Freshen Up Your Dated Bath With New Bathroom Trends For 2019

Bathrooms are an important part of our home’s interior design, but most homeowners don’t use this space to their advantage as often as they should. The time that we spend in our bathrooms amounts to a staggering figure. That being said, it makes sense to create a bathroom space that suits your style preferences and meets your family’s unique bathroom storage and function needs. Freshen up your dated bath this year with some innovative new bathroom trends for 2019.

Determine The Space Possibilities of Your Bathrooms

How one is supposed to remodel a bathroom will depend a lot on the amount of space that is available. Before making an expensive investment in new bathroom materials, determine exactly how much space is currently available and consider any space possibilities that could be used by careful planning of this popular home improvement project.

A smaller bathroom does present some challenges when deciding to undergo a major bathroom remodel job. It is very important to accurately measure and purchase the proper sized materials and fixtures for the best end results. Before getting into complicated bathroom plumbing issues or changes, it is wise for homeowners to consult with bathroom contractors and experts first. Home remodeling professionals also recommend that consumers purchase their bathroom faucets and other plumbing fixtures at budget bath supply retailers to save on the overall remodeling costs.

What’s New In Bathroom Mirrors & Vanities This Season?

In 2019, home interior design experts are utilizing a wide range of bathroom design styles, and these experts are coming up with new ways to retain their all-time favorite bathroom looks. Installing a wall of mirrors is one way that designers have made smaller baths feel and look more spacious. This design trick is still possible to do in theory, but more designers are choosing to install one-of-a-kind bathroom mirrors and vanities this season.

Homeowners should take some time to find interesting bathroom accessories by shopping yard or estate sales that can save a huge amount when purchasing authentic antique bathroom fixtures like soaking tubs. One new bathroom trend has under sink plumbing pipes being exposed instead of hiding them under sink skirts or cabinets that are now the norm. Think gleaming gold or silver metals in a bathroom that features a more industrial design style.

Vanities too have taken a step back into time, and homeowners can find delightful older vanity models being used in a brand new way. Consider installing vanities directly to the wall without enclosing the bottom so they are easier to clean by house cleaning services. This can instantly make the space larger and less dated.

Bathroom Storage Space Ideas For 2019

There are many great bathroom storage space items from tall and narrow cabinets to open shelving that stretches across an entire wall. The effect that designers recommend copying is a spacious and neat room that doesn’t have clutter strewn about. Look for more hidden and recessed custom shelving options.

What Style If Popular In Home Bathrooms This Year?

Most of the top designers today are combining two or more design styles in the bathrooms. This only works if the room remains balanced. Some popular bathroom design trends this season include industrial design paired with vintage accents. Try installing a minimalist style sink and vanity with vintage pendant light fixtures that brighten and warm-up space.

Other design combos include rustic with Scandinavian additions. Consider installing a contemporary soaking tub with natural bamboo or cork flooring for an impressive bath that is a welcoming oasis following a stressful day. Use accent colors, materials and decor items to balance out space by merging different design types.

What Bathroom Fixtures Are Top Designers Using In 2019?

Top designers are using a variety of bathroom fixtures this year. This is great for homeowners desiring a certain style for their personal baths. Soaking tubs and luxuriously open showers are still very popular in bathrooms this year but pay attention to the new upgrades to ensure a timeless and fashionable appearance that functions perfectly.

Subway tiles in the baths are still available this season, but these common tile choices are being spiced up with the larger size and bolder shapes and color combinations. Try installing these tiles in the opposite direction for a unique appearance that looks chic and authentically original.

With some thought and careful planning, homeowners can get the bathroom of their dreams. It is astonishing at how a beautifully designed bath can create a safe and tranquil haven that everyone in the family can benefit from.

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