DoorDash Tipping Guide: What You Need To Know Before You Order

These days, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy your favorite restaurant foods. Meal-delivery services such as GrubHub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash make it possible to order meals directly to your door from fast-food joints, sit-down restaurants, food trucks, and every option in between.

These services rely on drivers who work as independent contractors to pick-up food orders and make deliveries to customers’ doors—all while using their own personal vehicles and gas. Each service has its own unique policies and systems for paying its drivers, though all food-delivery platforms offer an option for customers to tip their drivers.

DoorDash has one of the more confusing driver pay platforms, which can make it difficult for customers to know whether they should be tipping their drivers (known as “Dashers”) and, if so, how much of the tip actually ends up in the drivers’ pockets. If you order on DoorDash regularly or are thinking about trying this service in the near future, having a better understanding of how their payment platform works can help you make an informed decision regarding how much to tip your delivery driver.

What Is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a food-delivery platform that began in Palo Alto, California in 2013 and has since expanded to more than 600 cities across North America. Users who wish to order food through DoorDash can create a free account and enter their delivery address to see a list of participating restaurants in their area. From there, users can order their food directly through the DoorDash app (or on the DoorDash website).

Once an order is placed, users can also track their order to see when it has been picked up by the Dasher and when it is estimated to arrive at their delivery address. Like many similar services, users can rate their experience with their Dasher after their order is delivered and provide other feedback. The app and website also give users an opportunity to leave a driver gratuity when an order is placed.

DoorDash delivery fees can vary depending on the restaurant from which the customer is ordering, as well as other factors. However, delivery fees are sometimes waived for special promotions and new customers.

Understanding The DoorDash Pay Structure

DoorDash revised its Dasher payment terms in recent years—and while these changes have resulted in overall greater retention and higher Dasher satisfaction, the new payment structure can be a bit confusing. Specifically, DoorDash uses a special algorithm that calculates a “guaranteed minimum” amount of money that a Dasher will make from completing a given delivery. This minimum is calculated based on a number of factors, including the complexity of the delivery, traffic, and more.

In addition to guaranteed minimums, DoorDash always guarantees that they will kick in an additional dollar for each completed delivery, as well as $100 of any tips provided. In any instance where the tip plus $1 from DoorDash doesn’t meet the guaranteed minimum, DoorDash will also kick in a “pay boost” to ensure that the driver receives the guaranteed minimum amount.

Should You Tip Your Dasher?

As you may be able to gather from the pay model, DoorDash seems to rely heavily on the assumption that customers will tip their drivers in order to meet their “guaranteed minimum” pay amounts. Some have argued that this is problematic because it appears as though DoorDash is using customer gratuities to supplement driver pay.

Regardless of how you feel about the DoorDash payment structure, the fact remains that you should generally tip your delivery driver. Not only do drivers rely on tips to make a decent living, but you must also take into consideration that these drivers use their own personal vehicles and gas to pick up and deliver your food.

At the end of the day, the decision to tip is entirely yours—but be sure to keep in mind how the DoorDash pay structure works and the fact that drivers are providing a valuable service to you. At the time you place your order, the DoorDash app will automatically calculate and prompt you to leave a 15% tip. However, you can adjust this as you see fit.

Recommended Tipping Amounts For DoorDash

If you’re going to tip your DoorDash driver, it is recommended that you follow general service-industry tipping guidelines. In other words, think about tipping the same amount you would tip your server at a restaurant or your pizza delivery driver. In most areas, this equates about 15%-20% of your total bill.

Of course, it’s not always this cut-and-dry. For example, DoorDash frequently runs special promotions that will give you a certain dollar amount off your order or waive your delivery fee. When you’re taking advantage of these kinds of discounts, you should still tip your driver based on the full amount before any promotions or discounts. For example, if you have a $20 order but use a promotional code to drop your total down to $15, you should still leave your tip based on the $20 total. If you’re tipping 20%, this will equate to a $4 tip. This is similar to Postmates tipping etiquette.

You may want to take other factors into consideration when tipping your Dasher as well. For example, if you know that your driver had to drive through heavy rush hour traffic to make your delivery, you might consider throwing an extra dollar or two his or her way to make up for the additional time, gas, and vehicle wear-and-tear. The same applies if your driver went above and beyond, such as by returning to the restaurant to retrieve an item that an employee forgot to put in your bag.

And of course, if you have an especially poor experience with your Dasher, you are justified in lowering your tip amount if desired. Just be sure that you aren’t “punishing” your driver for things that were beyond his or her control. For example, it’s not your driver’s fault if there was an accident on the freeway that caused your delivery to be a few minutes late.

When To Tip Your Dasher

Another common question people have when it comes to using the DoorDash platform is when they should leave their driver a tip. The DoorDash app prompts users to tip their drivers at the same time they place their order. However, some users may be uncomfortable with tipping before they know what kind of service they’re going to receive. For example, a user may not want to leave a 20% tip on an order and then regret it when they have a bad experience.

The good news is that DoorDash allows users to change their tip amount after-the-fact by visiting the Delivery Help page; here, tips can be adjusted as needed. This includes adding a tip when you did not leave one at the time you placed your order. If you did leave a tip but want to adjust it, you can increase or decrease as you see fit. Your delivery driver will be notified of any changes in your gratuity.

Benefits Of Tipping In Cash

For those who are uncomfortable with the idea of tipping through the DoorDash app or leaving a tip before they know what kind of service they’re going to receive, there is always the option of tipping Dashers in cash at the time of delivery. There is no requirement that drivers receive tips directly through the DoorDash app, and a cash tip can actually work out in the Dasher’s favor by increasing the total amount they make off your delivery.

Here’s how.

When you tip your Dasher in cash, DoorDash has no record of it. Instead, they see that the driver has not made the minimum guaranteed amount for the order, so they kick in the amount required to meet that minimum. On top of that, the driver receives the cash tip that you provided. This increases the driver’s total pay for the delivery without costing you an extra penny. In addition, paying cash makes the Dasher a happier person as they can readily use the money and not have to wait until payday. Tipping cash is common for the maid service industry. If you want to read about maid tipping etiquette, read our maid tipping etiquette guide.

Many drivers also appreciate cash tips because they’re able to pocket the money right away, rather than waiting for DoorDash to pay-out. And when you consider some of the controversy about DoorDash using tips to pay their drivers, tipping in cash can help to avoid this issue altogether.

