Do it Yourself Home Office Updates

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to give your office the update it deserves? Look no further. From office accessories, organization, and even furniture hacks we’ve got the list for you. We rounded up a list of do it yourself home office updates that anyone can do.

DIY Block Calendar

You know those wooden blocks your kids use to play with? They can be turned into a decorative calendar for your home office. And it can be reused 365 days a year. Just paint the blocks any color of your choosing and pop on some number stickers like a dice. Turn the blocks over each day to change the date.

DIY Faux Fur Chair

If you’re going for a glamorous office look you can easily cover your office chair with faux fur giving it the ultimate makeover. This is a good project for anyone looking to restore an old chair by covering up and wear and tear. And the plush fur will give you an extra level of comfort.

DIY Folders

Since you’re going to need a place to organize documents you might as well make them look appealing! DIY fun folders are easy to make. You can design them any way you’d like and even color code them by clients, projects, dates, documents, and more.

DIY Memo Boards

Check out our post on how to make your own memo board here.

DIY Paper Holder

Looking for a way to keep the paper pile on your desk to a minimum? Make a DIY wooden paper holder to hold important stuff on your desk and throw the other things in the shred pile. This office hack keeps your desk neat and organized. And helps to keep important documents from going into the wrong pile, A.K.A the shred pile.

DIY Pencil Cup

Using empty food canisters you can easily make desk organizers to hold your pens and pencils. You can paint them as is or you can wrap some fabric around them. And just like that, you have your own pencil cup!

DIY Storage Boxes

For this project, you can do one of two things. You can take a plastic storage box and spruce it up with some paint, fabric, and stickers. Or you can make wooden storage boxes (they look sharper) and paint them your favorite color. 


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