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How to Deep Clean Your Home Like a Professional Cleaner

Are you looking to give your home a deep and thorough clean? Professional cleaners know all the tricks of the trade, but there’s no need to call in a professional when you can do it yourself. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key steps that professional cleaners take to ensure your home looks spotless and inviting. Read on to discover how to deep clean your home like a pro.

Dusting Like A Professional Cleaner

When it comes to deep cleaning your home like a professional cleaner, one of the most important steps is dusting. Dust can accumulate quickly on surfaces and furniture, leading to an overall feeling of dirtiness in your home.

To dust like a pro, start with a microfiber cloth or a damp cloth. If you’re using a microfiber cloth, make sure to shake it off outside before each use. Use a circular motion as you wipe down each surface and item, making sure to get all the nooks and crannies. Pay special attention to hard-to-reach areas such as the tops of bookshelves and door frames.

If you’re using a damp cloth, make sure to test the fabric first in an inconspicuous area, such as the back of a chair or the underside of a table. Also, if you’re cleaning wood furniture, use a wood polish after you’ve dusted with a damp cloth.
After you’ve finished dusting, make sure to vacuum any dust that has settled on the floor. Vacuuming will help ensure that all of the dust has been removed from your home.

By following these tips, you can dust your home like a professional cleaner and keep your living space looking and feeling clean and fresh.

Vacuuming Like A Professional Cleaner

Vacuuming is an important part of deep cleaning and should be done on a regular basis. To get the best results, vacuum your carpets and rugs thoroughly, going over them several times in different directions. Be sure to move any furniture that’s in the way, such as chairs and tables, and vacuum underneath them as well. If you have hardwood or tile floors, use a vacuum with a setting for hard surfaces.

Start at one corner of the room and work your way towards the opposite corner. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas such as doorways and hallways where dirt and dust accumulate more quickly. Vacuum all baseboards, window sills, and other hard-to-reach areas. Finally, empty the dust cup or bag of your vacuum cleaner when it’s full.

Mopping Like A Professional Cleaner

Mopping is a great way to get your floors clean and add a nice shine. Start by sweeping the floor to remove any dirt, hair, and debris that may be on it. Once the floor is swept, fill up a mop bucket with warm water and add in your cleaning solution of choice. You can use a generic all-purpose cleaner or a specific cleaner for your type of floor. When your mop bucket is ready, you can start mopping.

Start at the farthest corner of the room and work your way in. Move the mop back and forth in a zig-zag motion. As you mop, make sure to squeeze out excess water from the mop as needed. Take extra care around corners and baseboards to ensure that all the grime is removed. After you finish mopping one section of the floor, dump the dirty water and refill your mop bucket. Rinse and repeat until the entire floor has been cleaned.

Once you have finished mopping, take a dry microfiber cloth and go over the entire area to help pick up any extra moisture. Leave your floors to air dry completely before putting furniture back in the room.

Cleaning Windows and Mirrors Like A Professional Cleaner

Windows and mirrors can be difficult to clean properly, but with the right tools and supplies, it can be easier. For windows and mirrors, use a soft cloth, like microfiber or cotton. Be sure to rinse the cloth thoroughly before use and never use a cloth that has been used on another surface.

For best results, start by using a soft cloth and a window cleaning solution to remove dirt from the surface of the window or mirror. Make sure you are using a clean cloth as any dirt on the cloth may scratch the glass. After wiping down the window or mirror, use a squeegee for a streak-free finish. Start at the top of the window and work your way down in overlapping horizontal strokes.

When cleaning mirrors, be sure to avoid chemical-based cleaners as they can damage the mirror’s finish. Instead, mix a few drops of liquid dish soap with water in a spray bottle and spritz the mirror. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away dirt and grime. After you’ve finished cleaning, buff with a dry cloth to give it an extra shine.

To help keep your windows and mirrors looking their best, clean them regularly. This will also help you to spot any potential problems with the glass that may need to be fixed before they get worse.

Sanitizing Like A Professional Cleaner

Sanitizing is one of the most important steps when it comes to deep cleaning your home. Germs and bacteria can quickly spread around your home and make it an unhealthy environment for you and your family. To ensure that your home is clean and safe, it’s important to sanitize surfaces throughout your home.

Start by wiping down any surfaces that come in contact with hands, such as doorknobs and light switches. You should also sanitize any surfaces where food is prepared or consumed, such as countertops, sink areas, tables, and chairs. To do this, use a disinfectant cleaner and paper towels or a cloth. For best results, make sure the surface stays wet for at least 3-5 minutes.

Pay special attention to the bathrooms. Clean and disinfect the sink, toilet, shower, tub, and all other surfaces in the bathroom with a suitable disinfectant. If you have tile floors, it’s also a good idea to mop them with a disinfectant cleaner to kill any germs or bacteria.

In addition to cleaning surfaces, don’t forget to sanitize fabrics in your home as well. Curtains, carpets, rugs, and upholstery should be vacuumed and spot cleaned regularly with a suitable cleaner. If you have removable cushion covers, they should also be washed in hot water at least once a month.

By taking the time to thoroughly sanitize your home, you can rest assured that it is a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.

Decluttering Like A Professional Cleaner

Decluttering your home can be a daunting task, but it is an important part of the deep cleaning process. This step will ensure that your home is organized and clean. Start by removing any items that are no longer needed or used. You can donate them, store them in a separate area, or discard them if necessary. It is also a good idea to create designated areas for items to be stored, such as shelves for books or containers for toys.

Next, you’ll want to go through each room and tidy up. Put away clothes, straighten up shelves, clear away clutter, and organize any items that are out of place. Doing this will help you to keep your home in order and make the cleaning process more efficient.

Finally, dust and vacuum each area thoroughly. This will get rid of dust bunnies and any other debris that has accumulated throughout the decluttering process. Vacuuming will also help to pick up any small items that may have been left behind. By following these steps, you’ll be able to declutter your home like a professional cleaner and keep it looking its best.

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