If you do decide not to tip in cash but to use the app instead, feel free to let your driver know once he or she arrives with your order. This way, there won’t be any misunderstanding and your driver will know that you are leaving a tip. Just be sure that if you didn’t leave your tip in the app at the time you ordered, that you don’t forget to go back and add it. Unfortunately, this is something that happens all too often and can really ruin a driver’s day.

The Bottom Line On DoorDash and Tipping

As you can see, DoorDash has one of the more complicated payment structures for its drivers. As a DoorDash user, however, the most important thing to remember is that drivers rely heavily on tips to make a living. Not only are they putting wear and tear on their personal vehicles to make your deliveries, but they’re also paying for their own gas and often going above and beyond to ensure you get the food you want in a timely manner.

When it comes to tipping your Dasher, feel free to tip through the app if that will be most convenient to you. The tip amount will simply be charged to your credit card along with the rest of your order total (and remember, you can always adjust your tip amount after your delivery if you desire). If you can, however, most Dashers will prefer to be tipped in cash. A cash tip will increase the total payout the driver receives for your order while also putting some money in your driver’s pocket right away.

With so many different food-delivery platforms available these days, all customers should be aware of and follow general tipping etiquette. Tipping your driver can help to ensure excellent ongoing service while keeping these time-saving delivery apps in business. And remember, when you need a little help cleaning up after ordering all that restaurant take-out, Maid Sailors is here to help.  Book your professional cleaning service today!


  • Dorothy Goodman

    A nice and helpful young man made a delivery to our home in Portland OR this morning. It was an order from Whole Foods that included 2 bottles of wine so my drivers license was checked and I knew this was necessary when I placed the order. Whole Foods suggested a tip that I agreed to but I don’t know if this went to the driver? How do I add a tip now?

  • Wesley shainline

    Can I tip the delivery person electronically?

  • Travis L

    As a doordash driver and pizza delivery driver, what he said was spot on. Its far too common that I do deliveries that end without a tip, especially on the pizza side. Every delivery system is pitted against delivery drivers pretty much requiring tips to break even- from pizza stores, doordash, instacart, ect ect.

    But to answer the other 2 questions above:

    Walmart deliveries work similar to that where the tip is asked after the service is complete, and yes if you tip it will come to the delivery person! If you didn’t tip in person or when prompted, it might still be available on the platform you used or maybe too late.

    To the second question, i personally have Cashapp which is more common where i live and have received tips on it before. Its rare, but if a customer said he could tip of i had venmo or any other various money based app, you bet id be downloading it right then and there! So yes, in my opinion i dont see any delivery driver turning down a tip in any form.

  • Catherine G. Ratliff

    I am sheltering at home and not allowing contact. When I order through InstaCart I can tip using the app. I ordered via Door Dash and expected to be able to tip without contact. We are in a CV hot spot and I’m 78 with health conditions. The delivery has been made and I feel terrible not tipping the young man. Is there a way to do it on the app? If not, DoorDash should fix the app.

  • Brenda Perry

    I used doordash for the first time the other night for a large family order. NEVER RECEIVED MY FOOD!., Wow!, yet apparently driver marked as delivered. This was shocking for me!…Terrible service, how can the driver just get away with that. Obviously I contacted doordash. And yes correct address was listed…bottom line I never received my food. Terrible service, unacceptable!. Doordash lost a new customer, and we have a large family. Promise you I will never use Doordash. I can’t believe the driver did that!

  • Jodie Nava

    If I order through the restaurant and add the tip there but then it is transferred to door dash is that tip transferred as well?

  • Bd

    When ordering from Applebees just now, on my bill they have a 2.99 delivery fee, 4.99 processing fee and a tip option from 10-25%. I tipped 20%. So…do I still tip the DoorDash driver?

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering the same thing…paid $4 delivery plus tip through the restaurant website…I was told the delivery fee goes to the 3rd party delivery service..but does it go to the driver? Seems a little crazy to pay $10-12 in tips for a $12 meal

  • Richard Cuevas

    On 5/15. My bank statement show 3 Doordash Amount on the same day. We were in New Mexico for 2 months
    And on return 4/15 Chase Bank statement Doordash $41.18 For Popeyes & $37.31 no restaurants & $56.20 for TheHappy
    SWwwDoordash . We have not used or ordered any food . This is my old card # and have new card have no idea how this happen. One of your drivers is making your company look vary bad.

    I want my money Back.

  • P. Palace

    Things to consider when you order delivery. It’s takes effort, time, gas and sometimes bad weather to pick up your order. If your order is small but the location of your home is far or the restaurant might have taken half hour to get your order ready then it’s not worth it to the delivery person because the biggest part of their income is the tips. Be considerate and appreciate their service especially knowing they are more at risk with the COVID-19. If you do not want to pay extra and cant afford it then pick up the food yourself. Most people tip at restaurant to have someone bring the food to your table then why not tip generously for delivery since they are literally going the extra mile to get you your food!

  • Sandra Bihm

    My grandson is sending food to us from a nearby restaurant. I have no idea how much the order costs or if he added a tip to the bill. I don’t want to ask him. What do I do?

  • TG

    To Sarah…..first off it sounds like you have a fantastic grandson to do that. My advice would be to slip the driver some money either way. I’m sure your grandson is including a tip because he sounds like a great kid but a few extra bucks would be appreciated I’m sure.

  • Charlene Leary

    Do you pay a delivery fee on the bill and tip cash to the driver?

  • Mandy B

    Why do we tip the same for drivers as servers in restaurants? Servers do more….

  • Tim Reiland

    You should NOT be using the general service-industry tipping guidelines for delivery drivers through DoorDash, GrubHub, etc. Unless you have an order that is massive – $150+, the amount of food is of no real consequence to the driver and changes nothing on our end.

    It’s the same mileage, risk to our lives, time, and effort whether we’re delivering a $1 McChicken sandwich from McD’s or an $80 order of sushi (which will both generally need only one thermal bag to hold).

    Tipping for a delivery driver should be minimum $5, then $1.25 for every mile you live outside of a 5-mile radius from the restaurant. So, if you live 10 miles away, the minimum tip you should give is $12.50. Remember, DoorDash only pays $3 (though I’ve seen $3.75 too).

    Waitstaff should also be tipped $5, but waitstaff is not running their vehicle into the ground, having to pay commercial insurance, having to pay for gas, wear and tear, and they are not paying double taxes either because they are generally employees, but we are independent contractors.

    So telling people to tip delivery drivers (one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America, mind you) the same as waitstaff is absurd. That high-end steak house may have higher expectations from the waitstaff, but the expectation from us will largely be the same.

