Five Ways To Get Your Money Back From Bad Contractors

Hundreds of thousands of homeowners tackle major projects in their home each year, with the majority using licensed contractors to get the job done. Construction contractors in both residential and commercial lines of work are required to meet certain licensing guidelines in order to operate their businesses legally in the state where they work. This means they may have to complete an exam covering construction practices and skill sets, hold certain bonds or insurance coverage, or have a specific number of years in the industry. While taking the time to vet a contractor in terms of his or her license status, bonding, and insurance, or experience, there are instances where things do not go as planned.

Homeowners who end up working with a bad contractor may face challenges in recouping their losses. However, there are a handful of steps homeowners can take to get their money back, either directly or indirectly, when a contractor did not fulfill his obligations. The best practice, though, is to pursue one or more of these remedies after having a conversation with the contractor. If that does not create a viable solution, determine which fix works best for your circumstances.

Go to Small Claims Court

Small claims court is a legal venue for homeowners who feel they are owed money back from a contractor. In small claims court, individuals bring small monetary claims against other individuals or companies, typically with damages of no more than $10,000. However, the amount you can claim depends on the limits of your state. During a small claims court case, you present your claim against the contractor for faulty work, a failure to meet contractual obligations or other issues that you feel left you with a loss.

If the contractor does not show up to the case, you will win your judgment by default. However, you will be responsible for collecting the amount you won which may be easier said than done.

Hire an Attorney

If you have a case worth more than your state’s small claims limit, or you feel as though a legal expert may help in the matter, hiring an attorney is an option as well. Attorneys with experience in the construction industry will know how to find weaknesses in a contract, as well as how the work performed or left incomplete violates a contract. The attorney can help you determine what you may be owed, and the best possible route for pursuing the contractor or business.

Hiring an attorney is the most costly remedy. You may pay a few to several thousands of dollars to get legal help, and the process to file a lawsuit takes more time than other options.

File a Complaint with the State

Depending on your state, contractors in the construction industry are required to have a license in order to operate a business legally. The licensing details are submitted to a state licensing board for verification and approval, and they are renewed every one or two years. If you are having trouble getting money back from a contractor, get in touch with your state’s licensing board and file a complaint. While the state board may not provide assistance directly with recouping your losses, a complaint against a contractor may mean the loss of his or her license. This could prompt the contractor to return what is owed to you.

Pursue a Bond Claim

Part of the licensing process for contractors is getting a surety bond. A contractor license bond provides some peace of mind to customers in the event something goes wrong. If a contract is not completed per the terms of the agreement, you may have the ability to file a claim against the bond. Surety agencies will work with you to determine the best solution to the issue, whether that is a payment for damages, hiring a new contractor or maid service, or prompting the initial contractor to complete the work they promised.

Post Reviews

One of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to get a contractor’s attention and potential reimbursement for losses due to bad work is using online review platforms. Any combination of social media, online review sites, or community boards can be used to provide detailed information about your experience with a contractor and the less-than-quality work completed. Contractors want to maintain their reputation in the community, so posting a negative review could prompt them to make the wrong right.

However, it is important to post reviews that are true and to have evidence of the shoddy work if possible. Contractors have the ability to sue you for false statements or libel if you post a review that isn’t honest.

One or more of these remedies can help you get your money back from a bad contractor, or prevent the contractor from performing low-quality work for another customer in the future. Be sure to first take time to speak with the contractor to see if a resolution can be made before pursuing any of these strategies.


  • Sabrina bowen

    I hired a contractor I have paid him a total of $18,000 and the work on my house it’s still yet to be done what can I do

  • John Spires

    If you live in Lousiana and you make a contract with someone to make home improvements on your house if they don’t begin the work within 45 days of receiving the payment then they are in violation of RS 14:202.1. Check your state law for similar laws.

  • Mike

    I paid a contractor $5500 to finish my patio project and he keep ignoring my calls and is not showing up. I am in Houston, TX. Does anyone know if its a violation of state law and what is that law and its terms. can anyone please revert.

