Review: Teddy Needs a Bath

Cleaning Your Child’s Favorite Stuffed Animal The Easy Way

Did you know that one of the most bought gifts for a child is a stuffed animal of some sort? Stuffed animals are widely known as a child’s best friend or companion. But plush toys like these are often home to a lot of dust, allergens, germs, and bacteria. That’s why it’s crucial that you find a safe and easy way to clean your child’s favorite friend.

If you’ve never heard of a product called a mesh laundry bag, it’s a product that can change the way you do laundry forever. Mesh laundry bags give you the ability to wash many household objects in the washing machine all at one time. The product we are going to talk about today is very similar to a mesh laundry bag only it’s designed especially for your child’s favorite teddy.

Teddy Needs a Bath is quite simple. You just place the stuffed animal in the zippered laundry bag close it and throw it in the washer. It’s preferred that you only use this if you have a front loader. Then pop it in the dryer on low heat. The stuffed animal will emerge fluffy and clean like it’s brand new.

What It Features

This fun laundry bag measures 20 inches by 22 inches. It’s large enough fit more than just stuffed animals. In fact, you can wash baby dolls, other plush toys, and even pet toys in this bag.

If the toy has any electrical components such as a sound box it’s important that you remove this component prior to washing if applicable. Teddy Needs a Bath cannot protect toys with these elements from malfunctioning. Unfortunately, water and electricity just don’t mix.

You should always, always, always read the label on the stuffed animal before attempting to throw it in the washer. Some items cannot be washed in the washing machine. You might need to take the stuffed animal to a professional. This is rare, but it can happen.

Teddy Needs a Bath has undergone safety testing. The product has reported in helping to remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria like E. coli. This is a huge plus for cleaning children’s toys.

Another plus to using Teddy Needs a Bath is that there is more than just a laundry bag in the product line. The line also includes two size bags, cotton candy teddy softeners, a read-along book, and a pet bag. Using this product is a great way to keep your child’s friend clean and safe and allowing it to withstand the test of time.

Pro Tip: Throw the bag in the dryer with the stuffed animal exactly how you pulled it out of the washer. Failing to do this will not provide you with the results you are looking for with Teddy Needs a Bath.

Shark Tank

Teddy Needs a Bath was featured on the ABC hit show Shark Tank in 2013. Creator Nicole Townend struck a deal with Mark Cuban for the product causing it to explode all over the world. You can read more about it here.

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