How to Wash a Shower Curtain

If you’re like most people, you already do your fair share of laundry. From clothes and towels to rugs and rags, it’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of laundry that’s seemingly endless. Unfortunately, there are still some items in your home you may be overlooking that could use a good wash. Unless you have glass or fiberglass shower doors in your bathroom, there’s a good chance you have shower curtains hanging up that could use a little TLC.

Mold, mildew, and bacteria can grow on the surfaces of your shower curtains over time, resulting in a grimy appearance, a musty smell, and even staining. Before you toss that curtain and spend your hard-earned money on a new one, consider taking some steps to wash it and restore its cleanliness.

Why Clean Your Shower Curtains?

The typical household shower creates the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of unwanted bacteria and growth. Mold and mildew are a couple of the most common culprits. After you take a warm shower, steam and leftover moisture can sit on your shower curtain. Over time, this moisture (combined with warm temperatures) can promote mold growth. Not only is this unpleasant to look at, but the mold spores that break off and become airborne can be dangerous to your health.

And of course, there’s also the random spots of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner that inevitably end up splashed on your shower curtain over time. Cleaning your shower curtain and liner is an effective way to remove mold, mildew, and stains. This can also help to cut down on any musty odors you may currently be noticing in your bathroom.

Signs Your Shower Curtain Needs To be Cleaned

Not sure whether your shower curtain is in need of cleaning? The next time you’re in your bathroom or shower, take a good look at the curtain and the liner itself. Pay specific attention to the bottom of the curtain and liner where they tend to rest up against the side of your tub or shower. This tends to be the dirtiest area of a shower curtain. Is there any staining, discoloration, or visible mold? If so, then your shower curtain is in dire need of a cleaning.

Even if you don’t notice any visible staining or mold, it’s not a bad idea to clean your shower curtain at least once every few months to keep it fresh and get rid of bacteria growth.

How to Clean a Shower Curtain Liner

Plastic and vinyl shower curtain liners are designed with easy cleaning in mind. All too often, people will throw out these liners when they appear to be dirty; this is not only a waste of money, but creates additional environmental waste that is completely unnecessary. By cleaning your vinyl or plastic shower curtain liner instead of replacing it, you can save yourself money and hassle while also doing your part to protect the environment.

What most people don’t realize is that plastic shower curtain liners can actually be washed in your washing machine. For best results, toss it into the wash with a couple of towels; the addition of these towels will help scrub and clean the plastic surface. For extra cleaning power, add about a half cup of baking soda to your standard laundry detergent. You can also add about half a cup of white vinegar during the rinse cycle for even better results.

Once your shower curtain liner is clean, simply hang it back up in your shower. It can drip-dry on its own, or you can wipe it down with a clean towel.

If your plastic shower curtain liner has mold, black mold or mildew, you can also clean it with bleach. To do this, throw your shower curtain liner into the washing machine with a couple of white towels. Then, add half a cup of bleach and a quarter cup of laundry detergent and run the cycle on warm water. If you’re going this route, you can actually put your shower curtain and towels in the dryer on low heat for about 10 minutes before hanging up to dry the rest of the way.

How to Clean a Fabric Shower Curtain

Your shower curtain liner is likely the dirtiest part, but it doesn’t hurt to wash your fabric shower curtain as well. To do this, remove the curtain from your shower and toss it into the washing machine. Combine half a cup of baking soda to your regular detergent and wash the shower curtain in warm or hot water.

When the rinse cycle comes in, add a half cup of white vinegar to your washer for additional cleaning power. From there, put them in the dryer on a low-heat setting or hang them up to dry.

Keep in mind that fabric shower curtains can vary quite a bit when it comes to material and quality. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to check the care tag on your fabric shower curtain before washing it. For example, some materials should not be placed in the dryer, whereas others will do better with hand-washing and spot treatment or even a delicate cycle. Always defer back to the care instructions on your shower curtain tag before you begin to avoid accidental damage.

In Need of More Cleaning Help?

By following these basic steps for washing your shower curtain and liner, you can get rid of unsightly (and dangerous) bacteria growth, mold, mildew, and staining in no time. From there, you can avoid having to spend your hard-earned money on a new shower curtain and liner while also feeling prouder about your home.

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