3 Things She’ll Do After You Get Your Apartment Professionally Cleaned

Hopefully, this memo will push your man, partner, significant other, or friend with benefits to start getting regular cleanings from a premium service like Maid Sailors. Fellas, read very closely. if you happen to cohabitate with a special someone, getting a regular cleaning may have explosive knock-on effects that would not happen otherwise. It’s scientifically proven.

Many studies have been done in relation to having a clean apartment. Your relationship is literally on the line. Here at Maid Sailors, we recruited a few PhD-level researchers to investigate the most probable outcomes and have summarized them into the top 3.

Here are three things she’ll do after you get your apartment professionally cleaned:

She Will Invite Her Friends Over

Are your roommates always asking you to bring her friends over? If you have suitemates, get your holiday wish-list ready because they’ll owe you big time. Remember that birthday pre-game your girlfriend’s BFF was planning? Now that your apartment is clean your place has been unanimously elected as the go-to destination. She’ll invite her friends over all the time.

It also allows you to play matchmaker for your crew of eligible bachelors. If you’re single, it allows you to play. And once you’re done, the clean-up is easy.

She Will Use Your Kitchen

She won’t cook for you huh? Maybe it’s because your kitchen needs a good deep clean. A cleaning service that sanitizes your table-tops, addresses your appliances and sterilizes your sink will make your kitchen an actionable asset.  Don’t let cleaning drain you by taking the best multivitamins for women. If you’re a cook, you already understand the value of a well-kept kitchen and know how long it can take to properly clean. Cleaners can efficiently get you to the finish line. Then you can spend your time collecting recipes and cooking 5-star meals with your newfound kitchen-buddy.

If your cooking experience is limited to unwrapping Seamless.com orders, an immaculate kitchen will ignite a spark in your girl’s chest-cabinet. She’ll probably demonstrate her skills then and there. Or at least make a Thursday night out of it. In the likely event that you’re both super busy and never cook, there’s no better inspiration than a clean kitchen.

She Will Be More Adventurous

Want your lady to be more adventurous with you? She will once you get your place cleaned. Women don’t like dirty places, especially when you are doing the dirty. The floor, the bathroom, the shower, the basement, etc. are all viable options for adventure in a relationship. But only when they’re clean. A cleaning service will address your pad in its entirety.

Old Spice deodorant, Axe body spray and even the tasting menu at NYC’s Eleven Madison Park will be no match for the swag permeating the air in a Febreze-like fashion. An unblemished living space will offer a comfortable, safe environment that will facilitate positive emotions. Have you been fighting recently? Frequent eruptions? Before you try couple’s therapy, have a different professional come by and tidy up your pad. You’ll be surprised at how far-reaching the effects can be.


*Disclaimer: This is meant to be gender neutral. Your man/partner/significant other /weekend friend may not actually do any of these things. (Maid Sailors reserves the right to continue claiming they will).

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