaning products you’ve been using since you’ve moved to New York City. How long has it been? Do you even notice the chemical aromas scurrying around your home or the discoloring of your walls? In any case, we’re happy you’re still able to read this post: we’ve got your solution. Simply walk into your kitchen and open your cupboard. See the bottle of white vinegar? This is all you need for an eco-friendly summer cleaning.

If Superman could be any household item, he would be Vinegar, because it handles every household enemy: stains, marks, grease, and grime. Remember the motto: “only a few swipes and you’ll see white.” It does not only serve a cosmetic purpose. It also has highly protective attributes and doubles as an antibacterial, herbicidal, and pesticidal agent. Thus, Vinegar is probably the most efficient non-living multi-tasker; best of all, it won’t eliminate your savings like more expensive “off the shelf” cleaning products.

Here are some quick fixes for common cleaning conundrums:

Dirty Dishes

Use vinegar and water to clean all your dishes going forward. After you’re done eating, the vinegar will eat through the grease and grime. As you sleep, the vinegar will be wide-awake, eradicating the stains in order to leave your dishes clean and bright for breakfast.

Dirty Ovens

What was once an Mt. Everest-esque challenge is now simply a walk in the park. Oven cleaning is now much easier. Apply with a  cloth and scrub affected areas to remove the greasiness on the inside. As a bonus, the process will simultaneously eliminate bacteria so that you won’t have to worry about them sprinkled all over your cupcakes.

All Germs

Speaking of germs, vinegar is a great way to kill the ones that aren’t shacking up in your oven, too. Get a mop and a sponge, create a vinegar and water solution, and go Robocop on these bad guys. It also does wonders with your drains.

Odd Odors

In some instances, vinegar can be an effective deodorizer. Whether it’s your walls or carpet, find the troublesome region and mat the area. it’s also great for fridges, toilets, and bathtubs.


Yes. If there is a small stain or scorch mark, gently rub over it with a vinegar-soaked cloth and watch the spot disappear. We’d use this one with caution, however; for serious stains (especially those on expensive clothes), consult the instructions on your clothes or your dry-cleaner.

Of course, for real cleaning jobs, don’t hesitate to book Maid Sailors. We’re the vinegar of the on-demand cleaning industry.

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