How to Prepare for Pre-Gaming At Your Place

Trying to save some money? Instead of pregaming at a bar, do it in your kitchen. This way, you can get sufficiently “happy” and retire while you can walk without the assistance of a cane. It’s pretty easy to tidy your place up last-minute, however, it’ll be much easier if you establish habits. Once your place looks cleaner, you’ll feel more comfortable offering it up as a destination pregame spot. Here are Maid Sailor’s proven tips for pregame planning success.

Have A System

Or, should we say a new system? Here’s a simple one: start cleaning the rooms on the left of the doorway then, move clockwise. Through this, you need not do backtracking.

Regardless of the size of the space, you should visualize a grid. In this way, you won’t miss anything or go over the same spot twice. One of the cleaning mistakes that slows the cleaning processes is going over an area more times than necessary, and you may want to discard that from now on.

Do the floors last. For major clean-ups, tackle all things that need cleaning at the top first – ceiling, ceiling fan, shelves, etc. Dust and dirt will be shaken down onto the things that you’ve yet to clean. Vacuum the carpets after dusting off anything above it. Otherwise, the dirt is more likely to fall on them and you need to do the vacuuming once more.

Be Organized

Carry all your cleaning tools and materials in a cleaning tote or bucket. When you clean, you build momentum too. But if you need to stop to get your squeegee or lint roller from the storage, chances are, whatever momentum you’ve built will go down the drain. Don’t waste time. Gather all the necessities and put them in one place and just bring it from one room to another.

A commonly overlooked aspect of home cleaning, cleaning tools need to be cleaned too. Mops and cloths gather dirt, and they won’t be able to function well if they aren’t clean themselves in the first place. The same goes for the vacuum cleaners wherein when the bag is already full, it can no longer pick up dirt. Clean them and replace items as needed.

There are “unusual” tools that can actually make things shinier like new. Did you know that baking soda can clean your carpet, sofa, microwave oven, bathtub, cabinet doors, pans, silverware, etc. ? It can be extra powerful when combined with other materials such as vinegar. Learn about these simple cleaning tools and don’t be afraid to use to get the job done.


Another simple cleaning hack is to declutter whenever the opportunity presents itself. You need not wait for the cleaning day to de-clutter everything. Straighten the pile of magazines, empty the trash bins or fold the blankets during cooking downtime or while watching your favorite sitcom. Make it a habit to do small decluttering tasks and involve all the family members.

STOP Multitasking

That’s right. Focusing on one thing is better than thinking you’re focusing on a million things. When doing deep cleans, make sure that you focus on the cleaning task itself. It’s easy to miss specific areas when you aren’t concentrating on the job. So, get rid of anything that distracts you from accomplishing the said task. Tuck your phone out of sight and keep the TV turned off throughout the cleaning session.

No says home cleaning is easy, but you can always make it easier and faster. Keep these ways in mind to clean your home thoroughly. If your pregame is truly last minute, call Maid Sailors. We’ll show you how it’s done.

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