Cleaning Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets make a playful addition to any living space. They bring in color and finish off the interior. However, their maintenance requires specific care since the fibers collect and conserve dust and dirt more than anything in your house. This can lead to unpleasant side effects for your health like asthma or allergies. Here are some actions you can undertake when cleaning rugs and carpets.

Regular Cleanings

Prevention is the best strategy. First, impose a “no shoes in the house” rule. This is one of the major sources of stains, so try to avoid it when possible. Another useful trick is to place sturdy doormats at the entries.

Vacuuming is never enough when it comes to cleaning rugs and carpets. Be particularly diligent in the high – traffic areas or in the places where the carpet was not thoroughly cleaned for a long time. It’s recommendable to vacuum it frequently. When discussing the deep cleaning solutions, you have several options. You can take your rugs and carpets to a professional cleaner or you can clean them by yourself. The latter is appropriate when you have wall to wall carpeting. You can rent a steam carpet cleaner. The only thing you have to keep in mind when using this machine is to leave the carpet as dry as possible.

Act Fast

If you accidentally spill something on your carpet or rug, react immediately. When doing so, it is important to avoid rubbing. Otherwise, the stain will spread and penetrate deeper into the fibres of the textile. Bolting is a far better way to manage the situation. Absorb the liquid with clean dry towel. If the stain is more persistent use a mixture of hand-dishwashing soap and water. Clean the soapy water with a wet towel. Then proceed with the step described at the beginning.

Cleaning Methods

When it comes to cleaning rugs and carpets you can take two approaches. The first one is “steam cleaning”, also known as water extraction. Although in terms of carpet cleaning the two concepts fall into the same category, the process actually doesn’t use steam. Unlike the actual steam cleaning, water extraction uses heated water that is spread over the carpet or the rug. On the other hand, using steam holds higher risks of damaging the fabric. A considerable advantage of the water extraction is the minimal usage of detergent and other chemicals.

Dry carpet cleaning is another method to fight the stains. You can choose between dry compound, encapsulation, bonnet, shampoo and dry foam. Here is a quick walkthrough.

Dry extractions such as absorbent powder contain biodegradable ingredients. Use it as you spread the dry compound over the stained area, brush it into the fibers and then vacuum the carpet. It will instantly refresh the textile.

Encapsulation is a relatively new cleaning method. It incorporates a cleaning detergent and a crystallized (polymer) agent. The principle is simple – the polymer is encapsulating the soil particles in contact with the dirt. The detergent complements the cleaning process. After that, use the vacuum cleaner to collect the “crystals.” What makes this method so attractive is that the effect lasts for a longer time and the carpet can be used immediately. The downside is that it’s neither green nor healthy due to the presence of a detergent.

The bonnet method includes spraying a cleaning solution all over the treated fabric. Then with the help of a floor machine and absorbing pads (bonnets), the carpet is wiped out. This is a quick and easy way to clean wide area.

Combine a shampoo and a rotary floor machine and you’ll have the oldest deep cleaning method. The major disadvantage is that the scrubbing can distort the pile. That is why it’s better to turn to a professional company. However, it is an effective and economical way to achieve the desired results.

Another version of the shampoo cleaning is the use of dry foam. In this case, you will need special equipment, because it utilizes a particular type of brush system. Unlike shampoo, the foam dries faster and it’s appropriate for cleaning large spaces like offices. However, it is not that successful in removing soil.

The most important step when choosing a cleaning method is to consider the type of fabric and treatment that your rugs and carpets need. If you feel unsure always consult with someone more experienced in this field.


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