    If you live right down the street from the steakhouse, tip at least $5. That $5 is NOT considered a tip – it is considered payment for service rendered, because DD, GH, do not pay drivers a rate that is viable and profitable. The only way we can turn a profit is when customers tip, so let’s even stop calling those tips.

    So if you live 10 miles out, your payment directly to the driver needs to be $12.50. If you want to “tip” on top of that, then please do, but that first amount is NOT a tip – that is payment for our service.

  • Me me

    In response to Tim R, customers shouldn’t have to pay Drivers salaries. Your issues should not be with customers tips, but with the amount of money door dash pays its employees. It’s not the customers responsibility to make sure you break even or make a profit, that’s the company your employed by.
    Customers are responsible for leaving a tip for the services and time of the drivers, yes, but they shouldn’t have to pay your salary.

  • MariaB

    The federal allowance for mileage reimbursement (gas and maintenance) is $0.58 in 2020. When an employee earns minimum wage, 7.65% is taken out for ss & med (fica?). The employer must match that. In a job classed as “tip earner”, the employer does NOT have to pay minimum wage, nor meet a fica amount. However the said tip earner is expected to claim earnings of at least a total of minimum wage at tax time. IRS expects the difference between your wage and actual minimum wage is met through tips. If you have good service, consider that when tipping, please. (Disclaimer on the earnings/taxing, this was law several years ago. I don’t know how many , if anything has changed since. ) the same tip as wait staff should be plenty

  • Jody Maas

    Our local Hy-vee is using Door Dash as it’s grocery delivery service…is this common? I pay a membership fee to get my groceries delivered ($99/year). Do I still tip my delivery person??? Hy-vee previously delivered using their own workers and it was implied that you should NOT tip because they were being paid regular wages-not delivery person wages. I’m just not sure since I am paying for the service. Obviously, it is nice to tip anytime!
    Thanks for any input.

  • Me me

    Answer to Jody Maas
    I deliver Hyvee grocery orders all the time thru DoorDash.
    Tips are 100% appreciated as we as drivers are not given any of the membership fees and or extra because you have a membership. We are not paid regular wages like the Hyvee workers. Does that make sense?

  • Joselyn Byrne

    You have to think about the fact that we as delivery drivers are literally going out of our way to get your food and bring it to you in a timely manner. Yes I understand that its not the customers job to pay us minimum wage or salary but we are taking time out of our day to tend to your needs when we could be at home with our families. Im not sure if many people know this but doordash drivers make 3 to 7$ a delivery and thats not including tips. Say I get an order at a restaurant and have to sit there for 45 minutes waiting for YOUR food and then bring it to you and you dont leave a tip. That means I got paid 3$ for an hour of work when I could have been doing multiple other deliveries and making two times that much. Im not saying we deserve more than the rest or that you should go above and beyond in tipping but please think about the fact that we have families and loved ones to support as well.

  • Ms Tombaz

    In response to the Me me that stated that customers are not responsible for paying drivers’ salaries, that is completely incorrect. As an independent contractor I am not an employee of the online marketplace. We are separate entities that work together to provide a certain result. Their service is to connect me to customers, and the customers are supposed to pay me for the service I provide, which is the actual food delivery.
    I think that certain changes need to happen to more clearly define the relationship between independent contractors and these food ordering marketplace platforms. The marketplace shouldn’t be charging delivery fees (they aren’t delivering anything) and calling my service charge a “tip”. They already have their service charge. I should be able to set my own minimum rates for delivery service. If a customer is dissatisfied with specifically my service they should be able to contact me, not complain to the online marketplace. The online marketplace should not be tracking me on GPS for punitive reasons or have the ability to deactivate or terminate me from the platform for arbitrary reasons (not using the delivery route they think is best, not delivering in their desired timeframe, not making certain rating percentages) as if they are my employer. If a customer is unhappy with my service, they should be able to not have me deliver to them anymore. I should also be able to decline certain customers. I should have the actual rights and responsibilities of an independent contractor and my customers should not be misled or confused about whether they should pay me or not.

  • Carol Trask

    When I’m delivering food to you in your posh neighborhood or swanky highrise no tip is a real slap in the face especially when you have expensive cars in your driveway and the restaurant is within walking distance of your house.

  • Thomas davis

    So if i order a coffee from doordash and tip 5 dollars dose the person who made the coffee get part of that tip

  • Dr. McRib

    I remove tips when I see a driver multi-apping. I encourage others to do the same.

    Yes, I see when your pin goes in the opposite direction of my home (when the app does not otherwise say you are doing multiple deliveries). I know when you are multi-apping, at least when it’s obvious. If it’s not obvious, I’m going to give the driver the benefit of the doubt. But otherwise, I’m tired of people expecting a tip for garbage service, my food showing up colder than expected and later than quoted, all because you thought you could cheat the system for an extra $5.

  • Beltman

    I have to admit, Door Dash is like crack to me, I am so addicted to this app, I use it when i go to Ministry for the guys, I use it at work and i use it at home. I have forgotten to change the addres while at work so I have sent food to my home. I used to be a driver decades ago for pizza, back in the day I made a ton of money, BUT i havepaid out all my tips before getting the product. I find it bothersome and Im glad that i have found this website telling me that I can change it afterward or add it afterward. I was unaware of that. One of tip I would like to offer is, if you ever have a problem, tell them in the app. I ordered something and the store didnt have it and they gave me an item worth a dollar less. I complained and Customer Service in Door Dash gave me the credit. I also find it hard to belive that the driver not bringing the food can get away as they know exactly where the driver goes to everything is kept in maps. Merry Christmas, Jesus lives you!

  • Colleen Mitchell

    So I am freshly out of the hospital so everything is ordered in now as I am hooked to oxygen. I am slowly going broke paying delivery fees, tips, and the like. A “tip” is “to insure proper service.” It is extra – we are not meant to pay a persons salary with that. If a tip isn’t extra for you then you need to get another job. That may be harsh but I am tired of my orders arriving hours late – or not at all – just because no one would take it because I can only tip $3 or $5 depending. Not so much for you but a fortune for me! I haven’t worked in over a month! I ordered 8 times through Walmart delivery and 4 of those 8 times my groceries were more than 2 hours late! Now in my younger days I used to deliver newspapers with my kids. I had my own business during the day and threw papers at night. I understand what crappy pay jobs like this have. I understand having to pay for commercial car insurance, gas, repairs, we even had to buy the bags the papers were stuffed in out of our money! But bottom line if you dont make enough from a delivery it is the company’s fault not the consumer – and should not be taken out on them!!!

