Ethnic Diversity in Home Cleaning Maid Sailors

Ethnic Diversity in Home Cleaning: What You Need To Know

It is not at all uncommon these days for busy people to hire professional cleaning services for their homes. In fact, hiring a cleaning service can free up valuable time that could be better spent on other things. Of course, as certain services gain widespread popularity, competing businesses have to begin looking for ways to diversify and stand out. This increased competition has led to some pretty interesting business models for house-cleaning, including topless and nude cleaning services.

Does this sound like something that might appeal to you? More cleaning companies these days are beginning to venture out and offer these risque services to their clients—and while nude maid services may not be right for everyone, there is certainly a growing market for them.

For those who would prefer to sit back and relax while watching someone else take care of the cleaning, ethnically diverse maid services are also becoming increasingly popular. Just as a client hiring a professional dancer might request a specific ethnicity, this same option is being offered by some innovative cleaning companies to better please their clients.

Thinking about giving one of these cleaning services a try? There are some things you need to be aware of and keep in mind when it comes to ethnic diversity in house-cleaning services.

A Cleaning Service (And Then Some)

Nude cleaning services offer just that—professional cleaning services performed by women (or even men, though less commonly) either topless or completely in the nude. The scope of cleaning services included can vary from one company to the next. For example, some may offer light dusting, sweeping, and scrubbing. Others may offer more extensive cleaning services, ranging from laundry to deep cleaning.

As your maid cleans your home, you can feel free to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. And just as some cleaning services allow you to request a blonde maid or a maid with short hair, some even allow you to request a specific ethnicity for your house cleaner. Asian, Latina, and Russian maids are all popular options among clients. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference, and you’re under no obligation to choose a particular ethnicity or make any special requests at all.

The Beauty of Ethnic Diversity

Variety is the spice of life, so if you’re going to be hiring a topless or nude house cleaner, why not mix things up from time to time? Most of these house cleaning services will allow you to switch up your requests for each appointment—though if you find a cleaner you’re particularly fond of, you can certainly request to have her return. Just keep in mind that you’ll probably need to work around her availability in terms of scheduling.

Other clients may prefer a certain ethnicity but a different cleaner with each appointment, whereas others may enjoy the variety of a different ethnicity for each scheduled cleaning service. Therein lies the beauty of these services; they’re 100% tailored to your needs and preferences.

Not sure what ethnicity you’re most attracted to? Consider some of the most popular searches for ethnic maid services, including:

  • Asian maids
  • Mexican maids
  • Latina maids
  • Spanish maids
  • Russian maids
  • Black maids
  • Female maids
  • Male maids

And while maids often keep to themselves and are rather quiet as they perform their work, some clients do enjoy a particular accent or dialect in a  home cleaning service. For example, many clients find the accent of a maid who speaks Russian to be attractive. Others may enjoy a maid who speaks Spanish. Of course, not all ethnic maids may have an accent or even speak a language other than English.

Hiring an Ethnic Maid: Things to Remember

If you’re thinking about hiring an ethnic maid service, there are some important tips and things to remember before you book.

Don’t Make Assumptions

If you’re going to request a specific ethnicity for your house cleaner, it’s important to also check your assumptions at the door. There are a lot of stereotypes floating around out there for every ethnicity imaginable (we won’t go into detail here because we find these assumptions to be unfounded and ridiculous), and you could come off as extremely offensive if you’re not careful.

When an ethnic maid shows up to clean your home, remember that he or she is there to perform a service. You will receive the same level and quality of house-cleaning from any maid within the same company. If you’re concerned about saying or doing something offensive when it comes to interacting with an ethnic maid, take some time to read up on general etiquette for that culture before your maid arrives.

Speaking of assumptions, don’t assume that somebody will enjoy a house cleaner that is the same ethnicity as them. For example, if you’re looking to gift a friend with an ethnic cleaning service and he’s Spanish, you shouldn’t assume that he’ll automatically want to see a Spanish maid, Black maid, Mexican maid, or Latina maid. And actually, springing a maid service on a buddy as a surprise may not be the best idea, anyway. Avoid creating any awkward situations by talking to your friend about it first.

