Mini Ice Age Infographic

Recent research indicates that in fifteen years time the UK could be in the grips of a ‘mini ice age’. If this prediction becomes reality it means that winters could be much harsher and summers colder. This infographic offers guidance on ways you can ‘mini ice age’ proof yourself and your home.

The infographic begins by showing ways to generate your own electricity, so that you are not dependent on the National Grid. Solar panels, wind turbines and ground source heat pumps are possible alternatives that will provide your home with renewable energy.

Insulating your home is an effective way of conserving precious heat inside your home. Loft, floor, pipes and wall insulation, along with draught proofing are all proactive methods that will help to retain heat inside your home now and in the future.

The infographic highlights the positive advantages and ways of growing and storing your own food, during a ‘mini ice age’. It also offers ideas for keeping yourself and family healthy when it is bitterly cold outside.

Informative suggestions on ways you can accomplish these changes in lifestyle are given in the infographic so that you can be prepared, and make the necessary adaptations, before the ‘mini ice age’ prediction comes to bear.

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