  • Laurie

    This is what it shows after my order was placed:
    Subtotal $67.45
    Taxes $5.56
    Delivery Fee $2.99
    Service Fee $8.77
    Tip $8.00
    Total Charged $92.77
    After tax, Door Dash is getting $19.76. Is the Dasher Driver getting ONLY the Tip of $8.00? And Door Dash company is getting $11.76 for delivery fee and service fee that they keep and don’t pay any part of to Dasher Driver?!

  • Rhonda

    If a customer does not tip, we normally get $3.00. If your order pop up on a dashers screen showing a payment of $3.00 many will not take it because $3.00 is not worth our time. If no one tipped there would be no drivers because we would be earning almost nothing. Average deliveries take about half an hour, so figure w/o tips we would make 6 dollars an hour minus gas and wear on our car.
    May I also add while I’m here. Please have readable house numbers. GPS is not that accurate.

  • Joanne Winfield

    This message is for Colleen. If you can’t afford a proper tip then you should get your own food. You are pretty rude telling us to find another job during Covid-19 when many have lost their jobs and that’s the reason they are drivers now.

    I can tell when a customer is a cheapskate in advance and I won’t even take a Walmart order anymore I just ignore them and I take calls that are worth my time.

  • Aaron Singer

    Seriously, what a con job this is. Once again the big companies put the burden on the workers with this idiotic “tip economy.” I much prefer the European restaurant system that adds a fixed percentage service charge, and doesn’t require the worker to almost compromise their dignity by being subject to the whims of the customers. PAY THEM – based upon mileage and time. Of course it would need legislation in order for this to happen, and that will probably never happen.

    Also, I would love to tip in cash, but that means putting a zero for tip during the online order, and thus disinclining the drivers to take the order. So I continue to tip well online, and subsidize the corporate operations.

  • Bobbi Vassetti

    I am shocked. This is the second website with dashes complaining about tips. I tip well, never under 5. I live within 2 miles of everywhere I order from. I have watched my good go as far as 10 miles out of the way. Now I know my dasher was letting my food get cold to deliver to a more lucrative customer. I get that dashers live off of tips and I try to tip accordingly. However, we as customers are really not responsible to pay complete wages. Dashers take more than one order in an hour, they take more than one order at a time. We see when our order gets accepted buy the restaurant, and common sense dictates it does not take 45 minutes for fast good to be ready. We see when the order is picked up. We can determine a reasonable amount of time it would take to get yo our house. We are paying a tip in advance without knowing what service we might get.
    And I am so tired of dashers comparing themselves to waiters. Waiters get tipped AFTER they perform their services. Waiters also get paid an incredibly small base amount per hour, not per order. Every bit of your car issues would be reimbursed with your taxes. If you want pay for your car, we should know in advance the make model and year of your car. Then we could make a reasonable guess as to how likely it is to mess up your car. I say all of that to say this.. at the end of the day it is your responsibility to have a job that you can live off of. If you are dissatisfied, find a new job. No other profession let’s you publicly degrade those you don’t feel are paying you enough. McDonald’s workers do not get to yell at customers because they don’t make 3nough. And they aren’t allowed to refuse service because it is not worth their time.

  • Tina Lloyd

    When in a restaurant the server is back and forth for various reasons and certainly earns their 20% + tip for a job well done. From what I can tell: The order goes directly to DoorDash and then bounces to the restaurant. What else does the Dasher do besides go pick-up and drop off? That is NOT worth 20% of the total check!! When I send my order it is obviously all automated because in less than 10 seconds I will receive a text my order has been confirmed.

  • James Reese

    @Bobbi, this driver would have to be multi-apping. Doordash does on occasion ask you to pick up multiple orders, but the address of the 2nd order is not revealed to the Dasher until the 1st order is delivered. So there is no way a Dasher can prioritize on which order to deliver first. Dashers also cannot take more than one order at a time unless they are offered too by Doordash. Im my market this is a rare occasion.

    So let me just make a logic situation for you all and you tell me which of these orders you would take.

    Sammys Slammin Salads. Mileage 8.2 – estimated earned amount 3.50

    Meagans Molton Muffins: Mileage 1.2 – estimated earned 9.75

    now even if the mileage was the same. The customer with the Muffins is going to get their order snagged by the first Dasher its offered too. While the customer wanting to slam sammys salad will be skipped by numerous drivers who dont want to lose money to provide a service until maybe one driver is saddly desperate enough to take the order.

    Also keep in mind that you may live 1 mile from the restaurant, but that driver might be coming from the otherside of town to get your order.

    Also keep in mind that many restaurants because of Covid or by choice now seal your orders shut before giving them to the drivers, so drivers have no way of verrifying whether your order is as you ordered it, or even if the condiments you asked for are included.

  • russ white

    Why is there no upvote/downvote for this section like there is on reddit? When customer goes above and beyond with their (pre-delivery tip) everyone wins except the customer who does not know if they will get great service or horrible service. Who is going to go from their dining room table (or their sofa or bed) to tip the dasher extra post-delivery? Very few (it hasn’t happened one in my case in 14 months and I provide excellent service (98% in the doordash app). So when I get a great up-front tip I’m going to go the extra mile and refuse additional deliveries to get them their food fast and fresh. I win and Doordash wins because they pay me less for base delivery charge but the customers tip partially goes to doordash in this situation which is yet another way the elite exploit Main St.

  • Ashley smith

    I’m sorry but the cash tip part is WRONG. Doordash does NOT add more to the delivery pay if there is no tip. Their minimum is $3. If someone does not leave a tip on the app, the driver only sees $3 for a 2-15 mile trip. That barely pays for a gallon of gas. Many dashers won’t take no tip orders. So if you want your food fast and hot, leave a tip on the app.

  • Who Just Farted

    In order to not leave a tip, a customer has to go to a different screen, erase the suggested amount, and actually type in 0.00. This is not an accident. This is intentional.

    We can tell when you do this. We know you are disrespecting our time and effort.

    Your food will get cold on the restaurant shelf, as no one in their right mind will accept your order.

    No tip? No trip.

