Method to the Madness: A “Hands On” Review

Maid Sailors, if you didn’t notice, loves keeping things clean. However, that’s not enough – we want to be natural, efficient and thrifty whenever possible. Today is one of those days when we teach you one simple method for acting in such a way.

This a review of one of our favorite cleaning brands: Method Home. Specifically, we’ll cover a particularly popular product: hand soap. Washing your hands is the easiest way to stop the spread of harmful diseases, yet it’s one easy maneuver people rarely do regularly. Even those who perform the sanctimonious ritual of hand-washing do so in inefficient, non eco-friendly ways (and even manage to spend a lot doing so).

Now, you’re wondering, “oh Lord, that’s absolutely correct! Oh what can I possibly do to reverse the course of this destructive trend?” Method sells a variety of handwashing products that conform to your lifestyle. Are you a gel-lover? Perfect! Do you like it when your friends say “WOW” after watching you whip out the foaming hand wash? You’re in luck. Lastly, are you too lazy to wash your hands and generally go the “hand sanitizer” route? Fortunately, Method’s got a product for you.

In addition to high-level diversification, Method takes an unusually thoughtful approach to the design of its products, from both a physical and chemical perspective. Method’s bottles are 100% made from recycled bottles. In addition, they’re designed like beautiful drops of rain (the “gel wash”, specifically; see picture below). Most importantly, Method has over 15+ fragrances for gel and foam that you can mix and match to fit the ambiance and décor of your home. From traditional flavors like cucumber, green tea + aloe and lemon mint, to more couture offerings like fresh currant, rice milk + mallow and kelly moss (we have no idea what that is, but we will be trying it soon), Method certainly has a scent that suits your DNA. Most products (gel, foam and sanitizers) are in the $3.99 price zone, so you won’t break the bank cleansing in style. Lastly, they even have scented hand sanitizer! Next time you plop some sanitizer on the subway, you won’t catch whiffs of vodka (the Karkoff kind).

The absolute best part of Method products is that they offer cheap refills. You’ll never have to buy a bottle of handwash or foam ever again. Gel refills are priced at $5.99 and equate to 3x your bottle; this effectively means you’re getting three $3.99 bottles of handwash for 2 bucks each (~50% savings). Buy a bottle of Method with a refill and you’re probably good for the year. This doesn’t even quantify the value you’re adding to the world by saving energy, water and plastic; who knew it was so easy to be a model citizen?

Keep your hands clean in style. Use Method to save money, illuminate your bathroom, and fill your living quarters with the fresh scents of a citrus oasis!


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    When it comes to the design of its products, Method applies an especially careful approach, taking into consideration both the physical and chemical aspects.

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