Controlling The Pet Hair In Your Home

Did you know, it’s not just dogs that shed? Cats shed too. Not all of them. But at last, there are some that do. Having pets that Shed can be a huge pain when it comes time to clean. Their hair ends up everywhere. It ends up on your bed, on the couch, balled up in the corner on the floor, and sometimes even in your food if you’re not careful. It’s almost like you can’t escape it no matter what you do. But it’s the price we pay for those we love.

As much as we love our four-legged friends, pet hair can and will be a constant nuisance in the home. Not just for you, but for your cleaning lady/man as well. If you follow these easy tips when cleaning up after your pets and your home, you will soon be able to control the pet hair and pet odor in your home.

We wanted to share in an infographic with you on how you can control the pet hair in and around your home. The following infographic from Chadwicks guides you through the process of minimizing pet hair with their helpful and handy tips.



How to control pet hair in your home


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