Several Tips Every Household Needs to Host The Ultimate Super Bowl Party

Are you planning to have the ultimate super bowl party at your house? Or maybe it’s just your husband that is planning one. Either way, you want to make sure that you are prepared and that everything runs smoothly right? Well of course you do! We’ve prepared a list of tips to help you plan, prepare, and easily clean your house before, during, and after your party. You’ll be known as the host of the hosts when we’re through with you.

Here are several tips every household needs to host the ultimate super bowl party:
  1. Dust Television and speakers

Tip number one should be obvious if you are a football fanatic. Dusting off your most prized possession for the party, the television and speakers will keep everyone’s eyes glued to the screen. So the day prior to your super bowl party go around and do some serious dusting.


Take a microfiber cloth and gently wipe down your screen. You may spritz a bit of glass cleaner on your cloth (not your television screen) after you’ve gotten all the dust off to ensure a good cleaning. After wiping everything down on the television stand take your vacuum and tools (brush attachment) to suck up any dust buildup on the speakers and even behind the stand in places you couldn’t reach.
  1. Put Away the Breakables 

It can be difficult to spot all the valuables in your home after a while. Try looking at the room from a guests perspective. Put anything away that’s made of glass or looks like it could get broken from an angry football fan during showtime. This not only takes items out of harm’s way but it clears up your space so there is more room for fun.
  1. Protect any Carpet

The easiest way to protect your carpet is to place a plastic cover over it. This will protect your floors from spills or any food debris. But this can also send out a no fun allowed” vibe. And that’s what the Super Bowl is all about right? So instead, try placing some washable throw rugs over the carpet in the area people will be socializing. This way if something manages to get on the floor the rugs will take the fall for it and you can just throw them in the wash later.
  1. Have a Cleaning Basket Ready

You should be expecting spills and messes to happen during your super bowl party. Especially with angry football fans and if there are going to be children present. Make sure you have a little basket or caddy set aside with all the essentials: paper towel, dustpan set, multi-surface cleaner, and even salt for wine spills.


Pro Tip: Line your trash can with a few extra bags so you can have a new one ready as soon as it fills up.
  1. Line the Tables

Just like protecting the rugs you want to protect your tables. And doing this will save you a ton of time and effort on clean-up. You can also have fun with this and grab the colors of your favorite team to put up. Most dollar stores have table liners in a variety of colors. Available at most discount stores in a variety of colors. While you’re there you can grab other necessities such as disposable food trays, silverware, and cups.
  1. Let the Dishes Soak

If you plan on cooking for the party, plan on washing dishes from the party. By this I mean, before going to bed soak all the dishware you used in some hot dishwater. Don’t let it sit out overnight and think I’ll just clean these tomorrow.” Tomorrow they will have stuck-on food and it will be more difficult. Make life easier for you by soaking them.


  1. Keep the Kids Occupied

If you have kids or your guests have kids it’s important that you strategically plan to keep them busy during the party. When football is on, especially the super bowl, it’s crucial that you keep your eye on the prize. And keeping the kids busy will help you do this. Consider having a designated room for them to play in along with snacks and games. Or if the kids are too young, consider hiring a teenager to watch them in another room. I promise you, it makes all the difference.

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