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How To Give Your Walls A Proper Face-lift

You’ve either had your wallpaper for years now, or you’re thinking about getting some. If you already have it, you might still remember the exciting time when you picked it out. And then all the fun you had when you applied it. In any case, redecorating (or decorating) your walls can profoundly transform your apartment for little cost if you’re willing to put in the work. Replacing your existing wallpaper will ultimately provide a refreshing new look to your apartment and represent a real change of environment.

If you can’t clean your wallpaper and you’re looking to replace wallpaper, it’ll take some dedication to get the job done properly. Luckily, we’ve written an all-inclusive guide to aid your pursuits – further, once you finish, you’ll be done for good (until you dig this up again in a couple of years). But wait! You’re probably thinking, “Guys, can’t I just cover the existing layer with my new design of hearts and cute flowers and be done?” The answer is a resounding NO!

There are few reasons for this. One is that existing wallpaper may be hiding damage to walls, which you will need to address sooner or later – hiding won’t help you in the long run. Another reason to remove old wallpaper is that existing ink and patterns can be seen through any new layer of paper or paint, which defeats the purpose of the redecoration, to begin with. Lastly, adding moisture on top of older layers can cause them to lose their adhesiveness, potentially leading to detachment (read: disaster).

Thus, for those reasons and many more, the old paper has got to go. Now that you’re about to get your hands dirty (only for a moment), prepare yourself both mentally and physically. Removing wallpaper is one of the messiest jobs – there will be dried glue and water streaming down your walls, so it might be a good idea to hire an effective carpet cleaning service post-renovation.

Here are the four steps to wallpaper happiness – completing these steps will allow you to save future headaches by avoiding damages and stains and maximize the beauty of your apartment’s new look.

Recommended tools: masking tape, putty knife, sandpaper, glue

Step 1: Clear

Clear the room you will be working in – remove furniture, electronics, and decorations to protect them from stains and damage. This will give you the space you need to move around. Cover your floor with a cloth canvas to protect it from spills and dust; additionally, cover the power switches, vents and other openings with tape.

Step 2: Strip

Now, let’s get down to business. Start by stripping wallpaper from areas where it is already loose – usually the ceiling, the base of the walls or power switches. Strive to remove as much of the material as possible and leave only small areas glued. Removing those may be tricky – apply some cleaning solution to strip the stubborn patches (a putty knife is also helpful).

Step 3: Prepare

At this point, any damage to walls should become evident. Use a joint compound for holes, scratches, and gouges – make sure to sand the surface to ensure it is smooth. It’s important to prepare yourself. Any imperfections left behind can compromise the way your wall-papered masterpiece will look.

Step 4: Apply

When all of that is done, you can finally start giving your walls a desired new look by applying your new wallpaper. There are many ways you can go about this. But in any case, you’ll want to do it slowly and steadily. Use an approach that allows you to carefully apply your wallpaper to the surface area of your touched-up wall.

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