Getting A New Home Ready For Move-In Day

A new home is a chance for a fresh start. The way that a home is set up has a big influence on how well kept it will be in the future. The right prep can help save time otherwise spent on reorganizing and fixing mistakes. Oz Moving & Storage has a lot of experience being there on day 1 in a new home, aka, moving day. We spend a lot of time with our clients beforehand to make sure that both we and they are prepared to make sure that day is as successful as possible.

Pack Efficiently and With Unpacking In Mind

The best way to pack with moving day in mind is “packing to unpack”. This means packing in a way that makes the process of unpacking simple and easy. The easiest way to do this is to pack items together by location rather than packing alike items together.  For example, instead of packing pillows with other pillows, pack the master bedroom pillow with the bedsheets and other items in that bedroom.

Create A Packing Timeline/Checklist

Preparation is the key to a successful moving day. If you don’t have at least a loose idea of when each task needs to be started or completed, make a timeline with each task and brainstorm about when to start working on the respective tasks. Our moving checklist is a good place to start, but everyone who moves will have their own individual needs to consider.

Changing The Locks

Better safe than sorry! Most moving experts recommend changing the locks on your home after you move out, just to be sure. A local locksmith will likely be able to do this for you quickly and at a fairly low cost. Make sure to make copies of the new keys when you get your locks replaced so everyone in the home can get inside.

Perform Any Maintenance

Take this opportunity to work on anything in your home that’ll make a mess and have debris ahead of cleaning or moving in your items. After moving in these tasks will be harder to complete or clean up after. This could be painting, rewiring electric setups, installing new appliances, etc.


Like with home maintenance, cleaning is much easier to do before move-in day. Once all your belongings are in place, it will be much harder to clean out areas obscured by those items. If the home has had maintenance done inside, that might cause some debris that should be cleaned before move-in day too. Make sure to clean out vents and filters, windows, and any hardwood floors in your new home. MaidSailors’s moving in/out cleaning package includes cleanings inside cabinets and appliances like ovens & fridges, good things to clean even if you’re going DIY. It is important to clean your refrigerator so you don’t have any odors in the future.

Layout & Planning

There’s no better time to live out your interior designer fantasies than days before moving. Planning the layout and organization of your home is both important and much more fun than necessary pre-moving tasks like cleaning and packing. When planning, keep in mind that measurements of rooms and passageways may be necessary to make an actionable floor plan. Otherwise, go crazy and dream big about where you’ll put all your belongings the day you unpack.

Day One Box

Not many people will unpack their entire moving inventory the day they move-in to their new home. It’s not uncommon that people will leave some boxes unopened for months, even. Some items are needed right away, however, and it’s best to pack as many of them together as you can. Some items that could be included in this could be medications, toilet paper, or hygiene products; it comes down to whatever you’ll need the day you move into your apartment.

Unpack Kids’ Stuff First

Kids are usually the most anxious about settling to new surroundings. Helping them settle by unpacking their belongings will usually allow them to adjust to a new home. The first few days can be the toughest and having some familiarity in their new strange surroundings can be very reassuring. Placating the kids will make the rest of the unpacking easier.


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