Tips To Choose Promotional Products For Your Business Growth

Advertising is necessary so that your business entity can stand out among thousands of similar companies with their proposals. For this, it is not enough that you just tell your potential consumers about the availability of a quality product and they get encouraged to buy it. Therefore, to attract the attention of customers, it is recommended to use several marketing schemes where promotional products are on the top list for almost all business owners. But, which product is to choose is the most common problem for them. So, here we discuss some promotional tips to grow your business:


  1. Choose The Best Product Among The Categories


Today, we have unlimited options for promoting our business. But, choosing the best is the major issue for many companies. Big companies who don’t bother for their budget can go with any amount like coca-cola is the best example that starts happiness vending machine around the world. But, on the other side, for new startups, or small companies with medium marketing budget think twice before choosing the promotional product. Obviously, small companies won’t resort to such extremes, but now it is possible to create a branded version with promotional products. You just need to choose the right product that suits your business. Here, we have a list of useful products and their preference rate in the market among peoples:



Product Preference (%) (approx.)
T-shirts 58
Drinkware 53
Bags, Writing Instruments, Or Outerwear 50
Usb Drives 45
Caps And Headwear 40
Desk Supplies 41
Calendar 28


Choose the item that offers the most value to your customers. For the included effect, try to work with an alternative that applies to your industry. If your customers are mostly business experts, then supplying workspace products and USB drives are more useful than a shirt.



  1. Know Your Audience Preference


The better you understand your audience, the easier it will be for you choose the right product. You can consider factors such as age, sex, family status and profession of gift holder. As these factors play a great value for your promotional product. So, you must think about the target people and their lifestyle. Here, is a list of questions that you need to answer before choosing a product:

  • Is your product for businesses or for customers?
  • Who will be its user men or women?
  • Who will get more benefit young, adult or older, Parents or pet owners, athletes? etc.


Promotional Product Who will like the product
pens All people
bags with a logo Women between 18 and 24
calendars Rural and older adult
desk supplies Younger adults between 18 and 34
logoed drinkware Suburban and rural consumers
USB drives and outerwear Men


As these insights are great for starting your business promotion, but the personal interaction with your customer can be a great source of information. So, try to pay attention to their work, culture and the things around them, as it will work as a great to promote your business.


  1. Use The Durable Product For Promotion


It’s a great challenge for the business owner to choose the promotional product that can easily become a routine part of your customer’s lives. When customer regularly uses your product, the image for your brand get deeper into his mind. Moreover, the people in his contact also get encouraged toward your brand. So, in order to trigger ongoing sale funnel, you have to choose a product that has longevity. Here, is the help for you:


Know Customer’s Requirement: Here, requirements refers to choosing a product’s design according to the customer’s home or work environment. Likewise, normally, people keep desk supplies for more than a year. Which is highly beneficial for business promotion. So, keeping your contact information on it, as there are high chances of leads generation.


Use Wearable Products: From the past marketing criteria, it is observed that wearable products have the highest success rate. They help in displaying your brand image in a bold and visual manner. For example, people love to wear branded shirts, caps and other outwears, this benefits the brands in image building. So, in the case of wearable products, you can use a company’s logo, slogan, or the tagline the represent your company and help it to stand out of crowd.


Know Your Customer’s Problem: While deciding a product, it is more important to know your customer’s problem and try to solve it. For instance, if your customer regularly signs documents or use an electronic charger or engaged in physical activities. In all these cases, gifting them the pen, pen drive, power bank, and drinkware are the excellent examples to fulfill their ongoing needs.

Bottom Line


Using promotional products are the best way to promote your business and stand out from crowd. But, the right choice of product matter a lot. So, while deciding for a product you should choose a product which can represent your business in an effective way.


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