Top Renovation Tips to Transform Your Basement

An unfinished basement is a great place for some additional storage, but not much else. More homeowners are looking to add more livable space to their homes and have a great apartment cleaning, and the simplest way to do that is by finishing an unfinished basement. Rather than adding on a costly extension, finishing a basement is a cost-effective way to add potentially hundreds of square feet of livable space to your home.

There are many ways to renovate a basement into a livable space. An unfinished basement is a blank canvas that can be turned into virtually anything. Here are some practical renovation tips to transform your basement.

Prepping Your Basement

Before you add carpeting, paint, and furniture to your basement, you need to prep your basement at the beginning of the renovation. This means adding insulation, recessing your lights, tearing up carpet, and installing new flooring. You may need to tear down walls or add structural support to your stairs. There may be water damage that needs to be repaired before renovations begin.

The best thing you can do at the beginning of your renovations is to have your basement inspected. An inspector will show you what is wrong with your basement and will provide you with estimated repair costs. Once you’ve done the prep work, the fun can really begin.

Add Entertainment

The first thing you should decide when you want to renovate your basement is how space is going to be used. Most finished basements are used for entertainment. Even a small basement can accommodate a television with seating or a game table such as a pool table or foosball. It’s not uncommon for the basement to be the main entertainment area of a house.

When considering entertainment, you also need to ensure that space is suited for that entertainment. Make sure there are enough outlets for electronic entertainment. Check the room temperature throughout the year to see if it gets too hot or too cold. Moisture can cause damage and bad odors in your basement. If your basement is not comfortable, your family won’t want to spend time there.

Think About Functionality (talk about adding a bathroom or bar)

Your renovated basement needs to be a functional, livable space. While many basements are used as entertainment areas, they don’t always have to be used that way. A basement is a perfect place for a home office. Whether you work from home full-time or you just need a space to be creative, a simple basement finish with a new desk or sitting area can add the space you need without adding a lot of costs.

A bathroom is another valuable addition to any home or when you get an office cleaning. If you have a two-story home with a basement, having a bathroom on every level can have a positive impact on the value of your home when it comes time to sell. A full bathroom might not be necessary, and a half-bath won’t take up as much of your basement space.

Give your home a unique touch by adding a bar in your basement. A basement is a fun place to hang out and is an ideal location for the bar and lounge area. Add a pool table and a television to make your space even more entertaining.

We recommend adding neon open signs to your space for an authentic bar look. Neon lights can be custom designed so you can get exactly what you want for your home. Custom neon lights can start below $200, while non-custom lights are as low as $60, making them a cost-effective and impactful update to your basement area.

Provide Ample Seating

Seating is one of the most important updates you can make to your basement. Without ample seating, your friend and family won’t be comfortable in your basement, no matter how entertaining your basement is. It can be difficult to have enough seating without the space looking cluttered, especially in a smaller basement. However, with strategic placement and the right seating style, you can add enough seating without making space look much smaller than it is.

Choose seating that has a light color, such as tan or light gray. These colors reflect light, which gives the illusion that space might be bigger than it is. While lining seating against the wall creates space in the center of the room, it can also make space feel closed in. Placing some seating throughout the room gives the basement depth.

Create a Focal Point

The lack of a focal point is an issue with many rooms in a home, not just a basement. Either there are too many focal points or the focal point is not clear. When this happens, guests aren’t sure of where to focus their attention, which can make space feel uncomfortable.

Focal points center the room and provide a foundation on which you can design the rest of the space. A bar-mounted television with a sitting area or fireplace is all excellent focal points for a basement. If your basement does have small windows, try to keep your living space in the area of the windows to allow some natural light to enter the space. Natural light can help highlight your basement’s focal point.

Decorations and Accessories

Finish off your newly-renovated bathroom with decorations and accessories that match the style of your home. Patterns and textures give the space contrast no matter how the basement is being used. Decorations and accessories should be used whether you’re creating a bar area, an entertainment space, or a home office.

Basements can be dark if there isn’t enough overhead lighting already installed. Floor and table lamps not only add more light to the room, but they can also be used as accent pieces. Neon lights can give your space a fun, entertaining vibe that everyone will enjoy.

There’s so much to consider when you’re renovating your basement. With these practical renovation tips, you’ll be ready for your next project. From entertainment areas to home gyms, your basement can be turned into your dream space.

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