KonMari: The Easiest Cleaning Method on the Market

Learn how to sort through the clutter using this famous organizational method

Do you have cleaning on the brain? Spring cleaning in particular? What if I told you that you could clean and declutter your home once and never do it again? In her latest book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo claims it’s possible.

Native to Japan, Marie Kondo says that tidiness is a way of everyday living in Japan. ” By applying principles she learned in feng shui to her daily life and ditching her previous organizational beliefs Kondo was able to create one epic cleaning method: The KonMari Method .

Marie is an advocate for keeping things that bring you joy and discarding everything else. Which is easier said than done right? She never said it would be easy, but she did say it would be worth it.

What is KonMari?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this cleaning tactic, The KonMari method is a Japanese adopted method for decluttering and organizing. It’s a revolutionary category-by-category system which leads to long-lasting results. The results are so effective in fact that Kondo has a three-month waiting list

How does it work?

  1. Visualize a Clutter-Free Space
Before you start throwing away everything in your home the first step in this process is to take time to visualize yourself in a clutter-free space. Think deeply about what a clutter-free life means to you. Everyone works in different ways, so what works for you may not work for someone else. 

Ask yourself the following:

What does clutter-free mean to me?
What do I want to accomplish in this space?

How can I be creative and minimal at the same time?

  1. Sort through possessions

Now take the time to sort through your possessions letting go of anything unnecessary. These unnecessary’ possessions don’t have to be materialistic either. They could be anything. Anything that doesn’t serve a purpose to you or anything that doesn’t bring you joy can be discarded or donated.

  1. Make room for the things that matter

After you’ve sorted through your possessions you can begin to make room for the things that matter. By discarding things that don’t matter we’re making room for the things that do matter. Learning to distinguish the difference between what matters and what doesn’t is one of the most important steps in the process. After all, you can’t take these things with you when you go.

  1. Only keep things that spark joy
When taking the time to sort through your belongings it’s important that you identify if the item in question sparks any joy for you. How does this possession make you feel? Do you feel differently about it now after you’ve had it for some time? And how do you feel about the idea of discarding it?

According to Kondo,
If you can say without a doubt, I really like this!’ no matter what anyone else says, and if you like yourself for having it, then ignore what other people think. If you can’t say that, let it go.”


This decluttering and organizational method holds a special sort of power. It allows you to collect and reminisce about your life’s experiences while encouraging you to stand in the present and reminding you of what really matters. This system is more than an organizational method, it’s a life lesson.


Have you tried the konMari Method? How did it work for you? What are your thoughts on it? 

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