Your Garage Is Putting Your Home at Risk. Here’s Why…

When we think of summer, we’re immediately transported to a mental collage of vacations, weekend getaways and nights at the beach. Unfortunately, burglars also have a feeling you won’t be around (especially when your minivan isn’t in the driveway).

Although garage door openers today are already equipped with standard security features like the rolling code and sensors, it is a must to add an extra layer of security. Thankfully, this can be very easy. The key question is this: how smart is your phone? You can purchase extra security features on your smart phone like garage locking and access. In any scenario, fortify your garage by adding lighting and covering your garage windows.

Still not convinced? Maid Sailors has compiled a few key reasons to consider taking those super easy steps to ensure a safe summer.

  • It is your home’s main entrance. If you have a garage to begin with, chances are, chances are the garage door can act as a main entrance to your home. You might even use the garage door more frequently than the front door. If this is the case, it’s more than a valid reason to secure your garage. Go the extra mile and invest on additional garage door opener security features. You can get smart phone connectivity and automatic door locking system. These ensure that you never forget locking up your garage every time you leave for work. With smart phone connectivity, you can check the status of your garage anytime and get alerts if it is opened by someone (hopefully not while you’re fixing your farmer’s tan).
  • Your car is there. Your vehicle is a big investment. Losing it to burglars not only will be heartbreaking, but will also hurt your wallet unless you are insured. Since your car lives in your garage whenever you are home, it is mandatory to keep it safe especially at night or when you are away. Lock up your door and install security features. Start by frosting your clear garage door windows and adding motion detector lights. Making sure that burglars cannot see if your car’s inside and preventing them from going further.
  • It is easy to break into. If you only have the standard security features in your garage, someone might be slipping into it right as you read. To make a stronger defense against burglars, be smart in upping the security in your garage. Start by reinforcing the lock on your garage door with a metal reinforcer. This prevents the door from splitting. You might want to drill and slip a nail on the garage door windows from the inside to prevent burglars from propping it open. This is a cheap trick that can save you money (and potentially your life) in the long and short run.
  • The garage connects to the home. Your garage has a connecting door that links it to the main house. When someone breaks into your garage, they’ve essentially gained access to everything that is near and dear to you. If you have made your garage secure in the first place, it might be not be easy for burglars to get in. Improve the security on your connecting first. Make sure that you have a deadbolt lock in place and better quality door.
  • Other expensive items and tools are stored there. If you have valuable items, either get a safe, or take them out of your garage. Storing valuables in the garage is like leaving your kids unattended in a park bathroom. Just because they’re not outdoors doesn’t mean they’re safe. While you’re always better off protecting your valuables indoors, if you secure your garage, you won’t have to spend the extra effort bringing them inside.

As always, if your garage is dirty (don’t kid yourself, of course it is!), Maid Sailors can tidy it up in an hour or less. We’ll never break into your garage and clean it on our own, so do yourself another favor and book a cleaning now!

This article was written with Kristy Jones of A Click Away Remotes

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