  • Kristen Hill

    I live in CT and had a Contractor come in after my first and second floor was completely Demo’d as a result of a flood. So this is a homeowners claim.
    That said, I paid him over $20,000; not only did he not come back to finish. But the workmanship is beyond shoddy. It’s so bad, I now have to hire someone else to cone in and fix everything. Dealing with him and his incompetent workers was an absolute disaster-
    Not showing up on days he was supposed to, showing up on days he wasn’t. In fact, he’s send over his guys announced, who’d just walk into my home (he obviously told them where my hidden key was). On one occasion I was in the shower, at home with my toddler and they scared the crap out of me. They wreaked of alcohol, sorbet more time making “Home Depot” or on breaks, than they actually did in my home. The Contractor we hired never even came back to look over their work!! They helped themselves to tools in my garage without asking. Which they either ruined or took off with, they damaged $900 worth of cabinets, I mean the lust goes on and on and on.
    I’m also pretty certain he misrepresented himself/his capabilities. Which wasn’t smart of me.
    Considering the fact that his company name is
    “____ Drywall”. However, he was a referral from my Father in Law. So I trusted that he knew what he was doing. We all did!!! Lastly, I do believe he gave us a bogus license number. Because I can’t find him on the Government Registry. Again, this was through a homeowners claim. So they were given all this info. Therefore I assumed everything checked out. Idk. I’m just at such a loss, beyond devastated and I have no idea what to do or where to even start.
    I’m also curious to know if misrepresenting himself would fall into the violation of chapter 93 A.
    Any assistance would be appreciated more than you know. Thanks so much in advance.

  • Michaelangelo Castillo

    If a contractor screws you over check in with your states Contractor’s license and registration Agency. Usually the department of buildings or department of consumer affairs. I had a terrible experience with someone who claimed to know how to do the work. He didn’t. He violated every aspect of the contract. Had he been forthcoming I would have easily parted ways after firing him and he could have taken the money I already paid him, but he had the audacity to invoice me for 10,000 dollars and demand it and started threatening me. So I sued the crap out of him (not small claims court) I sued the crap out of him for civil and consumer fraud. Those are your best options because you’ll get every dime back even if it takes a year lol just seeing him destroyed gave me peace of mind…. such an arrogant little boy he was.

  • Marie Bartkowski

    I hired a contractor, in January,to build a 14 x 20 composite deck with a polycarbonite roof. It’s now July and I only have deck, no rails or roof. I have texted and called this contractor endlessly, but his excuses are endless. I still owe him $3,000 and he won’t be getting that. Is there anything I can do to hold him accountable.

  • Shonelle

    I hired Metropolitan home improvement and paid 6 figures. He provided nothing but subpar work. His workers used my brand new toilet. He refuses to provide receipts. He brought materials and other stuff in my house without my approval. I asked for a REFUND since last year. He ships supplies and expects me to put it in my house. Now he refusing to finish the job. Also the electrical wasn’t changed because my fuse keeps blowing. Plumbing is still bad as before yet he claims it was changed. Almost caused my house to burn down by connecting my dryer to my oil burner. I’m in New York and need assistance. I tried BBB and Consumer affairs. Please tell me my options. He was referred to me by National Housing Renovation Program. Everything was suppose to be custom but instead a major NIGHTMARE

  • Bob Conroy?

    I hired an Amish contractor on February 28, 2020 and wrote him a personal check for upfront money of $5250. He deposited that check in his bank and after that excuses are endless. It is now August 20 and he has done nothing. He will not return my money and he has not returned any of my phone calls or text messages to his driver contact number of his C+S construction company.I live in southern Illinois .What can I do or what can be done to recover my money?

  • Bob Conroy

    Previous comment by Bob Conroy. The contractor will not respond to text messages our phone calls to his driver Or To his C+S construction company

  • Juliann Elgohary

    Just hired a punk named John Tellier or Lombardo recommendation of his gf who I work with. Paid him $2000.00 by personal check took care of cost of materials and got them myself. This man says he paid someone else $1000.00 to remove the old porch. I asked him what of the other $1000.00? He said that was for him, for me hiring him. I call bs! Do I fire him and take him to small claims for fraud? He has none of the tools and none of the equipment! Just found out he’s also got a passed history of breaking the law! What the hell do I do!?

  • Anonymous

    Bad contractor in Idaho nothing but excuses owes money to subs fraudulent out four months and have paid don’t use wimrich construction INC or Mark Wimpee

  • Elizabeth

    I made my first deposit in August of $2000 and every month I was making payments because I was told the materials were ordered. It’s now December no one is answering my calls and emails.

  • Scott

    So my contractors took me for thousands of dollars; however, his trailer is parked in front of my house and could have thousands of dollars of equipment. My car is blocking it so he can’t take it away. How do I get possession of that trailer? Small claims court?

