Learn To Cozy-Up Your Bedroom With Hygge Danish Design Concepts

In Denmark, winters tend to be long, dark and cold. Despite the dreary weather, Danish people as a whole are generally happier than those in other places. Discover their happiness secret by implementing the Hygge design concept into your bedroom this winter. This expression of joy, warmth, and family is much more than a simple home interior design concept. To Danes, Hygge is considered a desirable lifestyle that anyone can master. It’s all about learning to cozy-up your living spaces, keeping things simple and finding the joy in those ordinary cherished moments spent with family and friends.

How To Celebrate The Simple Things In Life By Determining To Seek Hygge

For most people, the bedroom is the place that should be comfortable, relaxing and welcoming. The Danish people have a lifestyle choice known as Hygge. This is a popular design trend that, while new to some, has been around for centuries. This embodies the simple pleasures of sipping hot cocoa with a friend on a cold wintry day and spending hours with a loved one conversing intimately in front of a warm fire on dark starry nights until the dawn is near.

Hygge is that concept of keeping life simplistic while taking time to fully experience the many joys of quiet and peaceful living with a clean home serviced by a maid service. In interior design circles, this design concept embraces the clean lines and minimalist decor common in Scandinavian countries while adding that cozy touch that is able to transform an ordinary moment into a luxurious and satisfying experience that will be remembered fondly for a very long time.

Why Hygge Design Elements Are Ideal For The Bedroom

As already stated, the majority of people will view their bedroom decor as something highly personal and deeply comforting. This works by selecting one focal point in the room that will encompass everything about coziness and welcoming warmth. Some important considerations of this Nordic design style include:

  • Use of Rich Color Combinations & Luxury Fabrics
  • Ultra Comfortable Bedding or Reading Chair Cushion
  • Mood Lighting with Artistic Light Features that Sets the Mood & Warms the Sou
  • Addition of Cold Weather Textures & Patterns on Blankets, Pillows, Drapery & Upholstery
  • Toasty Warm Rugs & Authentic Wooden Floors
  • Less Clutter More Personal Accents
  • Cozy Furniture Arrangement

How To Pick The Proper Furniture Pieces

Take a tip from the Danes and choose your bedroom furniture and other furnishings very carefully to get the right effect. You should always go with well-crafted furniture pieces such as the bed made from authentic woods and other materials. The bed should be the main focal piece in the room, and homeowners can tie the room styles together by repeating a color, pattern or texture somewhere else in the space.

Consider adding a large and comfy upholstered reading chair that boasts thick pillow-soft cushions and supports the body like a hug. If loving a more contemporary design style, try a modern egg-shaped chair that cradles the body like a warm embrace. Get it in a rich dark red hue with plush velvet-like fabric for even more designer impact.

Next, select the appropriate nightstands or tables. Again, go with a natural material like rattan, jute or rustic twig-like frame accents. It’s best to keep these stands simple and free of clutter. It should be a functional piece that can hold a glass of water, eyeglasses or a book.

Consider choosing an ornate headboard of tufted fabric or a natural wooden one that features hand-carved designs. Look for simple dressers or wardrobes but keep these items free of clutter or too many knick-knacks. Of course, floors should be made comfier for barefoot walking with a handmade rug in a Scandinavian pattern.

Additional Thoughts & Design Ideas For Creating A Custom & Cozy Bedroom

If possible, add a real working fireplace or install a cleaner gas-powered one in the bedroom. This can go a long way towards creating that warm and fuzzy vibe most people desire when in the bedroom. Adding a sensational whirlpool bathtub near the fire feature adds even more elegance and feelings of gloriously simple joy and relaxation that are conducive to sleep.

Try to find decor accents that bring more mindfulness into the room. Adding lovely window treatments can also add more enchantment and charm to space. Make use of any natural light from windows or add a skylight to see those dazzling stars at night. Remember that this look requires simplistic decor with a more intense focus on the main central focal points to keep the room from becoming too busy or gaudy.

How To Decorate Your Bedroom Using The Danish Hygge Style When Selling Your Home

Homeowners in the process of selling their home often spruce up the place before the actual open house. Using this simple Danish design style in the main master bedroom can attract more buyer interest without costing the seller too much. Keeping the room neat and clean further conveys that welcoming feeling that home buyers unknowingly are looking for until they experience it in a new home environment.

Using this beautiful design concept can lower stress, increase happy feelings and promote a tidier house and greater enjoyment of those ordinary moments in life. Try it soon, and we expect that you will agree that Hygge is indeed more than just a design theme. This winter, look around your space and try to add some of these style tactics to keep your family safe, warm and happy throughout the cold season.

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