Ultimate Tips For Moving Heavy Furniture

Moving to a new place is exciting yet stressful, especially when you decide to move by yourself. Packing clothes, electronic appliances, and bathroom items can be easy, but what about those heavy furniture items lying in your home?

When you think about this, many questions come into your mind such as-

  • How do I move heavy furniture, and what plan I should follow?

Well, you need not worry about moving your heavy furniture items as with some professional tips, you can easily perform the job hassle-free. Let’s discuss how to make it possible.

Top Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

Make a plan

Create a list of items that you want to move, and figure out what you require for loading them on the truck. This will make the moving job simpler and easier. Additionally, you should consider how can you utilize the space inside the truck properly, and decide which item to be loaded first. Usually, the heavy items such as beds and dressers are kept towards the vehicle bed and around the sides for balancing the weight. Measure the space under the furniture items and try to fill the gaps properly.

Get help

In addition to protecting your home and furniture, ensure your personal safety. One of the most dangerous situations of doing things on your own is when you move tall or heavy items. They might fall on you or on the floor.

Contact your neighbors and friends and ask for their help for moving the furniture items you can’t move by yourself. Having an extra pair of hands is always helpful, and makes your job easier and quicker. 

Use furniture sliders

Visit a local home goods store and buy the furniture sliders. Place the sliders under each leg of the furniture. This will help in reducing the friction between the floor and furniture, thus making the move easier. You can simply move the furniture by pushing it from one end.

Carry big, heavy pieces high and low

There’re certain items at home that are always awkward to handle, such as filing cabinet, tall dresser, etc. Well, heavy pieces can be moved by two persons easily—with one person holds the top and another carries the bottom. This prevents the swinging problem and also helps in transporting the pieces up or downstairs.

Use a shoulder dolly

To make your moving job easier, you can buy lifting straps. A shoulder dolly is a popular strap, which is designed to help people use large muscle groups while taking the weight off the back. However, you need to be very careful when using it on the stairs as the weight shifts to one person rapidly.

Wrap the furniture in blankets

Moving blankets are useful when it comes to protecting your furniture items as well as home. You can buy or rent these blankets for covering fragile edges and finishes of tables, dressers, etc. This will help you carry and transport the items easily. You can also use a stretching film after wrapping the blankets.

Remove the parts of the furniture you can

Remove feet of sofas, back of a recliner, and parts of other furniture items you can. You can assemble all the pieces after moving to a new home. However, you should make sure that you don’t detach the parts forcefully as this can lead to severe damage to the items.


Relocation can be hassle-free if you create an effective plan. Heavy furniture items are always difficult to carry—you can take the help of a friend for moving them. Additionally, moving straps make the moving job a lot easier and quicker. For tall and heavy items, you can use high and low lifting method. To ensure minimum damage, wrap your furniture items in moving blankets properly.


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