How To Clean Wallpaper

In recent years, wallpaper has really made a comeback when it comes to interior design and decor. Long gone are the outdated wallpaper designs of the past. Today, designers use modern wallpaper to make a statement without the use of paint. Most commonly, patterned wallpaper is now used to create eye-catching accent walls in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other living spaces.

If you have wallpaper in your home, it’s important to understand how to properly clean and maintain it. After all, it will require some special care when compared to a “traditional” painted wall. By knowing how to clean wallpaper, you can keep it looking its best for years to come and avoid the need for stripping and re-papering.

Take Time To Dust Regularly

Many wallpapers have a textured surface, which makes them more prone to gathering dust over time than regular drywall. If your wallpaper has a textured surface of any kind, you’ll need to dust your walls regularly to prevent build-up and cobwebs. This can be easily accomplished with a micro-fiber dust wand.

Take the time to dust the walls at least once a week; if you have higher ceilings, you may want to invest in a dusting wand with a telescoping handle that will help you reach all the way up to the ceilings. Otherwise, you’ll need to get up on a ladder to dust those hard-to-reach places, such as corners where walls and ceilings intersect. These areas tend to gather the most build-up of cobwebs.

Another alternative to dusting your wallpaper is to actually use a vacuum with a hose attachment to get the job done. This can be quicker than manual dusting and just as thorough.

Dusting your wallpaper may not seem like a necessity, but it’s important because dust and other debris can not only dull your wallpaper over time but can also cause problems for people in your home with allergies or asthma. You might be surprised at how much debris can be “trapped” on a wallpaper surface, especially if it’s textured in any way. Dusting your walls only takes a few minutes and can make a huge difference in your indoor air quality.

Remove Scuffs and Stains With A Magic Eraser

Scuff marks and minor stains can most likely be removed with a magic eraser sponge, which is made out of melamine foam. This foam acts as a gentle abrasive, which is great for removing stains and scuffs from just about any surface. To use a magic eraser, all you need to do is get it damp and wring it out. From there, you can scrub away stains from your wallpaper using small, circular motions.

Just be careful to test the magic eraser on a small and inconspicuous area of your walls before moving forward with the entire wall. Some types of wallpaper may be more delicate and may not hold up well to the abrasiveness of a magic eraser sponge. It is recommended that you test a small area and wait for 24 hours to make sure there is no discoloration or other damage before moving forward.

If you’re not comfortable using a magic eraser on your wallpaper because you’re worried the colors will run or other damage will occur, look into purchasing a cleaning dough specifically made for use on wallpaper. This “wallpaper dough” can literally be dabbed across a stain to remove it. You can find this at your local home improvement store  or  you can use artist’s dough from a local craft store. It will work just as well, even if it’s not specifically designed for use on wallpaper.

Washing Walls With Wallpaper

Even with regular dusting and occasional spot-treating of stains, walls may need to be thoroughly washed from time to time. If you need to wash your wallpaper, you can use a mixture of warm water and a gentle dish soap to do the trick. Just make sure that if you go this route, that your wallpaper is of the washable variety (most are, but it’s good to check with the manufacturer before moving forward).

Once you have your soap and water mixture, all you need to do is dip a sponge in it and thoroughly wring it out so that it’s not soaked. Then, using back and forth motions, gently scrub your walls to remove stains and discoloration. The key here is to make sure that the wallpaper doesn’t get too wet; you don’t want water dripping down your walls as you wash. Be especially careful when washing around wallpaper seams that there isn’t too much water on your sponge. If you use too much moisture (even on a washable wallpaper), the water could get behind the seams in the paper and wear away at the adhesive over time. This will lead to bubbling and warping of the paper, which you most definitely do not want!

After you’re done washing your walls, be sure to follow up with a towel to dry them thoroughly. And never use a chemical or abrasive cleaner on your wallpaper unless you first take the time to spot-test an area. Even if the cleaner is advertised as being made specifically for use on wallpaper, you’ll want to play it safe.

If you know the manufacturer that made your wallpaper, check online to see what their recommended guidelines for cleaning are. You may even be able to purchase a special cleaner through the manufacturer itself that will do the best job without causing any damage. Wallpapers can vary greatly in their coatings, textures, and care instructions, so it’s always best to refer to the manufacturer whenever possible.

How A Professional Cleaner Can Help

Washing walls with wallpaper can require a bit more delicate care than washing a traditional wall that’s been painted. However, with a bit of research and some extra precautions, you can keep your papered walls looking their best without having a home smell like new paint odor. With regular dusting, spot-cleaning for stain/scuff removal, and the occasional washing, you can keep the walls of your home clean.

Hiring a professional house cleaner can also take some of the stress out of keeping your walls (and the rest of your home) clean! At Maid Sailors, our certified professional cleaners know what it takes to clean the surfaces of your home’s walls, including those with wallpaper. From dusting and removing stains to washing walls as needed, you can enjoy all the benefits of clean walls without having to lift a finger. Meanwhile, our team provides all the cleaning products needed to complete your service so you don’t have to worry about it.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our professional cleaning services or would like to book your appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out today by calling (212) 299-5170. You can also book your appointment online in 60 seconds or less!


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