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Easy Tricks for Keeping Your Floor Game on Point

Unless you’re a magician, floors are made to be walked on and thoroughly enjoyed. Modern novelties and exterior care have turned the maintenance process into a breeze. With only a bit of tending and right treatments, it is possible to prolong shiny looks and overall life. Maid Sailors has accumulated the best ways to maintain and preserve your floors.

Moving in? Not so fast…

After you have completed the installation of your new flooring, a proper cleaning action is required prior to the return of the interior items. Best suited clean-up for vinyl is a simple wiping with a damp mop, lukewarm water, and a homemade detergent mixture. Wood and laminate need only a light whisk of the possible leftovers of refuse or dirt. Sweep it with an un-moistened fabric and eliminate the last remaining particles.

Handle With Care

Many of us believe the house will sweep itself. The more we wait, more blotches and dust layers will get stuck to the surface of our once beautiful floor. A brisk but effective washup takes less of our time than a huge, industrious endeavor at the end of the month, and the floors are thus impeccable and last longer.

Simple Vinyl

On your floors. Undemanding vinyl stays in pristine condition with vacuum or tender brush works and a weekly washup with a gentle detergent and water.

Laminated Floors

Use the dry cloth or vacuum cleaner for this floor. The optimal maintenance schedule should include a two-weekly moist cloth wiping with a touch of specialized laminate spray for a tidy outlook.

Hard Wood

This floor asks for a broom sweep combined with a polishing action, and that’s pretty much all it takes for a wooden floor to shine. Occasionally, treat it with a damp mop with a quality wood protection spray. There are some green conscious kinds on the market as well.

Immaculate Condition

Unlike some kinds of floor coverings like mats or carpets, the exterior handling of our flooring ousts occurrence of marks and splotches. The spillage of drinks, dropped food or paint won’t mar them easily, but it’s recommendable to wash it soon after. For this, employ a dried mop and the appropriate washing mixture. Make sure to carefully follow the instructions on the bottle and avoid administering them straight to the surface.

Handling Damage

Despite having applied a sturdy finish on the surface, a certain type of damage, like scrapes, may occur after a longer period of use. Some solutions may return the old glow to it, but serious scratches require a moderate sandwork and a fresh coat of protection to be as good as new. A special hardwood filler is exploited for splits or breaks, while waxing bars are brought into play for bigger gaps.

By now we mentioned some of the possible treatments, but we’d like to pinpoint how purchasing the exact right product for your type of flooring is essential. Follow the guide closely and never administer it with a soaked mop that would dilute the solution and harm the floor.

To truly prevent any damage to a large portion of the floor surface, invest in a quality carpet that matches the setting of your room. A uniquely tinted eco ug would pose as a nice natural extension of your hardwood floor and add a pop of color would light up the interior.

Quick Tips:

Thanks for making it all the way down here. Here are some even easier tips that ensure well-maintained floors:

1.) Place a doormat for dirt removal

2.) Wrap the furniture touchpoints with the floor

3.) Don’t drag the furniture, lift it

4.) Abstain from using polish or wax treatments


Beautiful new flooring can change the atmosphere of the house completely. Make an informed choice about the type of covering you’d like and commit to regular maintenance and fine products to make it last.


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