How To Effectively & Effortlessly Secure Outdoor Furniture

Modern homeowners today are getting back to the basics when designing their homes and properties. Many homeowners have an outdoor area that they use for relaxation, catching up with friends or to hang out with family members during holiday celebrations and personal special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

While this back-to-nature turn of events is terrific for encouraging people into getting outdoors more for fresh air, it sometimes presents a problem when outdoor furniture gets blown away during high wind gusts and storms. There is a way that everyone can learn how to effectively and rather effortlessly secure their beautiful and valuable outdoor furniture.

Invest In Better Quality & Preferably Heavier Furniture For Outdoor Use

Let’s face it, those cheap patio plastic chairs and lightweight tables are not made to last long or hold up to the surprise mood swings of Mother Nature when she lashes out with a heavy thunderstorm or another adverse weather event. It pays to invest in better quality outdoor-ready furniture.

These finer furniture pieces are typically made from heavier and more durable materials than their cheaper patio cousins. Examples of heavier weight furniture material include:

  • Wrought Iron
  • Teak
  • Steel
  • Acacia
  • Heavier Authentic Wood

If you don’t wish to pay for more furniture for an outdoor space, consider using weights filled with sand to weight the furniture piece firmly down on the ground. These special weights can be found at retail establishments that sell lawn and gardening supplies and furniture. Alternately, individuals can make their own weights and fill with sand or other dense material from outdoor supply retail stores.

Use Wire Ties or Fasteners For Sectional Sofas

The newer sectional sofas for outdoor use often are crafted with a lightweight material like aluminum. This enables the sofa to be easily moved and cleaned by maids when desired. However, these furnishings are far more likely to take off towards space or your neighbor’s yard if a sudden windstorm hits your area.

An easy solution to this issue is to use easy-to-use wire ties or special fasteners made for keeping sectional sofas secured. These usually come in a set of about 8, can be found at low prices and are made to withstand the elements. What these clips can do is to secure the different section pieces of the sofa all together that creates a bigger weight load that is not so easy to blow away. Tip – these clips often come with the furniture, so save them if your sofa is new. The common wire ties are available from hardware stores.

Convenient Way to Secure Down Deck Furniture

Furniture that is used on a deck or other flooring surface with planks that are raised can be anchored down safely by utilizing clever deck down anchors. These usually are sold in packs of 8 or more, and they are simple to use. This method of tying down a deck chair or sofa offers a heavy-duty anchor, and these anchors attach to a furniture leg then are pushed down through the decking planks and secured with a washer to make it extra secure. The only drawback here is that some decks have flooring that is placed too close together for these anchors to work properly.

Use Protective Furniture Covers & Group Furniture Pieces Together

An easy method of resolving the problem of patio furniture taking flight like a bird is to purchase heavy protective furniture covers. Group several chairs, table set chairs or all sectional parts of a sofa together. Drape across the whole group of furniture to keep them close together. Tie down and secure the legs if possible, or apply weights on corner legs. This method allows individuals to enjoy their lightweight furniture outside without worrying that they will fly off if left alone during a storm.

Make Use of Bungee Straps/Ties To Securely Keep Furniture Attached To A Heavier Item

Individuals can also make use of whatever tie items that they might already have. Bungee cords are a good pick for this purpose. Simply attach to legs of furniture or at a stable location, then wrap the cord around a heavier object like an outdoor fireplace, larger weighted sofa or another item. Basically, the object is again to tie together lighter items to create a wider base and heavier weight that is more difficult to get blown around.

Homeowners can utilize these easy and effective strategies to keep their outdoor patio furniture safe and secure. More homeowners these days are expanding their indoor entertainment space by moving outwards to an outside deck, balcony or patio. Whether the outdoor furniture is a heavier weight contemporary designer piece in an earthy color or is a cheaper lightweight model, there are ways to keep patio furniture secured and protected in every season.


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