  • Barbara Antal

    Has anyone sued and been awarded the cost of hiring their attorney (legal fees) in addition to what the cost of the claim?

  • Barb ara

    Has anyone sued and been awarded the cost of hiring their attorney (legal fees) in addition to what the cost of the claim?

  • Galina Veytsman

    I take for a job Dennis Panza , company Essex Replacement Door &Window Co. Inc. Dennis promise to do the best job. Better than another. It’s custom made glass sliding balcony doors. But he one year can not found time to do his job. Of course it was building close for coronavirus. But he can found 2 days for do his job. Only when I write him I go to court. He next day send his workers. But it’s ,, customer made ,, doors is not fitted on the frame. And they broke the frame and wall. So the door have 1,5 “ shorter on bottom and 0,4 “ in top. And I can put my hand from room to the street. And workers tell we come tomorrow and fixed this door and begin do second door. It is very cold in the street. I have to go sleep in different place. And my superintendent come and tell. It’s first door in all building wrong doors . It’s impossible to fix. And Dennis tell me I stop the job any it’s my fault. Because I stop the job. I take another contractor and pay him money. And wait when my doors will be ready. But now I stay in another place to live because temperature the same like in the street. And he think it’s his costume made doors perfect. New contractor charge me $450. For fixed the wall and put new frame. Dennise take from me $4,000 and $450 for make damage But he think door it very good and do not give my money back and do not take his ,, good,, doors which do not fitted In sides it’s very big. That’s why his workers broken frame. And in bottom and top big holes. It’s costume make very good doores. He tell me. And I have to go to the lower.

  • Gee Natals

    this is coming from london ontario canada,”BUYER BEWARE” never buy a home from a northland industries or a pike lake modular homes,the also sell in some states mabee called innovations @ northlander and glass door

  • Veerendra potla

    I signed a contract with Westcounty basements , stlouis and hired a basement contractor in St. Louis, Missouri and paid 13200$ as he pressed for money to show up at work. After postponing for 6 weeks, He told applied permit and we are in waiting . But when I check with license came to know that he lied. Now at the end of 8 weeks Zero progress..When I questioned he said he will not continue my job and completely disconnected. He bullied me and my wife for calling him to checking the status of the work. What should I do?

  • Denise Ford

    I entered into a contract with K-Designers out of Portland, Oregon on December 11, 2020 for a bathroom remodel. I provided a personal check for $7085 because I was told it would get the job going faster. The contract indicates work to be done between Jan 11, 2021 and completed by Feb 1, 2021 but I have been unable to get anyone to return my calls regarding starting the work. I have asked for a refund if they cannot return my calls and start work immediately but really would rather not continue to do business with them. I get the feeling no one should do business with them.

  • Charles Jensen

    I had a beef with a contractor, the job he did isn’t what I asked for and not performed to our satisfaction……after a few months we got into it after he demanded payment and said if I didn’t pay him he was going to beat me until I hurt and kill me, he repeated over and over he was going to kill me…..this is in California so most likely I’m ost likely not get any help from any form of state government but am hoping someone has some ideas, I have 29 days left before he said he’d come to my house and kill me.

  • Carolyn Berry

    I hired a contractor to remodel my bathroom on May 8, 2020. I paid him upfront because my husband was in the hospital with cancer and I had fallen and broke my ankle. We needed a walk-in shower because we couldn’t climb the stairs. He was suppose to start right away. All he had was excuses why he couldn’t start. On No ember 23, 2020 I ask for my money back. He will not return it.

  • mariah Friis

    i am an 87 year old lady that lives in lake county and have got the (bad contractor’s )at every step of the fire victims rebuild 2017 was devastating for me ,”it opened me up to being taken advantage of by the local manufactured Homes hustle and they even delivered the home without a foundation and to boot the roofers never completed their job and electrician was even worse then I could of imagine’they are sato masticistic contractors from hell….please help someone I dont have any experience in I reall getting back my money and why wisents there some kind of California watch dog/activist for the elderly group that will make these contractors accountable
    sorry hasn’t even been uttered by these incompetent scam artist and lake county ca is filled with code enforcment turning a blind eye””please someone help

  • Cheryl Darby

    I hired a contractor to replace my bathtub in my basement bathroom and to refurbish my front porch. After removing my bathtub and starting to build a frame for the shower, I discovered he spent the $7000 I advanced him to pay his bills. I have had to hire another contractor to complete the bathroom and cannot afford to do the porch. What recourse do I have to get my money back? I live in Wichita, Kansas.