  • T W

    I run for Doordash. I provide great service and have 5-star rating. If you want your food in a reasonable amount of time, tip the min 5 dollars. If the driver communicates and follows your instructions, tip extra. No tip orders will sit and not be taken, or will be stacked along with another order and may take a bit longer to get to you. Yes, this is a choice to work for DoorDash, but it’s still a service you are signing up for and a service that is in demand. We all have a choice, so tip if you want your food hot and fresh, don’t tip and maybe have to cancel your order after it sits for a few hours. Period. Don’t be mad at the prices you have to pay, just don’t use the service then. Plenty of generous people do tip, and tip well – and they get better service. Complaining here about not getting tips or having to tip is silly.

  • B. Elliott

    Hello everyone,
    Researching delivery services/fees foe my own restaurant and came across this page. Can I say “WOW” a lot of good information to ponder over with choices and ways to handle things.

    Though a commit from Joanne Winfield as me just wanting to take her outback with a belt, to speak to a lady that commited she had just gotten out of the hospital, on oxygen and hadn’t worked for over a month. So its Ms. Mitchell’s fault for needing the necessities and delivery as her only option apparently aren’t as important to Joanne without her being a individual that has just went through what Ms. Mitchell has apparently went through.

    Joanne Winfield (should be fired commit) This message is for Colleen. If you can’t afford a proper tip then you should get your own food. You are pretty rude telling us to find another job during Covid-19 when many have lost their jobs and that’s the reason they are drivers now.

    I can tell when a customer is a cheapskate in advance and I won’t even take a Walmart order anymore I just ignore them and I take calls that are worth my time.

    it is “NOT” hers or our fault people lost their jobs, that’s the idiots that were elected that have helped the top 1% make some of the largest profits in years at the expense of the tax payers.

    And you as a my driver would get me to “STOP” ordering from this site. Grow

  • B. Elliott

    Hello everyone,
    Researching delivery services/fees foe my own restaurant and came across this page. Can I say “WOW” a lot of good information to ponder over with choices and ways to handle things.

    Though a commit from Joanne Winfield as me just wanting to take her outback with a belt, to speak to a lady that commited she had just gotten out of the hospital, on oxygen and hadn’t worked for over a month. So its Ms. Mitchell’s fault for needing the necessities and delivery as her only option apparently aren’t as important to Joanne without her being a individual that has just went through what Ms. Mitchell has apparently went through.

    Joanne Winfield (should be fired commit) This message is for Colleen. If you can’t afford a proper tip then you should get your own food. You are pretty rude telling us to find another job during Covid-19 when many have lost their jobs and that’s the reason they are drivers now.

    I can tell when a customer is a cheapskate in advance and I won’t even take a Walmart order anymore I just ignore them and I take calls that are worth my time.

    it is “NOT” hers or our fault people lost their jobs, that’s the idiots that were elected that have helped the top 1% make some of the largest profits in years at the expense of the tax payers.

    And you as a my driver would get me to “STOP” ordering from this site. Grow up and get another job if this is the way you speak about individuals with little to no compassion!

  • Olivia Williams

    Good read! As a person who often orders from food delivery services, I think tipping drivers will motivate them to do better on their job. I always use and I never experienced delayed delivery so I think tipping the driver would be a great way of thanking them for a fast and smooth transaction.

  • Sherry

    What makes me mad is that i ordered from hyvee and they charge a 10 dollar fee and hyvee delivers it and you didnt tip the driver. Now all of a sudden i order and they tell me doordash is delivering this time and a driver tip is expected!Excuse me hyvee you need to pay the driver this is getting out of control.

  • Ray

    There is so much misinformation in this article. First it is 100% of tips not $100. Drivers are independent contractors who are their own business entity. They are nothing like a server in a restaurant who are paid employees and must serve the customer. The companies like DoorDash and UberEats provide a base fee to cover gas, wear and tear on car and car insurance. All drivers expect tips for their service. If you order food from a place 10 miles away and tip $2 no driver is taking that delivery unless they are new. Seasoned drivers expect between $1.57 – $2 payout PER MILE. That 10 mile trip above is actually 20 RT back to where restaurants are located. Another thing I refuse all stacked orders unless from same restaurant and going in same direction. UberEats is notorious for stacking orders and customer A often has to wait for customer B’s food to be ready at a different restaurant and then often times delivered first. In DoorDash with stacked orders you can reasign who to deliver to first not in UberEats.

  • Ray

    “Mandy BSeptember 18, 2020 at 8:52 pm
    Why do we tip the same for drivers as servers in restaurants? Servers do more….”

    So a driver who walks in collects your food gets in his own car and drives to your location does less than a server who walks from the kitchen to your table? Does that server walk through snow and rain? Does that server use their own vehicle to serve you? Does that server have to cross four lanes of an eight lane highway to do a u-turn? Your comment was nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    Two dollar tip for ten miles with special instructions, will be sitting at the restaurant. Not to many drivers will pick these orders up. Should pay drivers for the service. If not, pick up your own food. I find it very rude when you don’t tip the drivers or the server. I have made over 400 deliveries with 1 thumbs down because I did not follow the instructions. When the bag is sealed, I do not open it to see if all the items are there. You order $52 worth of food and you give a $5 tip and you live over 10 miles (20 miles total for this order) from the restaurant, that is a slap in the face. Waste of time, gas, and wear and tear on your car. Bottom line if you don’t want to tip, pick up your own food.

  • Dan R

    Your still paying someone to bring you food, like me, more than likely because we are just plain lazy or too tired. I DO NOT tip a percentage, I think it’s rude. Minimum $5 always, those drivers are out using their own cars and gas. Be thoughtful!!

  • InT.

    I tips generously but I found all these drivers’ complaining kinda funny. They are like “I AM GOING OUT OF MY WAY TO PICK YOUR FOOD. IF YOU DON”T TIP ENOUGH, PICK UP YOUR OWN FOOD.” Well, they should phrase it as, “I am picking this job because I choose my own hours, with no boss, and the freedom to pick and choose which order I want to deliver.” KNOWING that with all these perks that DOESN”T come with the regular 9 to 5 job, that you will not have the SAME protection in term of pay as those jobs. And the last phrasing would be, “If I don’t make enough money, I guess I have to do 9 to 5 jobs like every slave wage out there.” A regular pizza delivery boy, also have these same problems of tear and wear. But you are undercut their own deliveries taking away their customers. Taking away tips that could go directly to the restaurants. Do you share your tips with the people in the restaurant that prepare the food and packaging the food? If you only think of yourself. Then you shouldn’t blame restaurants who HATE these services and don’t want anything to do with you guys. And or lazy cheap skate customers who don’t see it your way. Everyone is equally an a hole I guess.

