How to Properly Clean A Bathroom Vanity

If you live in Manhattan, chances are you’re lucky to have a bathroom in the first place. However, regardless of where you live and what the size of your bathroom is, one thing is essential: you must keep your bathroom clean.

The best way to ensure your bathroom is in tip-top shape is to clean your bathroom vanity. Best of all, cleaning the bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be a daunting or timely task. Here is an easy 5-step guide for keeping one of the most important rooms in the house sanitary.

Clear the area

Start by removing all toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, and cups from the counter area.  To properly clean the bathroom vanity, all items should be removed. Don’t let hard work go to waste with water or toothpaste stains hiding under items left in the sink.

Double check your cleaner

Make sure you know what kind of cleaning product to use on the vanity surface. Since vanity surfaces may vary (marble, tile, laminate, wood, ceramic) check the labels on cleaning products to make sure they are appropriate for the surfaces of your bathroom. Using the wrong kind of cleaner for the vanity, or a cleaner that is too abrasive could scratch or stain it. Depending on the vanity surface, multiple products may be necessary for cleaning the vanity countertop, the sink, and faucet.

Do a pre-clean wipe down

Although this step may seem unnecessary, wiping down the vanity may save time when you see what areas need the most work.  Wiping away loose hair, makeup powder, and other loose residues will reveal just how dirty the vanity really is and where you need to focus on scrubbing.

Scrub, scrub, scrub!

Use a wet, clean cloth or soft sponge to apply the bathroom cleaner and focus on areas that need scrubbing the most: toothpaste stains, water stains, makeup or other beauty product stains. Also, make sure the bathroom vent is on or the window is open to air out any fumes from the bathroom cleaner. If you use diluted bleach or other strong cleaning products containing bleach, use a mask and wear cleaning gloves.  Also, remember to thoroughly clean the faucet where hard water stains can accumulate.

Rinse off and dry surface

Thoroughly rinse the cleaning cloth or sponge used to scrub the vanity, or use a new clean cloth or sponge to rinse down the areas previously scrubbed. Use plenty of water to rinse away any cleaning product residue from the vanity surface and faucet.  Then wipe down the vanity with a dry cloth or paper towel. Make sure all surfaces are dry before returning toothbrushes and other items on the vanity.

Keep your bathroom vanity “like new” with these easy-to-do cleaning tips!

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