  • Dolores Smith

    John Spires, I’m in La.

    Never, evwr, ever, ever, ever use Asset Builders. Ross Downing Jr ( son if Ross Downung, the car dealership guy) and some guy named Brandon own it.

    They basicly stole $20,000 ftom us. We never got our kitchen cabinets. We ended up havingvto use another cabinet company and qe payed them directly. Now our cabinets are comibg and our walls aren’t done.

    Also, none of the appliances are here or the bathroom fixtures, tub, shower, toilet…and thwy left live wires exposed including the main electrical wire. It was a remodel and rhey have endangered us our pets.

    Totally horrible experoence …tell everyone in Louisiana. We have photos. Tons. From when the nonsense started.

    We are getting an attorney. Thsts not all and sometimes social media rocks. Its not slander or liable if its true. Going to contact state licensing too.

  • Dolores Smith

    John Spires, I’m in La.

    Never, ever, ever, ever, ever use Asset Builders. Ross Downing Jr ( son if Ross Downing, the car dealership guy) and some guy named Brandon own it.They basiclally stole $20,000 ftom us. We never got our kitchen cabinets. We ended up having to use another cabinet company and we payed them directly. Now our cabinets are coming and our walls aren’t done.

    Also, none of the appliances are here or the bathroom fixtures, tub, shower, toilet…and they left live wires exposed including the main electrical wire. It was a remodel and rhey have endangered us our pets. Totally horrible experoence …tell everyone in Louisiana. We have photos. Tons. From when the nonsense started.
    We are getting an attorney. That’s not all and sometimes social media rocks. Its not slander or liable if its true. Going to contact state licensing too.

  • Michael Lombardo

    The contractor I hired will not return the balance of my deposit. Small Claims Court is shut down indefinitely. I contacted a lawyer who sent letters requesting the funds be returned but to no avail. Lawyer will not pursue any further contact stating “he in not a bill collector.”
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This contractor preys on the elderly and Amish/Mennonite communities.

  • Joey L

    I hired a company to do my pool. He keep avoiding my calls and text. Also he told me he’s licensed but he will not give me the lic number. He damaged my pavers and my yard. What can I do?

  • guy tumarki

    I hire a contractor to move my pool equipment
    He did the job and did it bad the pipes licking
    And I am sure he didn’t it with no city permits
    He stop answer the calls what should I do ?

  • Sonya West

    I live in Augusta, GA. In February I hired Chris Edenfield to do yard grading of a zmall sloped hill in my front yard and to install 2-3 catch basins to fix erosion. He calculated a bill over 12K and wanted half for the deposit. I put down 3K. Then he said because of how water ran on the property I should let him fix the back yard to “tie in” to the front yard. He wrote out another contract where cost to do this came to 3K. I wrote another check & paid for that. Hindsight it is the half he initially wanted. Next he came to request get 1.8K for the sprinkler estimate. I didn’t give it and asked for my money back. He said the “deposit” is nonrefundable & if I wanted my money back he’d see me on court. No address is on the the contract & he wouldn’t provide it when asked.
    What can I do?

  • Claresa Butler

    Will’s Floors and More is not ethical he lies like he is a contractor was working through Home Advisor he demands payment but has very poor workmanship He will slander your name and lie about everything and try to take a customer fast do not use this LLC when looking it up has no license number and the company name is not in State records. To pay him in full to have nothing done right and he lies to the ones did the work when time to pay them because he spent the money He traveled the surrounding areas

  • Anonymous

    I hired plum point construction in napanoch ny to do work on my home we started with a porch snd was going to side my home , said my porch woukd be 1500$ I buy the materials, he asked for 4000$ down as that was a third of entire contract, so that he could purchase materials for siding , well he worked on porch never ordered materials, did some shotty work , because didn’t take time to use proper materials , he now is not doing siding since he coujd not be counted on to do this one little project correct or in ample time , as soon as I handed him the check he packed in gor the day and ran to the bank , I have yet to get my 2500$ back and now he claims he had too much to do in pirch and he’s now keeping entire money , well I told him if that’s the case u woukd be doing my entire home fir 2000$ labor which doesn’t make sense and won’t in the eyes of law when I pursue , so if anyone entertains idea of this company , DO NOT hire plum point construction , shady!!!


