The Truth About Green Water Softeners

For those looking for water softeners and trying to live greener, your job may be easier than you think. While there are plenty of water softeners on the market with “eco” and “green” as part of their name, water softeners are inherently green.

It’s Easy Being Green (When You’re A Water Softener)

Because a water softener keeps appliances efficient and water free of buildup, they already are helping you save water, electricity and contribute to a reduced use of detergents, soaps and other cleaning agents. While there are a couple of considerations to boost the green power of your water softener, know that you already are making a green choice!

Water softeners save you water because you are able to clean your home, dishes and laundry correctly the first time using pure, soft water. Worried about harsh chemicals? This is another reason water softeners are ideal for green consumers – you no longer need to rely on toxic cleaning agents, and that’s good for the environment. In addition, your appliances will last longer with soft water, reducing your family’s overall carbon footprint.

Upping The Green Factor

To boost the green power of your water softener purchase, go for one that is non-electric. Not only are you saving electricity, you are reducing even more water waste. Because of the way non-electric water softeners are engineered, these products use kinetic energy (the energy of movement) to only soften what you need softened, reducing water waste and eliminating the need for electricity to operate. Additionally, choose a softener that doesn’t contain additives, which enter the local water supply and aren’t good for the environment.

If you’re in the market for a water softener and trying to be green – rest assured, a good water softener is a green water softener! By following these tips, you are well on your way to having a green home.


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