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Top Living Room Decoration Ideas To Increase Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

A living room is one of the many places in your home that you spend most of your time relaxing in leisure. For most, it is probably the place to enjoy themselves with a cup of coffee or a book to read. Like most of the best painting companies emphasize, one should have a comforting while an attractive living room that not only will give a satisfying ambiance but also appeal to your visitors.

Here are some catchy living room decoration ideas that can increase the aesthetic appeal for your home:

Go With Light Colors

Many of the painting services recommend light color interiors with green, gray, etc. especially for living rooms because they create a sense of openness and harmony. For some people, experiencing spacious places is relieving, and it gives them a comfortable environment to spend their time in solitude or with a company. The light colors can go well with dark-colored furniture with crème colored upholstery.

Use the Floor Completely

Another element that can make your living rooms more appealing is a renovated floor. Flooring services focus on matching the floors with the interior design and the paint you intend to go with. For most, a wooden floor or laminate floor with wooden style sheets will go perfectly with the design as well as fit your budget too. In addition, you can also choose to put a carpet or a rug that matches the theme of the furniture you have.

Install A Bold Wallpaper

One of the many trends for decorating your living rooms includes wallpapers. Wallpapers are one of the items that can easily venture with the interiors of your living room. Whether light-colored or dark-colored wall paint, you can easily install an appealing wallpaper, mosaic, abstract art, etc. can go really cool, bringing out an attractive contrast. Note that cleaning wallpaper is a bit tricky as you do not want to discolor it. 

Choose Wisely

What good are the renovations and additions if you aren’t able to put them according to the theme of your place? Although designing your home is totally at your exposure, still, you should put a perfect artwork into place. Painting services focus upon choosing the theme that you want whether traditional, tropical vibe, urban appeal, etc. Brainstorm your layout and then go for the design. Choosing trendy colors and combinations of light and dark will help arouse the appeal of your living room efficiently.

Lighting Is Good

Lighting and chandeliers are some of the many elements that bring out a cool and inspiring look in your living room design. There’s no need to install heavy chandeliers especially if you’re living room is already crowded. Although attractive, it will make your place overwhelming and congested. Install small or medium-sized lanterns or ceiling lights that come in elegant designs. Ensure that they do not block the light and find a perfect spot.

Installing Blinds

Another element that can increase the appeal of your living room is the blinds that you install. A good painting company will illuminate why blinds are an efficient way of not only controlling the light that comes in the room but also help to control the energy consumptions. You can easily go with dark-colored blinds including brown, black, charcoal, etc. with light-colored wall paint. Or you can choose to install light-colored with a dark painted background.

Get Shelves 

Shelves are an efficient way of sorting and storing stuff. You can add shelves alongside the fireplace you install or in addition to it. It is not necessary that the shelves have books though. You can choose to place a jar with fragrant leaves or add decoration pieces too. Note that if you do place shelves on your fireplace, you will need to clean your fireplace consistently if you use it to prevent soot buildup on the shelves.

Go Green

Houseplants are an efficient way of improving the oxygenation of your home. Although you would need to take good care for the plant in order to mitigate the chances of any pests or leaves dying out. If you are a fan of gardening, you can choose to install small flowerpots including anthurium, chinses money plants, coffee plant, etc. that would add to the aesthetic appeal of your living room.

Get Good Seating

What good is a living room if it can’t even give you a comfortable sitting? Although it’s not the fault of the living room but of the designer. You may think getting high-class furniture or velvet coated sofas will add to the exotic attractiveness of your living room. However, a simple rocking chair can also bring out the comfort that you want. In other words, choose furniture that would not only go best with the theme of your living room but also give maximum utility. Simple yet elegantly made sofas could do the same. Choose contrasting colored furniture, particularly if you want a carpet placed underneath it.

Stay Neutral

Just like unisex t-shirts, getting neutral-colored furniture will also add to the ambiance of your living room. A light crème colored sofa would go best with any dark-colored blinds, carpet, and walls, as recommended by many painting services. You can also choose to add linens and other items as a compliment.


It is not necessary that you keep to a specific niche of interior designing and focus on creating a theme of only traditional or modern style for your living room. Blending these both can also help provide a stunning outlook for your living room. Give some contemporary touches with patterned carpets or textured fabrics that will give out a great appeal.

Make Some Space

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need not stuff your living room with items, furniture or extras that would make your place look crowdy. Remember you can still make a statement with a low number of articles elegantly placed. Keep your audience in mind. If you expect guests every now and then, you may want to consider adding sitting arrangements. However, is you seldom expect guests that it is ok to have a low number of sitting added with hanging or a rocking chair near the windows that would give you a relieving place to spend your time in leisure. 


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