    I have hired a contractor do do work. But I did it in stages meaning we did a contract for painting, a contract on the 3 bathrooms, a contract for my porch and then a contract for drywall.. now my question is being that they are separate contracts, if one wasn’t done right or at all can I sue for each contract or will it have to be considered one whole contract.

  • Cheryl greene

    We hired a pool company to install a new liner. We have them $1450.00 at the end of March 2021. They came with the liner but the liner was the wrong size so now we are still waiting for the new liner. They keep telling us tales. They came to prep the pool yesterday and said they were coming back today. But nothing story after story!! What are we suppose to do ???

  • Christine A Murphy

    We had a contractor come out bid on a deck for our swimming pool he signed contract we gave him half up front for material and cpl days later another check for some duct work he supposedly done. Then he vanished gave us sob story of exwife taking his money draining his account then numbet was disconected and he moved is there anything we can do?


    I hired a contractor for a new home build. He changed the California contract about down payments and only said 10%, he removed the part where it’s supposed to say or $1,000 or whatever is less.
    We had difficulties getting through plan check and he told me that I needed to hire an architect so I hired the architect and the day that I got the revised plans he sent me a vague invoice with no dates or time or anything it just was a list of 13 items such as uploading plans to the county, time to print documents, calling the utility company to check on temporary power, calling the water department about a flow analysis. So the invoice said invoice at the top it listed 13 items and then it said $5,000. Well I had already contracted with him to build the home for 15% of the total cost which would have been about $57,000 but in order to get the plans to the county he wanted to tack on another $5,000 without a change order or a extra work order which is supposed to be done prior to the commencement of work. He sent me the invoice about 6 months into the project. We never broke around we still hadn’t gotten the permit and it just seems like he was always making things so confusing that we were going through plan check over and over and then I found out that maybe he wasn’t wanting to build the house maybe he just wanted to invoice me for not building the house. So if a contractor changes the required verbiage on a contract about the down payment and then he invoices you but the invoice has no details such as dates or how much time is that wrongdoing? I was thinking about going to the state contractors board. I always knew that I was going to have to pay for receipts for outside agencies and printing in those type of things but I never imagined that I was going to have to pay him to print items or make a phone call or upload the plans to the county I just thought that would be part of the duties that I general contractor would be being paid for considering that he would have been making $57,000 for building the home. Actually he’s a general contractor so most of the work would have been subbed out anyway so basically he was just a project manager. If anyone has any answers please reply.
    Oh by the way we never did break ground we never got the permit. It always seemed like there was always a lot of mistakes he made.

  • Alex Albert

    Point line contracting is one of the best contractors in Brooklyn, who provide the best roofing services in Brooklyn. We also provide the brick-pointing, flooring, kitchen & bath, roof installation in Brooklyn. So contact us and get our affordable roofing services in Brooklyn.

  • Kathy Hartman

    After hurricane Irma I had my roof replaced. We signed a contract that said if there were any leaks within 5 years it was under warranty. Needless to say we had a leak and when I called them they wouldn’t honor the contract, would fix the roof. We paid money and could never get the todo the work. We got a lawyer and have spent almost enough money to have paid for a new roof. It is disheartening that my own lawyer took twice what the roofer did still with no results. My roof still.eats. What can I do?

  • Susan Sharp

    I started working with an Llc in Jan.2021 for a front porch and a sunroom. I had to get a variance for the sunroom. I paid him $11,000
    and haven’t heard from him.We did hear that he decided to put the ck and others in a newly established bank account unknown to his partner. It was July and the partner said we would a refund. We got a lawyer, contractor said perhaps he could sign a payment plan. Lawyer said he would write up and he never heard back. Since it’s an Llc we can’t sue the individual it has to be the Corp. Theft is theft. Basically we have to spend time and money with a lawyer of which we already know we would win, it’s collecting that I’m sure wouldn’t be easy. I’d like to put him in jail.

  • GH

    I hired a contractor to replace my driveway. I gave him a deposit of 4ooo. He removed my driveway and decided not to do anymore work. After many phone calls to give him a chance to come finish the work. Contractor sent me a text stating if he didn’t get the work finish in the following week he would refund us some of the money back. Its been almost 3 weeks since and not contact has been made by contractor. I am in Virginia. I checked out his LLC and the address indicated isn’t legit. City of Virginia Beach indicate that he does not have a license.

