How Cleanliness Effects Our Life?

We all like a clean and tidy home but most of the time it is ignored if we are busy with our job. This may result in poor health, most of us are not aware of it. If you are surrounded by dust then you might have allergies and lung diseases. Untidiness not only affects you physically but also mentally. For example, if you came back home after a hectic day, the first thing you sees is your untidy bed what would be your feelings? If you go to the kitchen for some meal, you see a bundle of unwashed dishes, what will be your reaction? In short messiness and untidiness may result in stress.

Personal Cleanliness

Personal cleanliness is very important for every individual. It includes washing hands, bathing regularly, brushing teeth etc. You should also focus on fingernails; a researcher says that if you don’t take care of your nails, more bacteria than toilet seat reside under it. Just imagine how much you have to pay just for it. Maintaining your personal cleanliness not only makes you confident and healthy but also save you from hospitals. Ignoring it may isolate you socially as well because no one likes the smelly and messy person.

Home Cleanliness

If you are doing the job you may maintain your personal cleanliness but cleaning your house properly might be a tough job for you.  As discussed earlier, most of the time it is ignored. If you don’t dispose of the garbage regularly you may fell seriously ill because this thing can’t be ignored. If you don’t do the dusting and vacuum your carpet or rug minimum twice a week, you inhale dust and may suffer from lung diseases, allergies and so on. If your home’s LED tube lights or simple lights are covered with dust you have dim and dull illumination. Research shows that you release stress while washing the dishes, so it affects your health not only hygienically but also mentally.

If you still don’t have time for cleaning then you may go for house cleaning services or call your friend to help you out.

Office Cleanliness

Although it’s not your job to clean your office it affects a lot. Clean and tidy environment results in more productivity. It is the job of office management to maintain its cleanliness. Messy offices usually result in dull employees and less productivity. If we talk about office cleanliness it must include proper files arrangement, clean and comfortable cabins for employees, healthy lunch and obviously the basic cleanliness.

School Cleanliness

When we send our children to school, we first visit it to see whether we are satisfied with the education system, the behavior of school administration and teachers and whether the school is hygienically fit? It’s the duty of government to ensure the hygienic standard but still, we are concerned with it. School is the second home for children, so its cleanliness affects a lot. The school having talented teachers and proper hygienic conditions mostly produce sharp and bright students.


As the general importance of cleanliness is discussed above, let me give you a comparison of living in the tidy and untidy environment. If we talk about living in the untidy environment, one will be more confused, ignored and far fewer chances to have friends. One should be less productive and might have hygiene-related diseases.

In contrast, if we talk about having a tidy environment, one will be more relaxed, confident and have a social circle. One will like to invite his\ her friends at home. One will be more determined to work and will stay happy and young for longer.


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