House Cleaning and Stain Removal Tips

A clean house not only looks wonderful but it also helps you stay healthy. A clean house can get you many compliments from your guests. A clean house is a reflection of your personality. It’s important to clean your house regularly to keep it sparkling and spotless.

You can opt for house cleaning services in NJ for complete cleaning solutions. Follow a cleaning routine to clean every corner of your house and to keep it stain proof. Here are some simple house cleaning and stain removal tips, read on.

  1. Use homemade solution and right tools

Use a DIY solution to clean your house. Mix a part of vinegar in two parts of water and add a bit of soap solution. You will be able to remove all the dust and stains from your windows and corners of your house using this solution. Also, stock up on the right tools for cleaning your house.

Use a good microfiber cloth for dusting purpose. Use a good squeegee for cleaning your windows. Use a soft towel for wiping off the dust from furniture. The right tools can help you to clean in a proper way.

  1. Clean vents and filters

It’s important to clean bathroom vents and dust filters every week. Use a vacuum cleaner or simply use a cleaning solution for removal of stains. Air filters also need to be clean as lots of dust is accumulated in these filters. Deep cleaning is important if there is dirt and stubborn stains in vents and filters.

  1. Clean the walls with dust mop

Clean your house walls with a dust mop or a Swiffer. These tools are easily available for your home cleaning needs. Use a dust mop and clean your walls after every three to four days to ensure that there is no dust. Clean walls can enhance your home décor too.

  1. Clean the kitchen area

There are maximum stains in your kitchen area because of regular cooking. For cleaning kitchen stains, dunk a sponge in soap solution. Now, wipe off your cooktop and kitchen cabinets with the help of sponge. You can also dunk a sponge in hot water, squeeze and simply wipe off the stains and dirt from your kitchen area.

  1. Clean the bedroom

Organize your closet occasionally and do away with everything that is not required. Change your bedspreads once every week. Also, wash your covers and cushions regularly. Flip mattresses when required and dust the furniture. Vacuum your bedroom floor to remove dust and stains from the area; this will help to clean your room in the right way.

  1. Use vinegar and lime

For stubborn stains, you can use a solution made from vinegar and lime. Put one part of vinegar and some lime juice in two parts of hot water. This solution can help to get rid of stubborn stains from your flooring, kitchen cabinets and bathroom tiles. DIY solution for home cleaning can give you good results for cleaning.

House cleaning task is easy if you dedicate a time for cleaning. You can also opt for house cleaning services in NJ for complete cleaning needs.

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