Everything You Need to Know About Home Dry Cleaning Kits

Did you know you can bring the dry cleaners to you? No more wasted trips to the dry cleaner. Unnecessarily that is. We still need professional dry cleaners for some things. But most of our clothing can be cleaned using a home dry cleaning kit.

If you haven’t yet tried to use a home dry cleaning kit, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Home dry cleaning kits are cheaper than regular dry cleaning services, they are easy to use, more convenient, and they are good for the environment. Of course, they aren’t better than a professional dry cleaning service (there’s a reason they are professionals), they still help you get the job done.

With several home dry cleaning kits available in store and online that you can use at home or at a laundromat, they are becoming more and more popular. Home dry cleaning kits are more affordable than traditional dry cleaning services. And they save you a ton of time and energy.

These kits include a reusable cleaning bag, moist cleaning cloths, and a stain remover. After you have purchased your starter kit backup refills are available for purchase. Generally speaking, kits cost around $12.

How to Use

Using a home dry cleaning kit is simple. When you get your kit you’ll get instructions, stain removal solution, stain removal pads, dry cleaning towelettes, and a reusable bag for the dryer. It’s important that you read the manufacturer instructions. Each kit is a little different, so the instructions are going to be your best friend.

Note: These kits can produce hazardous fumes and should be handled with caution and care.

Begin by spot treating any stains on the garment you wish to dry clean. Then place the garment(s) into the reusable bag and throw it into the dryer on medium heat for about 30 minutes. And just like that, you have successfully completed your own dry cleaning service. All in the comfort of your own home. Or laundromat. 

Final Overview

These dry cleaning kits cost anywhere from $10-$15. This is for a starter kit that will clean roughly 16-24 garments. Which all depends on the brand, size, and weight of the garment. The kits are safe and reliable. They freshen your clothing and remove most water-based stains.

The convenience of these kits is exceptional. They aren’t harmful to the environment like professional dry cleaners due to the use of a less caustic cleaning solution. You spend less time on the road to picking up and delivering clothes. There is are no protective plastic bags which helps paper waste. And no more wire hangers! Woo! Where do I sign up?

Our recommendation: Use these kits more often for your knits and softly-tailored dry cleaning needs. Send your more expensive garments and heavily grime stains to a professional

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