3 Ways to Improve Your Home Without Leaving

Looking to improve your home? Your home should look and feel like a castle. It’s important to create a home décor that’s attractive and comfortable; now, where do you start? We have assembled a set of sure-fire ways to improve your home without venturing out into the Arctic wilderness.

The Kitchen

You don’t have to replace the cabinets to make your kitchen more attractive and functional. You can always do a mini-remodel to ensure the space is updated and visually appealing. According to HGTV, the number one place to upgrade your décor is in the kitchen.

A great place to start is with your backsplash. If your existing surface is painted, then consider covering it with an attractive tile (I’m sure you some extras in the basement) for an eye-catching finish. Dated cabinets are not a problem as long as they’re still structurally sound. If you don’t have any sandpaper, don’t worry – in the event that you do, go ahead and lightly sand the finish so that a new coat of paint will adhere better. While a fresh coat of paint and new hardware will make your kitchen look like new, but you’ll spend a fraction of the money that you would have spent if you completely replaced the cabinets.

Add some simple decorations to make your cooking space more fun. A hanging pot rack is a great addition to any kitchen island. You can replace old light fixtures and switches to bring the space into the 21st century. Home warranty companies will replace appliances that break down in the first year, so you may have an easy opportunity to make the switch to stainless steel appliances that will look sleek and add a modern touch to your home. Amazon has exactly what you need – feel free to order from the couch.


Another way to improve your home decor is to change the colors with some paint. If you’re trying to make the switch from light to dark colors, be sure to use a primer for better results. It’s natural to pay close attention to the main areas of your living room, but give your bedroom some attention, too (after all, this is where the magic happens). The bedroom is the first space you see when you wake up, and it’s the last thing you view at night when you fall asleep (for those of you that sleep).

Pro tip: add color and texture to your home with stunning new pillows. A couple of throw pillows will go a long way towards updating your space; best of all, they can come at a relatively low cost. Add a collection to your bed, the sofa in your living room, or even with your dining room chairs. One of the great benefits of this technique is that you can swap them out with the seasons and holidays to keep things fresh throughout the year.

There are several different styles of paint you can use, and it’s important to pick the one that suits your needs. Flat paint is the most affordable, but it’s difficult to keep it clean. If you have children or pets in the home, then a satin finish is your best option.

Doors and Windows

“This Old House” encourages people to remember the importance of an attractive front door. If your existing one is still solid and sound, then you can give it a fresh coat of paint to boost your curb appeal and set the right tone (and also let everyone else on the block know you mean business). If your screen door is older and outdated, then consider investing in an attractive replacement (which will also let everyone on your block know that you mean business).

New windows are an ideal option if you want to bring your home’s appearance to the next level. If you’re a fan of planet Earth, new windows will also help make your home more energy efficient. You can also upgrade to bay, bow, or plant windows that will visually and effectively increase your living space. If you can’t afford new windows (which is fine), then go for heavier window treatments that will add color and texture to your living area while also blocking cold drafts. Open them during the day and close them tightly at night (especially if you live in an area where people will envy your windows).


You can make meaningful, beautiful changes to your home without leaving the house. If you’re buying a home, look beyond the existing décor and remind yourself that you can make some changes to personalize the space. Home warranty companies are ready to give you coverage on a range of home appliances so that you can upgrade to a new refrigerator or oven if yours should stop working. The smartest home décor changes don’t just improve the look of your property, they’ll also increase the value of your home. Focus on the kitchen for a great start, and opt for painting if you want to make a great change without spending too much money. Don’t worry if you make a mess – Maid Sailors can always come by and fix that! Don’t wait improve your home today.

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