Look For Photos and Profiles

A lot of ethnic cleaning services have specific photos and profiles for maids on their websites. Others may have this information available upon request but may not publish it publicly on their websites. Either way, if you have something specific in mind in terms of the type of maid you’d like to see cleaning your house, requesting photos and profiles from your maid service is the best way to move forward.

Just keep in mind that if you do see a maid you’d like to have clean your home, that particular maid may not have a schedule that works with yours. Most cleaning services cannot handle special requests for schedule changes, so you may need to be a bit flexible in order to get the maid you want at your home.

Many cleaning services also won’t explicitly advertise that they honor requests for specific ethnicities (some may find this offensive, after all). However, taking the time to read maid profiles and check out their photos can potentially help you find the ethnicity you’re looking for, whether it be an Asian maid, Latina maid, Russian maid, or any other ethnicity you may have in mind.

Respect the Rules

Any reputable maid service will require you to sign or acknowledge a contract with terms of service agreement. Take time to actually read the document before you sign it so you can understand what’s allowed and what’s not allowed with your service. All too often, clients make the mistake of trying to take things too far with an ethnic maid. In reality, most of these services have strict policies against any sort of uncomfortable situations such as discrimination, touching, making advances, or even taking photos of your maid during your appointment.

Also, make sure that you fully understand the scope of work that’s included with your service. Many ethnic cleaning services are actually just a standard cleaning service, with an ethnic cleaner, you’ll want to clarify this and make sure it’s something that’s offered.

Follow Up on Special Requests

If you’ve requested a particular maid or a specific ethnicity for your house cleaner, it’s never a bad idea to call the company a day or two before your appointment to make sure any special requests can be granted. This is an especially good idea if you’ve simply entered your request in a “special request” form while making an online booking. These requests aren’t always guaranteed, though any cleaning company looking to satisfy its clients will do everything they can to honor them.

The Cost of Hiring an Ethnic Maid Service

It’s probably not a surprise, but you should expect to spend more money hiring an ethnic maid service than you would with hiring a traditional house cleaner. This is the case for a number of reasons. For starters, requesting a particular ethnicity, a particular sex such as a male maid or female maid, or requesting a nude or topless maid is extremely specific. The more specific your requests are for a house cleaner, the more it makes sense that pricing can increase. And of course, any time removal of clothing, in the case of a nude maid service, is involved, you can expect to pay more because you’re not just getting house-cleaning services; you’re getting entertainment as well.

Specific costs can vary greatly from one company to the next and will depend largely on what type of cleaning service you’re looking for. Some will allow you to hire ethnic maids by the hour, whereas others may charge a flat fee to complete a specific set of cleaning tasks.

Should you tip an ethnic maid? This is a common question clients have. In general, these maids are compensated pretty fairly, but they are still providing a service and therefore it is probably not a bad idea to tip your maid, especially if she exceeded your expectations. If you’re unsure, check your cleaning company’s policies online regarding tipping/gratuities before your scheduled appointment.

How to Book an Ethnic Maid

While it’s generally best to book an ethnic maid through a reputable cleaning company, keep in mind that there are “independent contractors” who may offer their own cleaning services outside of a traditional cleaning company. It may be easier to find a maid who meets your desired specifications if you go this route, especially if you have something very specific in mind. Just keep in mind that independent cleaners may not carry liability insurance and they may not offer the same level of customer service that a large company could. Ultimately, it’s all about what you’re most comfortable with.

The Bottom Line on Ethnic Maid Services

No matter what appeals to you, there’s a good chance you can find a cleaning service that meets your needs. From Asian maids and Spanish maids to Russian maids and any other ethnicity imaginable, you can find a house cleaner who will serve as eye candy while performing the cleaning tasks you need done around the house. Some clients who have a difficult time choosing a maid may even request multiple maids of different ethnicities to come by during the same appointment. This can be a great way to satisfy your tastes while having your house cleaned top to bottom; of course, it’s also one of the most expensive ways to clean your house!

Just remember, above all else, to treat your maid with respect and make sure you understand the terms of service you agreed to when you booked your cleaning appointment. And of course, if you’re a little uncomfortable with the idea of booking an ethnic maid begin with, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a traditional house-cleaning service to perform the work fully clothed. Please note that Maid Sailors is a traditional maid service and does not offer ethnic or nude maid services. This is an informational piece for those looking to hire these services.


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