So You Had a Party. Do This Next…

Summertime is party-time. Parties are messy – especially those that involve barbecue sauce, charcoal, bottles of wine, empty cans of Bud Light, full cans of Bud Light, etc. People are generally free during the summer (or at least they care about work a little bit less), so use this opportunity to throw a get-together. Don’t let the mess discourage you – Maid Sailors has put together a few key, easy tips to manage the aftermath.

Here’s a three-step process that works everytime. Before you begin, go ahead and clear the kitchen stands and it would be great to have an unoccupied dishwasher too. Most of the casualties will be glasses and dishes, so it’s better to have room for them in the kitchen!

Step one: get the bags

Get a garbage and laundry bag and collect all the glasses, plates, bowls, mugs, cutlery and serving dishes and get them back to the kitchen.

Don’t mess up this next step: garbage goes into the garbage bag and everything else goes into the laundry basket. Make sure that you bring all the recyclables to the kitchen.

Step two: get the cleaners

You need some all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth – you might have an idea about where this is going.

Get back to the starting point and start cleaning all the areas which have been affected by the onslaught of the party. Places you must pay heed can be cup rings over the furniture, spills on tables, areas under plates and the bathroom. Tackle every stain as you see it – don’t give them time to evolve into permanent decorations!

Step three: do the floors

The third and the final step is the easiest one. Now, all you have to do is make sure the floor is in tip top shape. If you have carpets, get the vacuum and apply any steam settings. For hardwood and other floors, obtain a mop or a Swiffer and perform a few thorough coats. Make sure the floor dries appropriately – nobody wants a health hazard in their own home.

In essence, this isn’t difficult. Break the problem down into these three steps and attack ‘top-down’. The floor is the absolute last thing you should address. Afterwards, feel free to make a refreshing drink to reward yourself for your hard work (or tell the partygoers to return).

We hope you able to take care of all the after party mess. However, if you do not feel like cleaning you can always book our expert cleaning services at Maid Sailors. We are one of the most reliable cleaning companies in New York.

This article was written in conjunction with CleanMyPremises.

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