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How to Clean a Freezer

Can you remember the last time you cleaned your freezer? If you’re like a lot of people, the thought probably doesn’t cross your mind often. Maybe you haven’t even cleaned your freezer since you first moved into your place. After all, who wants to deal with the hassle of taking all the food out of your freezer, defrosting it, and deep-cleaning it?

What you might not realize is that you probably don’t even have to completely defrost your freezer in order to clean it. In fact, we have plenty of tips and hacks to share with you that can make cleaning your freezer a lot quicker and easier than you ever thought possible. In fact, with our guidance, you could probably clean your refrigerator and freezer in the span of an hour or two.

Don’t just take our word for it, though; find out everything you need to know about cleaning your freezer the quick and easy way.

Reasons to Clean Your Freezer

If it’s been a minute since the last time you cleaned your freezer, there are a few reasons to make this a priority. For starters, cleaning your freezer is a great way to simply get rid of some older and questionable food that’s been in there a bit longer than you intended. Freezer-burned foods are never enjoyable, so why waste precious freezer space on foods you’re never going to eat?

When your freezer is overstocked with old foods, this can also cause additional ice build-up that can take months or even years off the life of your freezer. Ice build-up along the insides of your freezer is a sign that it is too full and/or that you’re leaving the door open too long while you use it. Taking the time to clean your freezer can help remove that build-up, thus prolonging the life of your freezer and saving you money on replacement or repairs in the long run.

How Often Should You Clean Your Freezer?

In a perfect world, you’d be taking the time to clean your freezer at least twice a year. But if you’re like most people, you have better ways to prioritize your time. If you can get around to cleaning your freezer once a year, you should give yourself a nice pat on the back.

How often you need to clean your freezer will also depend on how much you use it and whether it’s a deep freezer or a standard freezer that’s attached to your fridge. A deep freezer isn’t used as often and thus doesn’t typically need to be cleaned as frequently as, say, the freezer in your kitchen.

Tips and Tricks for Easy Freezer Cleaning

Remove Everything

The first thing you should do before cleaning your freezer is to remove everything inside it and place it in a large cooler. More than likely, you won’t need to ice down the cooler unless you’ll be spending more than an hour or so cleaning your freezer out. Keeping your food items in a cooler as you work should keep them cold enough to avoid spoilage.

Use a Vacuum

Once everything is removed from your freezer, use a vacuum with a clean hose attachment to suck out any large food debris and other particles. This will take care of a lot of the pesky crumbs that can be difficult to remove otherwise. From there, wiping down the remainder of the freezer with a damp cloth is usually enough to get rid of food spills and stains.

Wipe the Surfaces

If you need a little more deep-cleaning power, you can fill a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and warm water. Spraying this inside your freezer will help to get rid of set-in stains and will also neutralize any lingering odors. Just be sure to rinse and wipe down with regular water when you’re done so you don’t leave any liquid behind that will freeze and form ice.

Wash Bins and Sleeves Separately

If your freezer has any removable bins or shelves, this is a good opportunity to take those out and wash them as well. Remove them carefully and according to the instructions in your freezer’s manual (find your manual online based on the freezer’s model number if you don’t have a physical copy). From there, you can typically wash these out in your sink with dish soap and warm water before rinsing and drying completely.

Defrost (If Necessary)

If you have some ice build-up inside your freezer, you might think you have no choice but to defrost. What a pain! The good news is that you generally don’t need to go through the hassle of defrosting to remove ice build-up. Instead, try taking a warm washcloth to the ice; this should melt it away relatively quickly.

Once you’re happy with the cleanliness of your freezer, all that’s left to do is put the shelves and all the food back in that you’ve chosen to keep.

Keeping Your Freezer Cleaner For Longer

Now that you know how to clean your freezer quickly, effectively, and without defrosting it, how can you go about keeping it cleaner? Organization is key here. Freezers often end up dirty and overcrowded with old food because of poor storage. Consider investing in small storage bins that will help to separate meats from things like fruits and vegetables. You should also take some time to simply wipe down your freezer with a damp cloth every couple of weeks to avoid that unsightly build-up of crumbs and other debris.

If you notice a spill in your freezer, try to clean it as soon as possible. Otherwise, most liquids will freeze and become much more difficult to remove later on.

Finally, just as you may keep a box of baking soda in your fridge to absorb foul odors, you can do the same thing in your freezer to keep it smelling as fresh as possible.

Speaking of Cleaning…

Cleaning your freezer doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or difficult task—but when you have other chores and cleaning responsibilities to worry about around the house, even small cleaning jobs can be daunting.

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