  • Kent Kline

    I hired a contractor to pour a cement porch. and gave them a 2500 deposit.
    They never did the job. they said they going to give my deposit back . but they have not.
    What should I do

  • Kim Johnson

    Alldry got my contract after Florence 2018 it is now 2021 and just stopped working and the inspector said the work is 95% done i have no more insurance many to complete the job and i just found out from the city they got no permits nor do they have a license to work in nc. A worker stole all my jewelry they through out my stove and dishwasher a mattress and a dinette set. I was told they were going to replace the stove and dishwasher however that never happen. They were paid

  • Mike Furlow

    The floors, joists and sub flooring was ripped up 6 years ago. Everything replaced was with NEW materials. In the end, a sub contractor applied foam insulation. 2 weeks ago we found the insulation pulled away from the joists, moisture developed under the sub floor and floors are sagging. Who is responsible for the cost of this new project?

  • Anonymous

    I contracted National Floors Direct working in the state of Florida. After they took 30% deposit of 2,700.00 the day of the installation they showed up with the wrong color for the floors not at all what I had order. They said the job could not be finished because it was to big of an are. They told me it would take until after the hollidays. I told them absolubly not to even finished the install that’s not what i agreed on when the contract was executed. Now they wont refund my deposit. They are nothing but scammers working in the state.
    Virginia Lange

  • BM

    I had a house built by Hearndon Construction in Suffolk, Va. The materials and workmanship is so that I was devastated. And it’s been a nightmare to get faulty work fixed. From holes in the walls, backwards tub fixtures, toilet flip flopping, replacing kitchen flooring, to using broken up bricks for foundation, siding that don’t fix properly to half painted siding. I could go on but it becomes so stressful to think about. One of my neighbors said they sold me a lemon house. After 8 months I finally got Clark Roof and Siding ti come fix a flawed siding panel. The replaced panel looks worst than what was previously there. It’s unbelievable! The builder has gone out of business and we are left with our one year warranty trying ti figure it out. I am so disgusted. I consider Hearndon to be one of the worst new construction home builders. He did not keep his word when he agreed to build be a quality home with care. Buyer beware. They take average people’s hard earned money and build shoddy homes and could care less. I wonder how they sleep at night. No integrity.

  • Anonymous

    Plum Point Construction 1 is ot a reputable business. He was hired to build a porch and side my home. I agreed to purchase the materials, and give him a deposit for the work to be done. He left the site to cash the $4,000 deposit check, immediately. He did not return for quite a few days. It took him a month to build a small porch, because he would work on it for about a hour at a time. He refused to do the trim work the way I wanted. A few days later, he decided he wasn’t going to finish the job. His work was sloppy and not nicely finished. He is unreliable.
    I sued him in civil court and he issued me a small check with insufficient funds. DO NOT HIRE.

  • Lisa dishek

    I recently got a bit of legal advice about this matter, if u have a faulty contractor best thing to do is call the ny state licensing board to report wrong doings of contractor , and they will look into matter and most likely pull their license so they cannot do business anyMore , well legally can’t! Every 1-2 years contractors have to renew , but with complaints especially as this they will most likely have to find a new business/ hobby if u will ! So good luck contractors who think can screw over your customers , shame on u all!

  • Lisa dishek

    I recently got a bit of legal advice about this matter, if u have a faulty contractor best thing to do is call the ny state licensing board to report wrong doings of contractor , and they will look into matter and most likely pull their license so they cannot do business anyMore , well legally can’t! Every 1-2 years contractors have to renew , but with complaints especially as this they will most likely have to find a new business/ hobby if u will ! So good luck contractors who think can screw over your customers , shame on u all!

  • Anonymous

    I need advise on how to make a big cooperate company make good on the remodeling

  • Divine

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  • Anonymous

    We are from Long Island and hired Edward Myles of Professional Home Services Contracting (he changed the business name to Pennsylvania Homes) to build our vacation home in Monroe county, in the Indian Mountain Lakes Community. We signed the contract with Edward Myles in April 2021 which included the purchase of the lot and down payment. After months of delays and excuses from Edward Myles nothing was being done. Additionally, what makes this matter worse is that he forged the permits that were sent to his bank and myself. The Chestnuthill township has evidence of this and the state police are investigating. Unfortunately, this also occurred to 5 other of his customers. And as of today, Edward Myles is still holding onto our deposit.

    Thanks Edward and Beata Myles (his wife is in on this scam as well) for destroying our vacation home dream.