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  • Allen West

    As a recently disabled person unable to walk or drive I’ve gotten an education on this new gig economy at age of 70. For us it’s confusing and not because of the drivers but the entire system for customers is so restrictive where there’s no availability to Promo/Value Menu’s, everything is at full menu price or higher and every little add-on escalates and cannot issue special instructions or reminders on condiments or legitimate needs you’d express to a wait staff. Grew up in Union area of Detroit which built the middle class and would never think of not tipping and drivers definitely deserve a fair shake but Fast Food shouldn’t screw patrons out of Promo’s/Value available to every walk-in consumer and ad’s. That’s the Food establishments screwing consumers out of value – WHY? I tip a minimum $5.00 or 25% but I’m ordering for one person not a family. Recently tried to order a pizza thru Dash an the fee’s took a $15.99 pizza and = $34.00 They charged a sizeable delivery fee and tip pretty much more than doubled the cost – I actually deleted the order and refused to bend over. Let’s not forget the pizza parlor has already built in the profit with it’s pricing of the pizza as delivery is not a new feature for them.

  • Terrie M.

    I am a new Dasher—only 13 deliveries under my belt. But my daughter has been dashing a while. So I’ve had the benefit of her experience and advice. Despite my daughter advising me on which deliveries to pass on, I have yet to turn down any delivery, unfortunately. I should have followed her advice. So far it has cost me to do deliveries because people just do not tip. Door Dash only pays drivers $3 per delivery with some exceptions. It is very discouraging and sad that people feel they owe nothing for delivery service. It’s been a very eye-opening experience to say the least. I don’t know if I can afford to continue delivering at this rate. Only two tips, less than $5 each, out of 13 deliveries just isn’t going to put food on the table, much less pay my bills. People should consider the price of gas today. That alone is enough to make the difference between losing and making money. Then there’s car maintenance and insurance. I’m not even considering a driver’s time nor the potential for income tax liability. I will know within the next week if there’s actually any reasonable income potential here (when I actually follow my daughter’s advice! Lol!) But in the end, whether or not someone tipped (only two tipped out of 13), I checked all orders for accuracy that weren’t sealed by the restaurant, delivered all orders as quickly as possible, kept all customers updated with status texts, smiled at those customers who accepted their deliveries personally, and told each one them “thank you very much” and “have a blessed day”! Sadly, it doesn’t seem to make a difference if you are just cordial or very polite and friendly. I had orders/deliveries ranging from $3.50 to $56.00 with mileage ranging from 1 to 12 miles one way. For the two tips I did receive, they were both under $10 and less than 3 miles one way. (Actually had a Walmart grocery delivery—don’t know dollar amount of order—that was 24 miles round trip. Groceries filled my backseat entirely along with the entire floor board behind the driver’s seat with eggs and bread being placed in my passenger’s front seat. It was quite a bit. Walmart loaded the groceries into my car, but I had to unload all of the groceries myself to a designated place outside the residence. The individual receiving these groceries ( I spoke with her through her screen door.) felt no need to tip unless she tipped in the Walmart app and Walmart kept the money. I don’t know. I’m not judging one way or another but rather just wanted to provide some facts that I have come to realize in my limited experience. God bless!

  • Jeannine Watson

    Some of these comments are flooring. You tip more because your house is far and we burn our gas. Some monster said waiters do more no they don’t we make your drinks burn our gas request napkins and utensils, and drive in increment weather. Then bring it to people at less than a dollar a mile. I found some comments must be disgruntled past employees. Or they just miserable people that should be eating a salad at home.

  • STC

    To tip or not to tip…
    Delivery job has three pricing factors: cost of using a car, driver’s work effort and cost of picking up and delivering to customer’s door.
    Based on the IRS calculations, the cost of using a car for business in 2021 equal 56c per mile.
    Driving is just a kind of work which should be paid separately. Driver work effort:
    – Assuming base rate $15/hour
    – Assuming average speed of delivery 20 mph
    Cost of work (driving): 15/20 = 75 c per mile
    Use of car plus driver’s work: circa $1.3 per mile
    Driver needs to arrive at the point of pickup and then at the customer address. Assuming the distance to pickup is on average 50% of the distance to deliver we assume the total distance is 1.5 of the delivery distance.
    Cost of work to pick up and deliver to customer door (in case of apartments it is sometimes very complicated): on average: 5 minutes so let’s assume $1.
    In result, a driver should earn as follows:
    2 miles delivery: 2×1.5×1.3+1= $4.9
    5 miles delivery: 5×1.5×1.3+1= $10.75
    10 miles delivery: 10×1.5×1.3+1 = $21.5
    The conclusion is:
    If you cannot afford to tip a driver and match the pricing above you should go to the restaurant/store and pick up your order by yourself. You can also spend time to buy all the ingredients and then prepare the food by yourself.

  • STC

    My mistake: The 10 miles delivery should earn $20.5 instead of 21.5

  • Anonymous

    As a delivery driver who has made over 14,000 deliveries working for DoorDash and GrubHub… here are my expectations.

    First, some background. We use our own cars, pay for our own gas, maintenance, insurance, etc etc. I average around 60,000 miles a year on my car. I spend thousands on routine maintenance per year and around $8,000 in gas alone. Another $1,500 a year on insurance with a ride share rider (even though I don’t transport people that’s what it’s called. DoorDash pays a minimum $2.50 per order unless stacked (more than one order is sent at a time), then it’s $2 per order. When it’s busy we can usually get 2-3 deliveries done per hour on average. But that’s only if things run smoothly (there’s not heavy traffic and the orders are on time at the restaurants).

    So… should you tip? If you want your food you will. I’m under no obligation to accept any order that isn’t fair to me. And if you think DoorDash and GrubHub care about drivers you’re terribly misinformed. Regardless of what they say, that’s absolutely not true. If they did they would have more integrity. Both platforms have multiple lawsuits against them in many cities for unfair labor practices. Two years ago DoorDash started showing a guaranteed minimum but the order might be more. The guaranteed minimum is worth it maybe about 5% of the time. So we deliver the order and hope we get more. How many of you have to gamble for your wages? Why does DoorDash do this? To force drivers to take orders that they know are unfair and not worth it. DoorDash wants us to “trust them” that we’ll make enough to make a living.

