The Perfect Solution: 5 DIY Cleaning Solutions And Why They’re So Good

Cleaning can be a difficult task especially if you’re all alone and you don’t know what are the essential things you need to do to finish the job. Choosing the right materials for the job can be a little bit tricky as well. There are certain things you can do to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Mixing solutions or using ordinary cleaning materials at home can help you get the job done. It’s important to know the right mix of cleaning solutions for you to be successful in your cleaning activity. Here is a list of 5 DIY cleaning solutions you can use at home for cleaning.

Cleaning Countertops Such As Marble & Granite

Preparing or cooking meals in the kitchen can be messy sometimes. It’s a common thing for grease and other types of stains to be seen laying around the kitchen especially in certain parts of the kitchen such as countertops. Marble countertops are different from other countertops so cleaning them can be a little bit tricky.

You can ask tips from other people to help you out with this kind of problem. You can also search the web for sites or other reliable sources for more information about the matter. Having the right knowledge can be useful in this kind of activity especially if your primary goal is to keep your countertop clean all the time.

For you to have a clean marble countertop, all you have to do is to use a dishwashing liquid that is not that strong and preferably non-citrus scented. You also need to add two cups of warm water together with the detergent to complete the formula required for cleaning. Always avoid any acidic cleaner because it may damage your countertop.

Natural And Effective

One of the most common and effective counter cleaners around is vinegar. Aside from its natural components, there’s a lot you can do using vinegar. Its natural acid helps fight back bacteria and viruses on the counters, sinks, toilets, and floors. Also, be cautious! You should never use vinegar to clean your granite countertops. Sometimes people can confuse marble and granite counters.

One drawback of using vinegar is its odor. However, there are alternatives such as infusing vinegar with essential oils. It’s beneficial as it extracts a natural and powerful solvent that you can only found in citrus peels called limonene. You can also add water with orange peels, rosemary sprigs, basil leaves, etc. to combat the odor.

Disinfects Your Counter

Disinfecting different areas of the house are essential for you to avoid being sick caused by bacterias that build up in the surroundings of your home. The kitchen is one of the dirtiest areas of the house, that’s why you should always make sure to use disinfectant to ensure the health of your family.

If you’re interested, you can try using Castile soap and white vinegar to form your disinfectant at home. All you need to do is to mix the ingredients along with four tablespoons of baking powder and some sage essential oil for it to be successful. Using spray bottles as the container of it is also a good idea.

Good For Wood

Wooden countertops and other kitchen tools that are made of wood can be challenging to clean because of the residues or stains left behind. Other products are also efficient in cleaning countertops but has harmful chemicals in it. Instead of using products like that, why not use vinegar as a substitute for the cleaning product you always use.

Vinegar can take out stains from wooden countertops. It can also destroy viruses and bacteria build ups due to the chemicals it has. The only downside of using vinegar is the awful smell it has, for you to be able to handle the scent you should consider using essential and infusing oils to eliminate the bad odor it gives out.

Solution For All

If you’re tired of buying different products to maintain the cleanliness of your house especially in the kitchen area, then you should probably try this one. You can make a formula of your own for cleaning for you to avoid wasting time and money. Using homemade products are safer and cheaper compared to buying of ready-made products.

The first thing you need to do is to use citrus vinegar and mix it with dish soap, rubbing alcohol and warm water for you to finish this simple homemade formula. This DIY formula can be used in many parts of the house. Cleaning can now be more effective, and the materials you used are all homemade, so it’s much cheaper and safer.


Maintaining the cleanliness of your house especially your kitchen can be tiring. That’s why it’s essential to search the web for pieces of information that might help you when you want a more direct and DIY approach.

Making your own cleaning formula can be fun especially if you didn’t know that it has more benefits than the usual products you’re buying. Learn to explore for you to get more knowledge and also for you to avoid spending much on other products that might compromise the health of your loved ones.


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