How to Clean Your Walls

Walls are the last thing anyone wants to clean. Why do you need to clean them anyways? They’re probably painted, isn’t that enough? Just like your surfaces need to be cleaned, your walls do too. Maybe you smoke in your house, or you live on a dirt road. The point is that walls get dirty. More so when you have kids and or pets. Cleaning them regularly is one of the keys to keeping your house in great shape.

Before you clean your walls you need to dust them. That’s the first step. Getting all of the cobwebs out of your way. Then you need to determine what kind of paint is on the wall. Do you have semi-gloss, enamel paint, flat, stain, or eggshell finishes? Regular semi-gloss and enamel paint can be easily washed whereas flat or stained walls need to be washed with caution to prevent it from rubbing off.

Pro Tip: Use your vacuum tools for wall dusting. If you have a brush attachment you can run it over the walls to collect dust and dirt.

To prepare for you wall cleaning, lay some towels or an old blanket along the baseboards to help catch any excess water and dirt. Grab a bucket or a bowl and fill it with warm water and dish soap. That’s the easiest way to clean your walls. Using regular warm water, dish soap, and a microfiber rag. If you’re trying to clean tough stuck-on dirt from your walls, try swapping out the dish soap out for vinegar.

Pro Tip: For really stubborn stains try mixing a paste of baking soda and water and then rubbing it over the stain. Wipe away with clean warm water and a microfiber rag. And be sure to dry your walls thoroughly with a dry towel to prevent water streaks.

Wipe the wall with water from your bowl, starting from the top of the wall and work your way down. Repeat this in sections. Be sure to ring out your cloth thoroughly before wiping down the walls. You want the cloth to be damp, not soaking wet. Then grab another bowl with plain warm water and rise the wall with that. Once you’re through, take your dry towel and dry the wall.

If you have a household that houses children, you may have come across some crayon or marker on your wall a time or two. Or if you work on cars for a living it’s possible that you brought some oil or grease inside with you. That’s why it’s important to know which type walls you have in your home. Or which type of paint you have on your walls in order to clean messes like those. It could be a simple change like using a sponge instead of a cloth or using degreaser instead of vinegar. If you do have to use something other than water and dish soap when cleaning your walls make sure you test a small area first. This is how you can tell if the solution is going to damage the surface or not.

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