How to Clean a Mattress Easily?

Nothing is better than returning to bed which smells fresh and feels great. All your day stress can be relieved instantly by resting on a clean mattress for a good time. However, in today’s world people are so busy with their social and parental responsibilities that it becomes difficult to get some time for cleaning and maintaining their house items like mattresses. Your health easily gets affected by the dirt and infection that invades your territory due to insufficient cleaning. You spend more than one-third part of your life sleeping on the mattress hence its cleanliness is very important to maintain your health.

Most people think that mattress cleaning is very tough and only professional can do it right. But, the fact is you can clean your mattress effectively without spending a huge sum of money. Mostly the cleaners used in mattress cleaning are harmful chemicals or are way too expensive. Therefore, let’s skip the drama and hop on the real measure to take for cleaning your mattress easily.

1. Start With Undressing Your Bed

Your mattress stays covered most of the time which is why there are more chances of molds and entrapped dirt within it. Make your mattress naked and if possible do the mattress cleaning in an open-air area so that it gets dry completely after the process. Throw the linens and mattress covers in a laundry. Washing them in hot water will ensure that there is no dirt and bacteria left after drying.

2. Vacuum cleaning

Cleaning your mattress begins with a quick vacuum session. This will ensure to suck out any dead skin, hidden dust, mites, and other debris from the mattress. People who prefer eating on the bed should do the vacuuming every 15 days so that there is no food particles or crumbs hidden in the side or corners of the mattress. Also, if you are a pet lover, there are changes of having their hairs and dry skin particles on your mattress hence vacuuming will remove all such dry dust from your mattress easily. However, make sure your vacuum cleaner nozzle is clean and infectant proof before touch you mattress through it.

3. Magical Cleaning

A mattress full of bloodstains, body stains and spots is the worst thing you ever want to imagine. If your mattress has developed some stains in the past few months, its time to wave it goodbye. There are some magical ingredients in your kitchen which can help you get rid of mattress marks. Prepare yourself to tackle the most important part of mattress cleaning and here you go:

  • The stain removing Serum – Mix together hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, and baking soda in a spray bottle to treat the stains on your mattress. Remember to keep the proportion 2:1:1 respectively. Sprinkle the serum on the stains and using a clean towel daub it properly on the spot.
  • The odor killing Powder – You can use regular cleaner and vinegar solution to treat the spot and make it bad odor-free. Also, natural enzymes cleaners like Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain remover can be directly sprayed to the stains to reduce its intensity and easy cleaning. Do not spill too much making the mattress too wet as it might take a longer time to dry completely.
  • Traditional Trick – A mix of lemon juice and salt is a potential natural remedy for stain treatment on the mattress since ages. You can apply it directly on the stain and clean it up by rubbing it with a clean towel after a couple of hours.

4. Deodorize

Look in your kitchen and grab a pack of baking soda for freshening up your mattress. You can add a few drops of essential oil in the baking soda for some nice fragrance. Spread it evenly through the mattress and leave it for a couple of hours. Baking soda will absorb the excess moisture from the mattress making it smells fresh and clean. Now, again its time to suck it out using a vacuum cleaner. Give a good amount of time to this vacuum session as any traces or baking soda residue can irritate you later.

5. Dry It

All the efforts are done here. It is time for sunbathing for your mattress. Expose to direct sunlight and UV will help your mattress to live longer and get free from bacteria or enzymes. Even randomly in between the month you can do this for ensuring the cleanliness of your mattress. You will love the mattress fresh after it gets complete dried, stain-free and bacteria-free.

6. Protection Layer

Finally, you need to cover up your freshly cleaned mattress before it gets contaminated by any kind of infection. Protection cover or mattress protector is a great way to increase the life of your mattress. This layer will protect your mattress from dirt, dead skin and accidental spilling of liquids. You can wash your mattress cover time to time for better protection. It’s more of safeguarding your mattress from any future happenings.


Your mattress is fresh as new. If you still feel like you need a new mattress you can throw out your mattress and get a new one. You can’t agree more, sleeping on a clean mattress refreshes your mind and body. Make sure you give the drying part enough time as it is very crucial for the effective results. Try out the tricks and find out its cool effects and results on your mattress.

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