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10 Easy Home Cleaning Methods

Here’s a riddle: If a clean summer is a fun summer, but a summer spent cleaning is a miserable summer, then what should you do? Minimize the time you spend cleaning by using these helpful, cheap and resourceful tips. Keep in mind, if you can’t waste a second wiping a stain, Maid Sailors is happy to come by and tidy your place all summer long (we have nothing else to do).

  1. Clean Rugs, Carpets, and Upholstery 

    Long, rough fibers become more stubborn when wet. Use the Sun to your advantage and clean tough surfaces during hotter days. After cleaning, you’ll be able to place the wet items outside towards direct sunlight and facilitate the drying process by a couple of hours.

  1. Pre-treat Tough Stains 

    Create a solution of detergent and water and apply it to stains for a few minutes. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes before scrubbing and cleaning for optimal results.

  1. Make It At Home 

    You can create effective detergents with ingredients that you already have at home. Shampoo, soap and dishwashing detergent will serve as effective de-greasers. They are perfect for spot cleaning and will dissolve soiled spots. Awaken your inner chemist and mix a variety of ingredients to produce homemade solutions for basic cleaning tasks.

  1. Don’t Wear White and Use Paper Towels

    Wearing white while cleaning is a major faux pas. Windows, for instance, are especially dusty and it makes more sense to contain the dust with disposable paper towels versus threaded rags. If you’re using a water bowl, make sure to change the water often to prevent it from remaining muddy.

  1. Don’t Throw Away Old Toothbrushes

    Believe it or not, they are the perfect for spot-cleaning. Whether you’re carpet cleaning, oven cleaning or kitchen cleaning, an old toothbrush will always be useful. If you plan on brushing delicate fibers or brittle surfaces, make sure to use a soft brush.

  1. Clean Windows Strategically

    This tricky task should be the last one you complete. Begin with the outer side of the window; this will (hopefully) be the dirtiest side since it’s exposed to the outside. As you finish, don’t forget to wipe the window frames and handles.

  1. Invest In A Professional Cleaning Company For Leather Upholstery 

    They’re optimized for cleaning leather surfaces. Apply with a soft towel to decrease and restore shine, texture, and pigmentation to your expensive leather. If you don’t spend the money now, you’ll end up spending multitudes more on new furniture.

  1. Grooming Brush For Grout Lines 

    Tiles have very persistent stains; however, in order to clean them effectively, you need to be mindful of the grout lines as well. Use a grooming brush or a towel with long fibers to properly clean tiles and grout lines.

  1. Dab stains

    After applying detergent to spot-clean a stain, avoid excessive rubbing, which will cause the stain to spread further (and subsequently, make you cry).

  2. Once You’re Done, You’re Not Really Done 

    Until you spray a sanitizing agent onto the newly cleaned areas. Even a cheap sanitizing agent will eliminate pollen, germs, allergens, and elongate the period of the area’s cleanliness.

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