Should You Wash Your Dishes With Hot Water?

How Hot Water Kills Bacteria, Breaks Down Grease, & Cuts Your Drying Time In Half

Should you wash your dishes with hot water? If you are someone who still washes the dishes by hand (and we all do a time or two) then you know that keeping your hands under running hot water isn’t ideal. So maybe you wash your dishes with lukewarm or cold water instead. But did you know that the temperature of the water can actually determine whether or not your dishes are really clean? You learn something new every day!


Pro Tip: Buy a heavy-duty pair of bright neon colored household gloves to protect your hands. You’ll look super cool. And your dishes will be grease-free.


You should be using hot water when washing your dishes in order to…

Cut Grease

A water temperature that’s under 90 degrees will leave a harboring film grease on your dishes. The ability for the water to cut the grease diminishes the cooler the water gets. Which means you’ve ultimately wasted all of that water for nothing. Try letting dishes with heavy stuck on food debris or grease soak in hot water for a few minutes before scrubbing them and rinsing them off to dry.

Downsize On The Drying Time

Hot water, in general, tends to dry quicker than warm or cool water. But as an added bonus dishes washed with hot water dry without spots or streaks. That’s right. No more towel drying to massage out those old water spots. If you’re not too worried about water spots, I hate to tell you that they are a haven for growing bacteria. So it’s important to wash and dry them properly. 

Enhance Magic Cleaning Power 

If you want to spend less time scrubbing and more time rinsing and drying you’ll want to wash your dishes with hot water. Washing your dishes with hot water helps lift away food debris cutting your scrubbing time in half. So it only enhances the effect your dish soap has on your dirty dishes.

Get Rid Of Lingering Bacteria 

You need to have hot water to effectively kill bacteria on your dishes. Although you may think that you get a better clean with more soap suds, which is what you get when you use cold water, that’s not the case. The more soap you have doesn’t mean the cleaner your dishes are. It’s also more effective to let your dishes soak in hot water and soap for at least one minute prior to washing them and setting them out to dry.

Tips For Washing Your Dishes With Hot Water

  • Buy two pairs of cleaning gloves
  • Don’t let food sit in a dish overnight, let them soak in soapy hot water overnight
  • Always soak in hot water before scrubbing and rinsing
  • After they’ve soaked in hot water if you cannot withstand the running hot water on your hands you can lower the temperature
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