Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom

Be honest – after reading the title, you cringed. Maid Sailors believes your bathroom deserves a special amount of attention – allow us to get a little deep ( philosophically) to explain why.

Your bathroom represents the most sacred, “real” place in your home. It is only in the bathroom where you can conduct necessary human actions (won’t get into details) while simultaneously cleansing and refreshing yourself. It is in the bathroom where you muster the confidence to head to a first date (after looking in the mirror for an hour), experiment with new dance moves and console yourself after a rough day at work while closing your eyes in the shower. A bathroom is a magical place where the physical and emotional aspects of fundamental necessity collide beautifully – don’t you want to keep it in tip-top shape?

A Clean Bathroom 

Left ignored, the bathroom can ultimately become a significant health hazard for your entire household. If you don’t want bacteria to start complaining about overpopulation in your bathroom, follow these standard practices to ensure safety and cleanliness.

The toilet

Wiping the seat and tiles once-in-a-while isn’t enough. Remember, left ignored, your bathroom will probably begin harboring dangerous organisms. The toilet (unsurprisingly) is the riskiest; thus, you should keep at least one “toilet bowl antimicrobial special cleaning product” at hand ( use 3-4x per month).

Simply pouring some cleaning agent down the toilet won’t eliminate all of the harmful bacteria. Especially if this is your first cleaning in a long time, you’ll need an anti-bacterial gel that can form a layer of protection within the bowl. When pouring the gel into the bowl, monitor whether the gel covers the entire surface of the bowl or not. Ideally, the product will form an uninterrupted layer from the top corners of the bowl to the water.

Afterwards, wash the bowl vigorously with a brush and don’t stop until the layer has dissipated completely. Don’t stop until the layer is completely gone and pay special attention to the top corners of the bowl. Lastly, to keep things super-duper safe, you can pour baking soda down the gutter (kills microbes very efficiently).

The Shower

To avoid the ironic reality that the space you use to cleanse yourself is actually infested with dangerous bacteria, drench your shower with antimicrobial solution periodically. You can create this at home: take dishwashing liquid and add water ( you can also use vinegar). Additionally, submerge the entire nozzle of your showerhead overnight to ensure 100% cleanliness.


Your tiles provide the equivalent of a multi-floor residence for bacteria and mold. Use antimicrobial cleaning agents to eliminate pathogens and mop your floor every two weeks. Remember, simply using water isn’t enough. You need to kill the bacteria, or it will continue to replicate and make a happy home within your home.


Remember, if you don’t want to put yourself in harm’s way and enjoy the 80+ degree weather we’re having in NYC, call Maid Sailors. We might even eradicate a few ghosts while we’re at it.

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