Learn How to Create a Wabi-Sabi Home

If you’ve heard of the term “Wabi-Sabi” it’s a term the Japanese use that essentially means finding beauty in imperfection. Wabi means to live with humility and simplicity. And Sabi is the ability to accept the lifecycle of anything and everything. So when referring to the context wabi-sabi home, this a home that promotes humility and simplicity while embracing its authenticity

When it comes to creating a wabi-sabi space using abstract ideas, it’s not always as simple as the name implies. We went ahead and did some research so we could put together some tips to help you create your own wabi-sabi space.

1. Start With The Basics

In order to really create a wabi-sabi environment in your home, you need to get back to the basics. This means getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose and only keeping your valuables that provide simplicity. In other words, learn to be a minimalist. Minimalist only keep things that provide them with a calm and happy spirit which allows them to maximize the joys of life and everyday living. If you’re serious about creating a wabi-sabi home, you need to get serious about minimalism. 

2. Bring in The Outdoors

Natural elements such as plants are major components of a wabi-sabi home. Plants along with other organic material are known to bring good energy into the home. And don’t worry, if you don’t necessarily have a green thumb you can still bring in the good energy by using succulents

3. Declutter

Being a minimalist doesn’t exempt you from clutter. Although the less you have the easier it is to escape the clutter. But it does still happen. Clutter-free spaces inspire feelings of peace and tranquillity which are the third most important element of a wabi-sabi space. This peace and tranquility will invite a sense of calm and order into your home.

4. Discover homemade

Creating this new space is all about celebrating your newfound simplicity and authenticity. What a better way to do that then to discover authentic homemade decor? Maybe this is something you fell in love with on Etsy or in a flea market. Or maybe it’s something you made yourself. If done right (not too much or too little) this type of decor will help bring out homes most important characteristics.

What type of space do you have? 

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