    Update, here is a news story on Edward Myles.

  • Charles Smith

    I hired Texas Best Handyman & Remodel LLC Eric Baldwin to remove remaining bricks & apply siding from my mother’s home who is 99 years young. Not only was his work less than professional and did not measure up to the price he charged, he refuses to correct the shoddy workmanship performed after being paid $23,000. I have a balance of $3,000 which he is threatening to have his attorney to draw up paperwork for court & put lien on my mother’s home. How low can you go. I will have to hire someone else to right your errors and you know what that means.

  • Dk

    Our contractor subbed out our above the garage job. It took 6 months for them to start after the signing of the original contract. They kept telling us that they have no help, yet took 30,000 from us! They finally came and took the roof off the single car garage (attached to the house). They were only there for two short days. The garage has been left without a roof now for 10 days! Is this legal to do in Pennsylvania? Of course this is only part of our problem with these horrible people.

  • kris Maine

    I was scammed last month and had to look for a way to get my stolen funds back. I was referred to an expert and I texted him on ESTEEPMORGAN @ CONSULTANT . COM He make sure I recovered all I lost. I’m so speechless and surprised how it really happened

  • Dovile Mockiene

    The contractors crooks can take advantage of people bcz very expensive to get money everyone has a bad stories but not too many good Ones with happy ending. Contractor i higher to work on the house w different projects ask for money upfront. I heard millions excuses why he can’t come to work, he is so busy w other projects what can you do when Contractor I have no money and file for bankruptcy? Sad part crooks know the laws better and how expensive to sue them in civil court

  • Lindsey Lewis

    It is a pity that such situations happen, you give very valuable advice. But it is better not to get into such a situation and think everything through in advance, it is worth concluding a contract with the contractor and monitor his work, if you communicate with contractors remotely, you can use the construction management software

  • Anonymous

    I stay in Marion South Carolina we have one going around claiming to remolding bathrooms do check them out I’m still waiting on my bathrooms remolding He took over 12,000 dollars and stop working completely and I have lost my money and have no job done.

  • Demetria Cooper

    Destiny Builders LLC out of Montgomery, Alabama duty of care has been nonexistent this whole process causing my husband and I health, safety, and well-being to be compromised. There have been times throughout the process that the builder’s subcontractors have removed personal items from our home, such as paint supplies, phone charger, and tools. In addition to this, he has made our home an open house to different unskilled people resulting in our personal property to be damaged and or broken, such as dresser, sofa, chairs, etc. In fact, there are deficiencies that still exist to this day. This includes but is not limited to the unleveled master bedroom shower not draining properly causing mold and mildew, the side of the front yard not graded properly resulting in standing water and insects breeding, and bricks not plumbed and pointed around the house. These defects caused by failure to complete the work in a professional standard based on design specifications resulted in damage and financial loss. In knowing this, the builder refuses to take accountability for his and his subcontractors’ actions. It has been over a year to where the builder has had many opportunities and extensions by the state license board and the VA failing to meet each one. It is a shame that anyone, especially Disabled Veterans, have to endure such behavior from a so-called professional. All I can say is BEWARE!

  • Kim Rau

    I hired a Concrete Contractor last November and there are numerous long 5ft cracks. I am going to take him to small claims due to him not coming and speaking with us after the Cracks started. There was not enough control joints and the temp was to low (32 or lower so the ground was to cold) and there was too much water in the concrete. Can you give me some help on this.

  • Linda Alderman

    How would you calculate loss of use if a contractor removed your deck and did not replace it.

  • For The People

    Hello,If anyone has been screwed from a contractor or handyman in state of California please call or text with details at 7476000091 We will have them to complete the projects or have them give your money back (100% guaranteed) if they haven’t follow with the agreement ( Written agreement is PLUS but NOT mandatory requirement ) Thank you