    Neither platform is enough to make a living on its own. That’s why I run both. Gee if customers tipped more then perhaps I could. Many drivers also keep blacklists of customers and restaurants that we will not deliver to or from. If someone tips me a low amount or none at all then they go on my blacklist and that address will never get a delivery from me again. I check the delivery address before I pick up the order if it’s on there I dump the order and let some other driver get screwed.

    Some restaurants take care of in store customers first and prepare delivery orders last. I blacklist those restaurants as well. We don’t get paid to stand around so the later the order is, the less money we make. I’ll wait up to 5 minutes past the pick up time then I’m gone and I likely won’t deliver from them the rest of the night. If it’s a recurring problem then I won’t deliver from them ever again. I received an order from a restaurant just tonight that I had blacklisted over a year ago. I thought, ok, I’ll try them and see if things changed. Things were actually worse. Now I will never deliver from them regardless of how much I’m making. It’s just not worth the headache.

    The vast majority of drivers hate this job. Sure we can choose our own hours but we get zero benefits. No health insurance. No paid time off. And we fight for every dollar we make.

    So… what is the percentage of the orders that I accept? Around 5-10%. 90-95% of orders aren’t worth it.

    As far as pay goes. I set my own pay structure. Because I know what I need to make a living and because that’s my right as an independent contractor. $2 PER MILE is my expectation with a $6 minimum. Anything less, and I won’t touch it. I don’t care if you live across the street from the restaurant and I’m sitting at the restaurant. I’ll deliver up to a mile for $6 and up to 2 miles for $7. Beyond that it’s $2 per mile. If you have an exceptionally large or expensive order then I expect more. If you live in a wealthy neighborhood I expect more. Why? Because you can afford it. About half of the customers I have blacklisted are in wealthy neighborhoods. I rarely accept orders from these neighborhoods simply because they are greedy. Get your own food.

    Percentages don’t work in this industry like they do for dine in. If your ordering a Big Mac for $6 and want it delivered 10 miles then that 20% tip you gave isn’t gonna cut it. If you live 15 miles outside of a delivery area and you want Carls Jr then you’re gonna pay heavily. That’s a minimum $30 tip. Or like I said above, go get it yourself. You make a living, why shouldn’t we be allowed to?

    Location. Many drivers won’t even deliver to apartment buildings unless the order is more. I keep track of my steps and flights of stairs every day. I average 15-20 flights of stairs. So yes, I get tired of constantly doing stairs. Of the 25-30 orders I take a day, I’ve started limiting the number of apartment orders I take to 5 because they usually pay less and I hate carrying an order to a third floor apartment. There are also some apartment complexes I won’t deliver to at all simply because they take too much time. Gated communities where the customer hasn’t left a code and I have to contact them and wait for a response are annoying. Again, I don’t get paid to sit around. Or communities that are massive or have controlled entrances I won’t deliver to either. I also won’t deliver to some neighborhoods based on my risk of being harmed. Poorly lit communities mean I won’t deliver there at night. I also rarely deliver to hotels simply because I can’t blacklist those customers. It’s beyond irritating to have some ungrateful customer mess with my income. You’d be upset if I messed with yours wouldn’t you?

    When I receive an order, I am analyzing the payout amount, what restaurant it is, time of day, expected traffic, and delivery location; all in about 3 seconds. That’s the time it takes for me to decide to take the order or release a stream of expletives before I decline that garbage.

    Of course it’s always your choice to tip or not but it’s our choice whether or not we want to deliver it. These terms are not negotiable. My job is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship. I set the rules. Tip generously and we will get along fantastic. You’ll get your order on time and you’ll get great service. That’s all it requires.

    Cash tips. Or tipping afterwards. Before the pandemic I received a cash tip on about 5% of my orders. This year, after 7,000 deliveries I’ve received a grand total of 6 cash tips. SIX. That’s .09%. So no, I am not going hope for a cash tip. And tipping afterwards? One time. ONE OUT OF 7,000+. That’s how often that’s happened. People don’t do it because they believe they won’t see me again. Well guess what, I end up unassigning an order every day, sometimes more, because that person is on my blacklist.

    Restaurants. I take maybe 2-3 orders a week from fast food and usually only in the afternoon when it’s slower. Why? Because most fast food places don’t start the order until you get there, which means I have to wait, and the pay for those orders is usually too small to be worth it. Again, tip me well, and I’d be happy to get that McDonald’s order for you.

    Safety. As a female driver, I have so many more concerns for my safety than males do. I have been physically assaulted twice while on the job. Though both times ended up with them in the hospital and me with minor injuries. I teach martial arts and am really good with knives. You come at me you better come prepared. Both times were a matter of being in a bad area and were not attacks by customers. However, if you’re insulting or threatening on the phone, via text, or in person then I can 100% guarantee that you will not get that order and the delivery platform will be notified. Then I’ll eat your order. That’s happened a few dozen times in the past two years. Thank you for that free food, and also the full pay.

    I hope this was informative. No I don’t care about your opinion. My safety and my income comes first. Period. Be a good human being and there won’t be issues.

  • Gary P

    The last comment, the irony is hilarious 😀 😀 😀

    People are greedy she complains but then says she wont deliver to wealthy areas because they should pay more, just for living in a wealthy are even if its just a short trip.
    Or people with a more expensive order should tip more even though her job doesnt actually change or get more difficult.

    Please blacklist me! I dont want someone so hypocritical around my food.

    I tip primarily based on milage and I frequently make some larger orders and live in a mediocre neighborhood (nice family area but not overly affluent). There is NO WAY I am tipping someone $30 on a $150 family meal for them to drive 2 miles from downtown.

    Obviously she does not see the irony in calling those people greedy.

  • Gary P

    The comment just above that by STC – Yep, as a customer I am down with those numbers. I tip based on the mileage and those numbers are around what I would tip.

  • Gary P

    In fact in the example I gave in my first post, for a $150 meal (Chinese restaurant downtown feeding 4 people, usually 2 bags easily carriable by 1 person) about 2 miles away I usually tip in the $10-15 range so nearer to 10%.

    The only difference here is that the dasher has to carry two bags instead of one (so one in each hand) and they are making some $10-$15 in tips for a 2 mile journey.

    If that is not acceptable, please stop dashing….

  • R STO

    $30 on $150 order is minimum. Waitress gets that all day ling and only brings your food 20 feet from the pass bar to your table. Driver drives to the restaurant spends time getting your order, often having to wait in it. Then puts it in their personal vehicle and drives to your house, puts the food in your hands, or where you specified, then drives the iles back again. All that costs money as cars cost money every time they move. If you can’t tip to pay for all that then grab your wallet, your car keys, and go fetch it yourself.

