How to Wash Your Pillows

Most of you probably haven’t ever washed your pillows. It’s ok, we’ve been there too. You probably aren’t cleaning your pillows because nobody has ever told you the importance of washing them. It’s important to wash your pillows regularly.

Why do you ask? Good question! Our pillows are our pride and joy, our beloved, our favorite snuggle buddy in bed. This means all that sweat, dirt, and oil that gets on your sheets it also sinks into your pillows. That’s why it’s not only enough to wash the cover, but you should wash the actual pillow too. Or else you’re just putting a clean cover right over a dirty surface, and then you just did all that laundry for nothing!

Here are five simple tricks you can use to wash your pillows today:

1. Read The Label

Can you actually wash your pillows? Read the label. You know that annoying tag that’s sewn to the side of it. Just like your clothes, it’s there for a purpose. It will let you know if that pillow is machine washable or not. You will also see this label on your mattress. If you want to clean your mattress, also check the label. And no, not all pillows can be thrown into the washer. Make sure you follow the instructions on that tag.

2. Place Pillows In The Washer

For an evenly distributed load, you can place two pillows in the washer at a time. Make sure they are standard pillows. You can’t put two body pillows in together, that could be harmful to your washing machine.

3. Wash

When washing your pillows you want to use a detergent that’s not too sudsy. Arm & Hammer’s Washing soda is really good for washing pillows. And it comes fragrance-free, which is great for those with detergent allergens. Grade some Fels-Napa in a cup of washing soda and throw that in there.

4. Rinse

It’s always a good idea to run the pillows through a rinse and spin cycle at least once or twice after washing them. This helps to ensure that all of the oils and soap have been removed from the pillow. Then you’ll have a nice oil-free pillow to lay your head on at night.

5. Dry

You want to dry your pillows according to the label. Remember, it’s there for a purpose and that purpose isn’t to annoy you in the middle of the night, I promise. If it says you can put them in the dryer, then proceed. You may want to place a few tennis balls in the dryer with it to prevent the inside from clumping.

If the label says not to put your pillow in the dryer, lay it flat on top of it and let them air dry. You could also lay them outside in the summer. Let them lay out in the heat for a few hours while you work on other household tasks.

Did you try some of our tips and tricks when washing your pillows? How did it go? Drop a comment and let us know!


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