How to Get The Best Possible Result from The Dry Cleaners

Clothing can be a big financial investment. Especially if you have a family. That’s why it’s important to get the most out of your clothing by taking good care of them. One good practice in taking care of your clothing is to know what type of fabric your garments are made of. Knowing this will help you to decipher the difference between washing your clothes at home and taking them to the dry cleaners.

Now all of your clothes will need to be taken to the dry cleaners. Typically the more expensive the fabric the more chance it has of needing dry cleaned. But most of your clothes can be thrown in the washing machine.

The cost of dry cleaning can add up quickly. So it’s crucial that you get the best service possible. But how do you get the best dry cleaning service possible? By following the tips below to help you get the most for your money.

Find A Credible Dry Cleaner

If you come across a local dry cleaner that’s family-owned and operated be sure to check out their reviews. Not all family-owned and operated dry cleaners know what they’re doing. In fact, most of them have no real dry cleaning experience whatsoever. Of course, some of them do. But for your benefit, it’s best to find a chain of dry cleaners with good customer reviews to take your clothes to.

Don’t Wait

As soon as you come across a stain on your clothing that needs to be taken to the dry cleaners, take it to the dry cleaners. You don’t want to wait. Waiting to take your clothes in will give the stain more time to set into the fabric making it harder to lift.

Don’t drive around with the clothing in your backseat for a few days until you have time to take them in either. The sunlight and heat inside a closed car can push stains further into the fabric, weaken the fabric fibers, cause odor, and allow your clothes to begin fading. Apply the same principal to leaving them in a clothes basket in your laundry room. Don’t wait to take them in.

Point Out All Stains

Overall dry cleaning is a process that uses chemicals to remove general grim and odor from certain fabrics. What may work for one stain and fabric may not work on another. It’s crucial that you point out all of the stains on the garment when you arrive.

Don’t just assume that they will find the stains and know exactly what caused the stain. If your dry cleaner doesn’t know what caused the stain they may not know what to use to take it out. So giving them a heads-up will help them to do a better job and help you to receive a better service. 

Keep Everything Together

A lot of expensive clothing or garments with buttons and zippers come with an extra set of embellishments. They do this in case a button falls off or the color starts to fade and tarnish. Then you have a backup.

Most of the time these extra decorative pieces come in a small bag and get throw in one of your drawers. Before taking the piece of clothing to your dry cleaner go in that drawer and dig out that extra piece. Some dry cleaners will remove buttons or decorative pieces that are delicate and about to break off. Take them with you in case they are able to swap them out for you. 

Check Your Garments Before Leaving

Even if you just got off work and you are in a hurry to get home you should always check your clothing before leaving the store. This way you are checking them in front of your dry cleaner to ensure the stains are actually gone. If the stain is still there, ask them to try again. They will usually do so without any hassle.

Think about it the same way you would when you go to order food. You always want to check your food when you get it to make sure it’s what you paid for. You wouldn’t eat something you didn’t order right? The same goes for a service that is provided to you.

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