  • Rusty Austin

    DoorDash app does not make it easy to tip. There’s nothing I can find on the app anywhere about tipping. When I checked out the app added a 10% tip after I hit pay now but never offered the option to change it. I could not find anything on google about how to change the tip after the order was placed but before delivery. I suppose I could just tip in cash, but, I would like the driver to know they’re getting well tipped before they make the delivery. There’s a bunch a stuff on google from DoorDash and sites like Reddit about changing the tip after delivery but I’m guessing none of it works. DoorDash claims they have a “tip adjust bar” on a “check order page” but I was unable to find either on the app. Plus google returns a load of crap 5-10 years out of date so that’s not helpful. Someone should invent an add on that restricts google to a date range. I mean you can fool around with how you enter a search in the search bar all you want you still get out of date results.

  • Rusty Austin

    Gary P you are the reason the world is a horrible place some days. Nothing Anonymous wrote is even slightly controversial.

  • Don Steakly

    I never tip delivery drivers! The delivery company makes a huge amount of money from each restaurant that they do business with averaging 20% to 30% charges on each order…..time for door dash to front up more money to each delivery boy….don’t expect me to pay his wages!

  • Don Steakly

    Why are delivery drivers complaining to us consumers for not tipping—-we already pay an up charge to the do the restaurant delivery If you’re doing delivery work for door dash time to be smart/—you’re better off working for corporate Amazon—-providing your willing to be clean, sober and not a drug user….

  • Michael Reilly

    I’d pay 20% of my bill to a server, they deserve it. A driver who is dropping a package off at your door certainly does not. $5 max tip no matter what. Sorry.

  • Jaden

    So you’re going to tip someone that uses their car with the mileage the money that they have to put into the car to maintain it and the rising price of gas and you’re going to tip them equivalently to how much someone makes when they’re using their feet to walk from a kitchen to a table that is 20 feet away? You tip a driver according to how far away you are to the restaurant if you live in the middle of nowhere a half an hour away from the restaurant you should tip significantly more or else your food is going to get to you cold in two hours late because that is a full hour of work that person asked to do a half an hour to your house and a half an hour back to civilization The cost of your food has nothing to do with how much a driver is expecting we look at how many miles away you are from the restaurant versus how much money we’re getting and if those two numbers don’t correlate with each other then we do not accept the order and everybody’s price is different but the rule of thumb in the industry is no one picks up an order that’s less than five or six dollars because we’re under the assumption that either you didn’t tip at all or it’s a dollar tip which is basically like spitting in our face

  • Jaden

    And to the guy that’s talking about how why are you complaining about people not tipping properly first of all a lot of people just don’t understand that we literally make only three dollars or less sometimes if someone doesn’t tip at all so we’re not picking up your order the problem is is that you’re going to complain about your food not coming to you in a timely manner when you don’t tip because no one wants to pick up your order so … So to me it sounds like you’re complaining about the same thing but you don’t wanna pay isn’t it kind of embarrassing that someone that is self-sufficient and that can work for themselves because I make enough money without your three dollar orders that don’t have a tip on it that no one‘s taking but you’re the one irritated when your food gets to you cold so the only embarrassing thing here is that you can’t respect the person that’s literally bringing you your food enough to tip them now that you know that they only make three dollars and depending on how far away you live from the restaurant you should be tipping like four dollars like minimum some people say five dollars I guess so you’re telling me that you don’t make enough money to pay an extra five dollars because that five dollars really means something to you but it’s no skin off my back you say because I’m not picking up your order I get to choose what I do and there are plenty of people that actually tip very decently I get orders sometimes that are $20 plus after the tip I would rather have a customer that tips than a customer that doesn’t because the customer that doesn’t tip is more likely to lie to DoorDash that somebody stole food off their front porch after I took the picture because clearly you’re having money problems are used to work for Amazon I make the same amount if not more with this job so what have we learned here… The only people that are losing in this game of not tipping is the person that’s not tipping and whatever sucker newbie picks it up if it does at all…

  • Dazzdeals

    I am curious if any other region is being over run with Walmart deliveries. I am in Central Iowa and it seems like 80% of the orders I receive lately are from Walmart. I have gone from being able to earn 50-60 dollars a night in a couple of hours after I am done working my full time job to just barely clearing 30 dollars a night because all I get are orders from Walmart

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  • CC. Phillips

    I received my first Door Dash meal, (a gift from my thoughtful daughter and son-in-law) because I was too ill to go to a restaurant. When I found out it was coming, I tried to contact my daughter to see what the tip should be when it was delivered. Unfortunately, I could not reach her, so I set aside some money for a reasonable tip. The person who delivered the food rang my doorbell , left the package and got back in his/her car before i could give them the tip. I was later told the tip was taken care of when the order was placed. The food was hot and delicious, so I decided to use this service to order something for an elderly friend this weekend. Then I read the comments on this page.It seems that some drivers are a little bitter about the tip situation. The “get your own food” comments seem to blame the customer, when the restaurants short-change the drivers. The worst was the person who claimed to “eat your food”. Doesn’t he/she know that is considered theft? I read that delivery services practically saved the restaurant industry during the height of the pandemic. Restaurants should charge a small fee for packaging food to be delivered, then give all tips to the drivers. Those that don’t, should think about having their own delivery system. Another possible solution would be private drivers who collect tips upon delivery (using PayPal, Apple Pay,etc. I recently saw a mother/daughter duo who were doing this for a iist of preferred customers and making decent money. Right now, I will take the comment “get your own food” as a warning.

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  • Jb

    DoorDash increased its service fees and lowered the default tip from 15% of the total, to 10% of the subtotal before service fees. That is a huge reason drivers are seeing lower and lower tipping.

  • AshumSmashum

    First off, Joselyn Byrne: I really hope that as a driver since you commented that you have learned to unassign a pick up if you find yourself waiting at a restaurant for so long. This is not the customers fault and ridiculous as a driver to be complaining about.

    Also, to this article, it is so horribly repetitive and incorrect. Where I live base pay is still 2.50 a trip. Most drivers will not accept them if it doesn’t show a tip. However, when doordash offers free delivery most customers don’t realize they should still tip their driver, and it is frustrating, but that’s why we have the option to decline.

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  • modilimitado

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    Is the tip transferred when I place an order through the restaurant and put it there before it is sent to door dash? yes, I think this is the best way to transfer money to the doordash. such an informative article. by-JACKSON CARLOS

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