  • Rick and Linda Jones

    In February of 2022, we hired Richard Knott of Alpha Omega Development & Cutting Edge Door and Trim to build a casita in our backyard. He was an acquaintance of one of our sons, so we trusted him. He misrepresented his skills to us and claimed to have built a casita before. He gave us a bid of $150,800 and said it was the same as a contract. He said he required half down to begin, and we gave him a check for $78,500 (I know, so stupid!). He never even provided a receipt for this and I ended up typing our own receipt, in September (seven months later), and had him sign it. He told us he didn’t want us to worry about dealing with the City for approval of the plans. He submitted the plans with incorrect setbacks (which he should have known). It turned out we were heavily involved with the City throughout the approval process, which took nine months. We did all the legwork for the Special Use Permit ourselves. During this time, we continuously asked Richard for a valid contract and for proof of his insurance. He never supplied either. He had trusses delivered to our backyard in June, and had them placed on the ground. He was not present for the delivery and my husband had to go to Lowe’s to get tarps to cover them. They have been rained on continuously. After we finally received approval from the City, he stated he couldn’t build the casita for the price in his initial bid. That, coupled with the fact that he failed to provide the requested documents to us, left us no alternative but to cancel. He returned $48,800 of our money and kept $29,700! He charged us $10,000 for the trusses (still sitting in our backyard), $10,000 for his “time,” and $9,700 for the plans and windows. He did not provide original invoices for the trusses, windows, or plans; neither did he provide any breakdown of his “time.” We were completely ripped off by him.

  • Karen Pratt

    I had a fire in my home, and the contractor got paid for crappy work, no permit was pulled , my ac unit was cleaned, paid for power poll which was never there also a cargo container , a structural engineer, and several other things to many to list, there is four women that is going thru the same thing. My ceiling cracked within a few days of fire, after proving it to the contractor, he sent his person to fix it and it cracked again, he keeps saying external force but if they had the engenieer There this wouldn’t of happened now he is trying to make me and the ins company pay . 10 months out of my home no supervisor was there and contractor came out to finally look at the work and couldn’t say anything … they got way to much money for crappy work

  • Mistreated

    I live in Atlanta, Georgia and hires a Sunroom Company 2 build, or extend my deck, but build a Sunroom on it. the Sunroom is attached to kitchen by a sliding door, which they put in. I was quite happy with the work, especially the sliding door, because the area was originally a double window. So, I hired the Carpenter to enclose my Exercise room. I paided him more than half of the price to start the project. Meanwhile, the first time it rained, the Sunroom got extremely wet. After, this happened they would fix on it, but it just kept leaking. Since it was the same Carpenter, he has never started on my Exercise room, as well, as the leaking in the Sunroom is not settled. I can tell this Company has moved on to other projects, because every time it rains, I take pictures. And he has stopped coming over as much, and when he promises to come over it is hit and miss. It is now going into 4 months, since we paid for the Deck and Sunroom, and we have never even lived in it. It is now, 5 months since I gave the Carpenter money 2 do the Exercise room. I have contracts, from the both of them, but hiring a Lawyer is so expensive. I m wondering what my options are? Can anyone give me some suggestions?

  • Katie Page

    I hired who I thought was a contractor to build an in-law suite off my sons home. I also was recovering from an accident that caused some brain damage. This guy had me give him $8500 deposit to start. Months went by with nothing started and then he said he had all the permits pulled. He told me he had ordered custom doors and windows and needed $3800 now to get them. I didn’t get to pick them out. A few days later he needed $3500 for one day rental of a bobcat. The receipt clearly was photo shopped. Then he needed $1600 for a Great Dealfor a portapotty. This all happened within a couple days after I found that he was charging me 10 times what a potty costs i was going to confront him. He did show up for the first dig and within 15 min cut a main power line to our home! Turns out he never called 811! We fired him at that point and got the papers from the inspectors box out front and found there was a contractor that pulled the permits. Our guy was a sub and not qualified at all to do a project of this magnitude. Also he would not return any of the money I gave him and with all fake receipts that he gave me. We also contacted the contractor on the permits with no help from him. We have filed two separate complaints with the state board. We are hoping to try to get my $20k back from the contractors insurance or bond but don’t know how to find the insurance company. I had to take a loan for 20k just to have enough money. I used my life’s saving to get this built. Now I don’t have near enough to get the job done. I would appreciate any help and advice to help get my money back! The sub has disappeared of course but the contractor did have a contract with him stating he was ultimately responsible for the Subs work please help me!

  • Karen Wright

    Imtnot sure of which state you live in, but we are in Kansas and we recently filed a felony theft against a “contractor” who scammed us for $ 22400 for a kitchen remodel. If the contractor does not pay us back in the designated time, he could face felony charges and prison. He will have a felony charge and will not be able to get licenses and possibly loans if he doesn’t pay us back. Anyone who checks this contractor’s records will see the felony charge. I’ve also filed a complaint with the BBB. Anyone checking on this contractor will see what type of business person he is.

  • Kerry Smith

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